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Modern Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations For Young Families

Kitchen Choosing a modern minimalist style kitchen design for your home is the right idea considering that this style was created based on three important aspects—cleanliness, organization, and functionality.

Most young couples also choose a minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical, has an attractive design, and is a reflection of the lifestyle of today’s young families.

Interested in creating a minimalist feel to your kitchen design? So, here are some minimalist kitchen inspirations that you can consider.

Kitchen Design Blends With the Dining Room

Young families much like the concept of a modern minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical and has an additional function, namely as a gathering room. While cooking, other family members can also accompany you and do activities at the dinner table.

If you want to implement a kitchen that blends with the dining room, make sure to choose a small table. This is important so that the kitchen space does not become full and interfere with activities during cooking. It’s a good idea to use a multifunctional dining table that can be used as a dining area as well as a storage cupboard.

Energy-Efficient Modern Kitchen Design

Cooking activities carried out in the kitchen require at least 30 minutes. During this period, a lot of energy supplies such as water, gas, and electricity are needed. To save energy, modern minimalist kitchen designs should provide lighting without using electricity.

Glass windows and a transparent kitchen roof (skylight) are an alternative to saving electricity during the day. Without using lights, the kitchen room becomes bright because sunlight enters through the windows and the transparent roof. In addition, the kitchen atmosphere becomes fresher, not stuffy and stuffy.

Modern Kitchen Design With Multifunctional Cabinets

Besides being used as a place for cooking, the kitchen is also often used as a place to store various cutlery. Therefore, so that various equipment can be stored properly and neatly, a kitchen is needed that is equipped with multi-functional cabinets.

Minimalist modern kitchen designs usually use the upper wall as a cupboard for storing cooking supplies such as spices, dry food, sugar stock, noodles, flour, and so on. Meanwhile, the bottom of the stove or zinc (dishwasher) is used as a place to store cooking utensils such as pots, basins, spoons, and serving plates.

All-White Clean Kitchen Design

The kitchen is synonymous with dirty, oil stains, and mess. That’s why not many people dare to use an all-white kitchen design. Even a kitchen that uses all-white nuances can give the impression that it is bright, comfortable, spacious, and clean.

If you want to use an all-white kitchen design, then you should choose materials that are easy to clean. Such as shiny textured ceramics, glossy kitchen sets, and plain patterned floors. That way if there are stains, the kitchen space will be easy to clean and look clean even though the shades are all white.

Kitchen Design Without Top Cabinets

The difference between a traditional and modern minimalist kitchen lies in the arrangement and practical use of items. The fewer ornaments in the kitchen, the more minimalist the modern kitchen will look.

So there is nothing wrong if the upper cabinets are removed to give the kitchen a spacious and comfortable impression. Instead, you can use a ledge that can be used as a display area or to place ornamental plants. Not only do they help keep the air fresh. But ornamental plants also give an aesthetic impression to a modern minimalist kitchen.…


Popular Minimalist Home Terrace Inspirations Today

Home The terrace of a minimalist house uses various types of exteriors which is a dream for everyone who lives in it. Apart from the model, one can also pay attention to the detailed appearance of each part of the house. Whether it’s for the front, rear or side views. The appearance of the home is made as attractive as possible so that family members feel more comfortable and those who see it are more impressed.

One of them is to beautify the design of a minimalist home terrace, you have to choose a minimalist home terrace model so you can get a much more attractive appearance. That’s important for you to know some tips for choosing a minimalist 2022 terrace model. Most people see the house from the front, it’s no wonder that many people make their terraces beautiful so that people are impressed. Some only add a few interiors to further sweeten the appearance of the terrace.

Tips for Choosing a Modern Minimalist Home Terrace

You can also hire services for renovations to change the terrace of your minimalist home to make it look prettier. However, if you don’t want to rent renovation services, you can arrange the terrace model you want. The following are some tips on choosing a beautiful terrace model for all types of home models.

Adding Wood Furniture

The first tip when choosing a terrace model is with additional furniture. One of the most suitable types of furniture is wooden furniture such as tables and chairs. The addition of this furniture does not mean that it can narrow the size of the terrace it can make the terrace area appear wider. Not only have tables and chairs, but you can also add other furniture such as flower vases. Usually, the model of a modern minimalist terrace house can add wooden furniture to make it look simpler but modern.

Terrace Roof Using Cast Model

If you have a minimalist home and also want to design an elegant minimalist front porch, you can choose a terrace using a cast roof model. Why should you choose to use a terrace with a cast roof? Because it has a simple appearance and matches the minimalist style of your home. In addition, cast roofs will be stronger when compared to tiled roofs. Models of cast roofs can also be applied to homes with large sizes.

Paying Attention to the Color of the House

When choosing a simple minimalist terrace model, it is important to pay attention to the color of your home. This color will be the most important determinant in the appearance of the terrace after determining the model. If you are wrong in mixing paint for the color to be used on the terrace. The appearance of the terrace will look less attractive and may even look strange. Make sure the color of the terrace matches the color of your house.

See the House Porch Window

In general, the 2021 minimalist home terrace has a window so that it can add more aesthetics. From a functional point of view, this window a function as light entry and exit as well as ventilation. Pay attention to the terrace model that you will choose later by observing the number and shape of windows or adjusting it to the house you will live in.

Therefore, house windows have three main models, namely sliding windows, hinged windows, and also windows that cannot be opened. When choosing windows to use on the terrace, pay attention to the color. The model of the house, and also the theme of the house that you have. This is done so that the terrace that you will choose can look more attractive and also more beautiful.

Types of Poles for the Terrace of the House

Apart from choosing the shape of the roof and also the color. You also have to pay attention to the poles that will later be used to make a minimalist type 36 terrace. Even though it is only used as a support for the roof, this one-pole model must always be considered. Starting from the material and also the model, currently there are many types of poles that you can use as an example of a minimalist home terrace.…

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Advantages of Using a Property Agent in Buying a Home

Property Until now, many people still use property agents to buy a house. The reason is that buying a house in this way is considered safer and of course, we will understand more about the property we are going to buy. For those who don’t know, a property agent is a party that offers services to a person or company to buy and sell the property.

However, before you decide to use a property agent, some things need to be understood first. Like the advantages and disadvantages of using intermediary services like this. If you want to know more, let’s look at the following advantages of property agents:

More effective

The first advantage of using a property agent is more effective. This is because the party has a comprehensive connection. So you can find properties that match the contents of your pocket. In addition, with many links, there will be a variety of property choices.

Got Many Options for Residential

As previously explained, property agents can provide many choices for occupancy. You can choose from various sides, starting from location, and price, to building design. From these criteria, you can consult directly with the agent.

The price is by market conditions

Another benefit of using an intermediary is in terms of price. The reason is that agents offer house prices according to market conditions and will not raise prices arbitrarily. So, you don’t need to spend more money and can use the budget for other needs.

Commission Free Buyers

The next advantage is that the buyer is free from commissions. The point is that the buyer no longer needs to give a commission to the agent. This is because the intermediary has been given a commission by the home seller. So, you will get a clean price without commissions for agents.

Guaranteed Security Legality

To transact with a property agent, you don’t need to worry about security. Because, before making a transaction like this, the agent’s office has gone through a legality check. Therefore, there is no need to doubt his integrity. Therefore, you will avoid the risk of fraud.

Obtain Contractor and Architect Relations

Real estate agents don’t only help you to buy a house, you know. But it can also add to the relationship between consumers. Such as contractors or architects when consumers are in need. This is also an after-sales service from an agent.

Very Time Saving

If you buy a house through a property agent, everything will be done right away because everything has been taken care of, such as important documents and payment schemes. This will make everything feel easy and also save a lot of time.…