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Month: February 2010

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Most Popular Bedroom Inspiration, Make You Feel More At Home

HomeThe bedroom is a private room that is used to release the fatigue after a day of activities outside the home. Not only resting but the bedroom can also be used as a place to relax. Work and do other interesting activities.

As a private area, the bedroom should be designed according to the needs and tastes of its occupants. A room with a limited size must consider the interior color, the size of the furniture, and the way things are arranged so that it feels comfortable and not cramped.

To add to your reference, here are 5 bedroom inspirations that you can apply to your home.

Industrial Bedroom

Not only suitable for use in restaurant designs but industrial themes can also be applied to your bedroom. This design features gray-toned materials such as concrete floors, and unfinished or left plain walls without a touch of light-colored paint.

To give the impression of what it is, industrial bedrooms can utilize recycled materials. Some of them are like a bed made of packing wood. Chairs made from used car tires, and decorative lights strung from used pipes.

Rustic Themed Bedroom

The rustic bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom designs in 2021 because it can present a natural atmosphere in it. This design is characterized by the use of earth-tone colors such as light brown, brick red, and white.

In contrast to the classic design, a rustic bedroom uses an interior without finishing. Tables and beds were left in the original brown color without varnish. While the walls were left as is without mortar or paint.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian concept is famous for everything white. From wall paint, furniture, and floors to ornaments such as pillows and curtains. Many bedrooms with this concept have been adapted to minimalist homes because they can give a broad and bright impression to the bedroom.

In order not to look stiff, a Scandinavian bedroom can be added with a touch of other colors through ornamental plants, wall hangings, and lights. In addition, you should use a yellow bulb at night to make it look cool and comfortable to the eyes.

Eclectic Bedroom

For those of you who have a cheerful and energetic personalities. An eclectic bedroom can represent your interesting personality. You can experiment with different flashy colors like red, yellow, and orange.

The hallmark of an eclectic bedroom is the use of various colors in cloth ornaments. Such as carpets, curtains, bed linen to wall hangings. Then the motifs that stand out are geometric shapes such as zig-zag, vertical, lines, and circles.

Artwork concept bedroom

The bedroom is one area where you can express your feelings and style freely. If you like street art, there’s nothing wrong with applying it to several parts of the bedroom.

With minimalist room walls and furniture. Add a mural painting on one of the walls. The other side can be decorated in the form of signposts, traffic signs, or posters. This room design is perfect for teenage boys.

Those are some of the most popular bedroom inspirations in 2021 that can be applied to your home with a minimalist concept. The bedroom is a private area, so it’s not a problem if the concept is different from the main house design.…