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Month: October 2009

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Kinds of Superior Home Ventilation, Stuffy Disappears

Home A healthy life cannot only be created from a diet. The need for air in the room is also very important. Therefore, home air ventilation is very necessary and must exist in every residence. Air ventilation itself has a working system that regulates the entry and exit of air into the room so that the room feels fresh and comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, some houses don’t apply proper ventilation so the room becomes stuffy and uncomfortable.

To get the best air. A good air ventilation system is also needed. A good air ventilation system has several criteria, namely being able to distribute air optimally, having sufficient openings, and being able to filter incoming dust or dirty air. This can be achieved by paying attention to the type of air ventilation that will be used in the house. Here are various types of air vents that will make the room feel cool and anti-stuffed.

Ventilation Window

This type is very commonly used, unfortunately, the ventilation window doesn’t work optimally due to an error in the installation process. Window ventilation is usually placed above the main window with a horizontal position and a small gap. However, errors often occur in the size and amount that is not adjusted to the area of ​​the room, so that the air entering and leaving is less than optimal.

Please note that this type of ventilation must have an area of ​​5% of the area of ​​the room, especially for example bedrooms. The installation system must also be considered. The oven is installed face-to-face so that the heat will not settle in the room.

Lost Ventilation

The lobster vent is not only suitable for maximizing air circulation, but also a unique decoration. Lost ventilation is a ventilation style in the form of gaps that form an interesting pattern. This ventilation style is often used as a room divider and also a house fence. Usually, loster vents are made of wood, cement, or ceramic. By using looser ventilation, the house will look decorative and also have fresh air circulation.

Janus ventilation

Janus ventilation is a type of ventilation that is installed on a horizontal window. This type has many advantages that deserve to be the ventilation of choice. Just as a model of adjustable slits so that the light intensity can be obtained as desired. This ventilation is also able to filter dirty air properly. With easy open and close controls, jalousie ventilation is also very easy to use according to the needs of the space. The jalousie model is also very natural and decorative so it can make the room look more eye-catching.

Mechanical Ventilation

In mechanical ventilation, there is the use of an exhaust fan is placed on the roof of the ceiling. The use of ventilation with suction fans is indeed very clean because the air that enters the room will be extracted first. The result of extraction is clean air which is channeled back into the room and polluted air will be discharged through the attic. The use of ventilation is very effective because it can remove contaminated air. This type can be a trap for insects and dust.

Skylight Style Ventilation

Skylights or so-called windows are on the roof of the house. This type of ventilation is usually placed in houses with sloping roofs or low roofs. With this style of ventilation, the roof looks more artistic. However, it needs proper installation so that the roof is easy to use. This type of air vent usually uses aluminum combined with tempered glass.

Air Vent with Glass Nako

Minimalist air ventilation using Nako glass has been used for a long time. This glass is installed with a grid, with slots that can be opened and closed flexibly. No glass itself is now rarely used in housing. Even though Nako glass combined with wood materials gives a simple artistic impression. The utilization of Nako glass as air ventilation is also very appropriate. Because it can be adjusted, the nako glass can control the intensity of light and the air that comes in and out. Cleaning dust on the nako glass is also very easy. At first glance, the Nako glass works like an AC fan, only it’s done manually.

Air Vent from Bamboo

Have you ever tried or found a style of air ventilation with a model like this? This ventilation takes advantage of the natural shape of bamboo in the form of a hollow center. Bamboo will be cut into small pieces. Then installed parallel to form a pattern large enough to fill the air in the room. By utilizing bamboo, the house will seem natural and fresh, and unique. This style also makes the house feel like it is in the countryside. In addition to the living room, air vents with …