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Month: August 2009

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Beautiful Garden Lamp Designs, Making Homes More Aesthetic

Homes In general, homes with a minimalist concept will always leave at least a patch of land that is usually used as a garden. The location is mostly placed in front or behind the house. Of course, the presence of a garden in a house with a minimalist concept is beneficial in creating the impression of a beautiful and cool residence, especially with garden lights.

To support a romantic and aesthetic impression, the presence of garden lights is enough to be considered a complement to a minimalist residential design. In choosing the design of the garden lamp, it must be considered and considered.

Garden lights function as night lighting and create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the home environment. However, of course, the model and shape must be adapted to the concept of the house and the garden itself.

So, to get the right choice of garden lights, here are recommendations you need to consider!

Classic Model Garden Lights

The classic model garden lamp is one of the lamp designs that is widely used as a garden decoration in front of the house. This classic Victorian model has been chosen because it can make gardens and homes look more elegant.

There are also two types of classic garden lamps, the first is a long pole with a glass bulb cover. Meanwhile, the second type is attached to the wall with a golden carved motif and uses a yellow bulb.

Spotlight Model Garden Lights (Spotlight)

In general, garden lights are made a little dim, but now some people prefer gardens decorated with bright lights. Using spotlights on the walls will make the atmosphere of the garden and the exterior of the house more dramatic.

However, if you want to create a romantic impression, you can provide additional properties such as spotlights along the path and direct the light to the bushes or tree bodies.


Garden lighting innovations that are quite popular are downlights. These lights are usually flat round and placed in places that are rarely seen.

One of them is placed under the steps of the terrace of the house, between the expanse of stones, and around flower pots. Downlights are usually installed in a row or evenly around the garden to give a broad and airy impression.

Tumblr Outdoor Lights

This classic light bulb arrangement is most suitable for placing in the garden behind the house. Even though it emits a yellow light, this Tumblr outdoor lamp can give a cheerful, warm and attractive impression.

Tumblr outdoor lights are usually tied between two poles or large trees. Even though it uses electricity, this lamp is safe if it is turned on when it rains. Not only can you enjoy it while relaxing, but a garden with outdoor Tumblr lighting decorations is also perfect for holding a party with friends and family.

Decorative Garden Lights

To make your home garden feel more unique and attractive, using decorative garden lights is the right choice. In contrast to garden lights in general, this type of lamp can form shadows according to the light pattern.

Decorative garden lights are widely used because they can build a cozy and calm atmosphere at night. Even if it is placed in the right corner of the garden, it can be used as an attractive and aesthetic photo spot.

Those are some recommendations for garden lamp designs that can make your home atmosphere cozy, romantic, and aesthetic. Choose a residence that offers a house with an attractive garden design. Mustika Village Karawang is a prestigious residence that can realize the dreams of consumers with a charming home design.…