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Month: September 2009

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Alternative Residential Container House on the Outskirt City

Residential Apart from being a residential design trend today, container houses are also said to be the most economical home concept in the future. Enough with container cargo, you can already create a dwelling that is quite comfortable but can still look aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, container houses can be a solution to the increasing demand for comfortable properties at affordable prices. Entering the category of semi-permanent buildings. Container houses are dwellings made of container materials used to transport goods.

Having a strong character, resistant to hot and cold weather, and being easily applied to the shape of a house is the reason containers are used as an alternative material in the manufacture of this container house.

So, to find out more, see an explanation of the history, advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations for container houses.

History of Container Houses

The idea of ​​making residential container houses has existed since the 1980s, then began to be developed by an architect from California named Peter DeMaria. Starting from his interest in a large number of unused used containers, this smart architect then explored the steel cargo as a livable dwelling.

As we know, these containers have a minimum weight of 24,000 to 30,480 kg. To build a house with a certain area, Peter DeMaria uses more than one container and combines it with other materials such as galvalume, wood, and glass. This design was successfully accepted by the community so the demand for the manufacture of container houses continues to increase.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Container Houses

Being a solution to the high cost of building permanent houses. Container houses have several advantages and disadvantages, including the following!

Advantages of container houses

  • In making a container house does not require a long time. From assembly to interior design it only takes about 2 -4 weeks.
  • Made of steel, container houses are fairly resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.
  • When compared to permanent buildings, container houses are fairly cheap and fairly easy to maintain.
  • Derived from used containers, having a container house can be said to participate in environmental preservation. Besides that, because the building is semi-permanent it is very easy to dismantle if you want to move it to another location.

Disadvantages of container houses

  • Because it is made of steel, container houses very easy to conduct solar heat. It is recommended to place the container house in a cool environment so that it remains comfortable to live in both day and night.
  • Used containers can only be shipped using special trucks, so care must be taken at the construction site.
  • Even though the installation method is easy, container houses must be assembled by experts or experienced ones. This is because container houses are designed and have different installation methods from houses in general.

Container House Design Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for attractive and unique container house designs:

Minimalist modern container house design

Container houses with a modern minimalist design are unique in their small size but not insulated. Consisting of two combined containers, the house has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in one row.

Liked by many young people, container houses with a modern minimalist design use lots of bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange to create a cheerful and lively impression.

Mixed wood container house design

In contrast to the minimalist design, container houses combined with wood usually have a larger size and are in the shape of the letter L. Wood accents are usually used on floors, windows, and roofs.

Besides being able to add to the aesthetics of the container house. The use of wood has another function, namely as a damper for hot air temperatures. This design is perfect for container homes built in hot locations such as beaches or suburbs.

Multilevel container house design

For those of you who want a container house built in a densely populated environment, you can apply a multilevel container house design. This design is a solution for small families who want a container house that has more than one room.

To be even more sturdy and aesthetic, multilevel container houses can be combined with brick walls, galvalume roof trusses, and glass windows. Make sure to make enough ventilation and windows so that air circulation in the house is maintained.…

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Home Interior Color that You Can Apply to Your Home

Home Are you one of those people who is very concerned about choosing interior colors for your home? If so, how important is color selection really important to you?

Quoted from Healthgrades, people choose colors for their homes for several reasons: first is to express style, second is to make a room feel bigger, and third is to warm up the room.

If color is chosen to create a visual experience, then psychologically color can also radically affect mood and emotion. A color is also a classic form of communication that can project your personality and can act as a regulator of harmony in every room of your home.

Unknowingly, we also often change the color of the house. Which is adjusted to the nuances, atmosphere, and mood that we are experiencing. So, are you confused about choosing the right color for your home?

Choosing lilac color as the color of your house inside could be an alternative choice to create a powerful contact. The lilac color which is a spinoff of purple or usually additionally referred to as pastel purple will give a mushy, romantic, female, and soothing impression.

However, you need to know that this color should not be applied arbitrarily in your home. This of course will irritate the eye and affect creating a negative atmosphere as well as nuance.

As with furniture items, color also needs to be positioned and applied to the right parts of the house. So, which rooms are suitable for applying the lilac color?

Sitting room

To create a romantic, soft, bright, and comfortable impression. It is better to combine lilac colors with white in your living room. Focus on the lilac color on the walls and then white on the sills, ceiling, floor, curtains, and other accessories.

If you want to add a firm impression to your living room. Be sure to choose a dark-colored sofa like brown or black. Even though it reflects a modern impression, the lilac color is perfect when paired with a classic chandelier or a table made of glass material.


The bedroom is an important part of the house, one of the keys to making it comfortable is the choice of paint colors that are cool on the eyes. The lilac color which is included in the pastel color group is considered capable of changing the atmosphere of a stiff room to be relaxed and calming.

Even though it seems soft, the lilac color can not only be used by women. If the bedroom is used by a married couple. Give dark color accents such as black or gray to create an elegant and slightly masculine impression.

Family room

Apart from the lilac color, the earth tone color is one of the colors that are quite popular this year. Earth tone colors are inspired by the elements of the earth such as water, soil, and plants so the colors that are emphasized are hazelnut, mocha, beige and green.

When lilac and earth tones are combined in the living room, a trendy, natural, and warm impression is created. Apply a good paint color thoroughly on the walls of the room. So, so that it doesn’t feel empty, you can add some additional properties. Such as abstract paintings or framed family photos.

Don’t hesitate to combine the earthy brown sofa with the gray carpet because the natural and natural impression becomes even clearer. To display a natural impression, you can also place various plants such as your mother-in-law’s tongue, yellow palm, and aloe vera in the corner of the room.


So that a kitchen dominated by lilac does not seem monotonous. You can also use additional white floating shelves and kitchen cabinets. In addition, the use of gold interiors and accessories in the kitchen is believed to evoke positive energy and creativity.

For a kitchen with a limited size in a minimalist home, it is not recommended to combine lilac colors with black, pink, or red. The reason is, these three colors will psychologically make the kitchen atmosphere dark, stuffy, and gloomy.…