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Month: January 2010

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Minimalist Home Ceiling Design Models, Easy to Follow!

Home It can be said that the ceiling is part of a home structure that is rarely a concern for many people. The selection and installation of the right ceiling will be enough to determine the comfort of a room in the home. Today, most modern minimalist design houses use ceilings. A properly installed ceiling will affect facilitate air circulation so that it can muffle sound, especially for music rooms and the like.

So, here are some ceiling design recommendations for a minimalist home that you can consider!

White Minimalist Ceiling

White is a color that can be used to give a clean and spacious impression and is even very suitable when combined with other colors. Rooms are usually 3 x 3 or 3 x 4 in size, so as not to seem cramped, a white ceiling will help give a different touch.

To get rid of the monotonous impression on this ceiling model, you can add lamps with a modern or classic design. White light can make the atmosphere of the room brighter, while yellow gives calm and peace.

Wood Accent Home Ceiling

For a modern classic home look, the ceiling of the house can be made of wood and PVC boards. To create an elegant impression, the ceiling can be completely covered with wood. Meanwhile, to keep it looking modern, wood materials can be partially applied to the ceiling and then combined with pendant lights or planting lights.

Round Minimalist Ceiling

The round ceiling design is more suitable to be applied to rooms that are slightly larger and without partitions, for example, a family room, living room, or dining room. With a unique design, this ceiling simply uses a simple form of lamp or hidden lamp in your minimalist home.

Minimalist Cone Concept Ceiling

Building a summer vacation atmosphere in the bedroom is certainly something you might be able to do. You can simply use a ceiling with a classic cone concept. A ceiling with this shape is very popular because it looks high and makes the room feel airy and spacious.

To make the classic impression stand out, even more, a rotating fan can be installed in the center of the ceiling instead of a lamp. For lighting, you can use hidden lamps, spotlights, or stick lamps.

Coffered Type Minimalist Ceiling

The ceiling design with the Coffered type is made to make the room look more unique and attractive. This ceiling is made of square panels made from wood planks, mirrors, and metal.

In the center of the panel, you can place a luxurious hanging crystal chandelier as the main lighting. Meanwhile, on the side panel several small lights can be installed but with dimmer lighting to support the main light.

Futuristic Minimalist Ceiling

For those of you who like modern concepts and keep up with the latest technological developments, a minimalist ceiling with a futuristic touch is highly recommended. Use quirky colors like silver, gray, or gold to make this concept stand out.

Ceilings with a futuristic theme are very easy to combine with other room interiors such as sofas, tables, wall hangings, and even high-tech items. Futuristic minimalist ceilings can be used in kitchens, living rooms, and workspaces.…