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Here are Tips For Making a Kitchen For Your Minimalist Home

Home Limited land and high land prices have reduced the size of home. Even though the dimensions of the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are modest in size. They have to be tweaked to make them feel more spacious and comfortable.

The kitchen is a paradise for those of you who like to cook, even though it has a simple minimalist kitchen model, cleanliness and tidiness must also be maintained so that cooking becomes more enjoyable and comfortable.

Before you make or design your minimalist simple kitchen, first know what a minimalist kitchen is, along with an explanation.

Get to know the Minimalist Kitchen

As the name implies, this simple, minimalist-sized kitchen is perfect for your house that is not too big. The design of a simple, minimalist kitchen will make the kitchen feel wider and less cluttered.

The interior design of this simple kitchen has been designed in such a way that it makes you comfortable cooking for your beloved family members. For those of you who are interested in making a simple, minimalist kitchen, but are still confused about how to start, you can check the review article below.

How to Make a Simple and Cheap Kitchen

For those of you who are interested in making a simple, minimalist kitchen, but are still confused about how to start, you can check the review article below.

Determine Purchased Items

The first step in making a simple and inexpensive kitchen design is to determine which kitchen set to use. You only need to buy equipment that is often used because a minimalist kitchen does not have large storage space.

Think again about buying a large cupboard or large refrigerator because it will limit your space and movement when cooking. Smaller refrigerators and drawers in the kitchen are perfect for a mini-sized kitchen.

Use of Paint Colors

The use of paint in a minimalist kitchen is very important to note. Light-colored paint colors are considered to be able to make your simple, minimalist kitchen feel wider. You can also use paint colors that are uniform or match your furniture so that your simple kitchen looks clean and tidy.

Utilize the Corner of the Room

Simple kitchens generally have furniture that is not large, but if you are forced to buy it, you can place the furniture in the corner of the kitchen room.

Air ventilation

A small room makes the air feel stuffy when cooking without air ventilation. You can install air vents that are not too large so that you can do the cooking process as comfortably as possible.

Now, after knowing the important things in a minimalist kitchen, you also need to know the simple minimalist kitchen design models as below.

Tips for Maintaining Kitchen Cleanliness 

A cool, simple kitchen is your main goal, but a clean kitchen is even more important, especially when the food and drinks that are served come from here. Therefore, you need to know the following tips for keeping the kitchen clean.

Washing Cookware 

The first tip to keep the kitchen clean is to wash cooking utensils regularly and after you use them. You can use a sponge and liquid soap containing lime to remove dirt, grease, and odors from cooking utensils.

Cleaning the Stove Area

Cleaning cooking utensils is important, but don’t forget the stove area after using it. The stove area has lots of oil-splattered, spilled food stains which will be difficult to clean if you don’t clean often.

Cleaning the Dining Table

A neat and clean dining table will make you and your family eat more heartily. Tidy up the table from dirty cutlery, and leftover food, and don’t forget to wipe the dining table clean.

Cleaning Kitchen Floors

The kitchen floor must also be cleaned as regularly as possible so that it is not slippery when you are cooking. Sweep the kitchen floor to clean up any leftover food that may fall and then mop the kitchen floor clean.

Throw garbage

After the kitchen area is clean and tidy, it’s time to take out the trash in the kitchen every day. Ants, cockroaches, and rats will happily eat the leftovers in your trash. So, throw the trash outside your home to prevent this from happening.

Cleaning the Dishwasher

After cleaning dirty cookware, don’t forget to wash your dishwasher as well. For fatty and greasy foods, usually, the remains will stick to the walls of the tub and will be difficult to clean if they have been attached for a long time.

Cleaning the Dishwasher Drain

After the walls of the sink are clean, you must also pay attention to the drains. The remains of food waste can clog the drain, causing it to clog and cause an unpleasant odor.

Those are things you can do and pay attention to before making

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Luxurious and Best 2-Floor Minimalist House Designs

House Everyone must have a dream house that they want to achieve or build with hard work for years. However, who would have thought, now you might not even need to spend a lot of money to build a house? Moreover, if the house that you want is a luxurious 2-story minimalist house. You only imagine a minimalist 2-story house but don’t know what the design will be like? Here’s a row of designs that can be your best choice!

Courtyard House

This first design is perfect for those of you who have a dream home while still showing a green side that refreshes the eye. So this courtyard can provide a healing sensation after coming home from work. Very interesting huh?

Promenade House

Well, for those of you who don’t have a large area of ​​land to build a house, then this Promenade House design can be a perfect choice. This design will make your house super slim but still, get enough space even though there isn’t much land available.

Moore Park Residence

Do you dream of having a home with a natural concept and don’t want to lose the natural impression it has? Then this house with the Moore Park Residence design feels very right for you. Minimalist interior design with wood elements will make the house look big from the inside. Interesting huh?

Futuristic Architecture

Want to have a modern home? Then you can use futuristic architecture. Even though it’s minimalist, you can also get a modern and classy impression with this one design so that as soon as you enter your home you feel like you’re seeing the future. Of course, it is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be out of date, including in terms of the house.

Kodama architecture

Surely many of you are familiar with the design of this one house. The design created by the Kodasema architectural firm is perfect for those of you who only have one room. Making it two floors makes space very useful, right?

Wood element

If you want to make a modern house but don’t lose its natural impression, then adding various parts of the house with wood elements can be the right choice. Your minimalist home will look very neutral, especially if you use white or cream house paint.

Large Glass Window

The next design has to do with glass! For those of you who have a minimalist but very narrow house, then adding glass ornaments or large glass windows will make it look bigger and wider than it is. Worth not trying?

High Ceiling

Many minimalist home designs use lamps as lighting, but for those of you who want to be more efficient with electricity, you can try this design. A house with a high ceiling will provide natural lighting for the house and also good air circulation.

Classic Design

Even though there have been many modern designs presented by many architects, surely not a few of you still want to accentuate classic values ​​in every part of the house. So that this one design will certainly be on par with your dream classic house. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start discussing with your architect!

Cube Design

If you are tired of seeing the same home designs and dream of having a home with a unique design, then the Cube Design is the best choice. The cube shape will give you the sensation of a wider and more unique room outside the house!…

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Aesthetic Minimalist Bedroom Design Recommendations

Bedroom DesignHave a minimalist bedroom design? Bored with this design and intend to find a more comfortable bedroom atmosphere? Before discussing this further, did you know that the bedroom can be said to be one part of the house which is not only used as a resting room but also a private area for the owner?

Therefore, in designing a bedroom, a homeowner will certainly be very detailed and thorough so that it fits as desired. However, what if the bedroom you have is not so wide/narrow? So, here are recommendations for small/minimalist bedroom designs that you can consider implementing in your room.

All-White Themed Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a private room that is often used as a place to unwind after a day’s activities. This reason requires that a room must be designed properly to improve the mood of its occupants.

Choosing the right color theme for the bedroom is an alternative that can be done to improve the owner’s mood.

White can be your choice in determining the color of the wall paint or the basic color of the furniture in the room. Why? because the white color will give the impression of neutral and comfortable on the eyes. Not only that, the dominant white color will give a clean and spacious impression.

For those of you who have a bedroom that is not too wide/narrow, of course, it is very suitable to try these tips.

All-Wood Themed Bedroom Design

In large rooms, using all-wood accents will give a classic and monotonous impression. However, when applied to a bedroom design with a smaller room size, it will give a different touch.

By including a wooden interior in a room, it can bring a natural atmosphere to the room, or it can be known as a biophilic design. Biophilic design is a design that combines natural elements into the built environment.

The goal is to increase the comfort of human life. Some of the benefits of biophilic design include increasing productivity, and creativity, and also reducing stress levels.

In practice, wood ornaments can be implemented on the floor covered with parquet and furniture such as beds and cabinets. So, to give a warm impression, you can choose a multifunctional design with light brown wood color.

Monochrome Bedroom Design

For those who like simple bedroom designs, choosing only two colors as the main element of the room is the right choice. A monochrome theme with two pastel color choices will give an elegant, comfortable, and modern impression.

Monochrome bedroom designs are quite interesting because they can be combined with wood or ornamental plants. The color of the walls should be dominated by natural colors such as white, while dark colors can be accentuated by the color of the bed covers, windows, or hanging lamp decorations.

However, along with the development of the world of interior and decoration art, the monochrome theme is not only based on black and white. Some interior designs also mention and often use gray, salmon, and lilac as a combination of two colors in a monochrome-themed room.

Industrial Bedroom Design

It can be said that the selection of bedroom designs can be used to represent one’s personality. Industrial design is no longer a foreign thing. Usually, we often find it in the architecture of cafes, offices, galleries, and other commercial buildings.

However, please note that currently, it is still rare to apply it as a theme or room design. So, why do many of them choose industrial themes for their bedrooms?

Many industrial themes are chosen because they can give a relaxed, free yet aesthetic impression. Industrial bedroom design focuses on interiors that accentuate the unfinished impression. Such as brick walls, cement floors without ceramics, or lamps made of iron pipes.

For those of you who want to apply this design to narrow bedroom decorations, it is recommended to make brick wall ornaments on one side only. The red color of the bricks will present a warm and bright impression in a room with a limited size.

Those are some recommendations for narrow/minimalist bedroom designs that still have an aesthetic impression that you can apply to your home. Interested in having a bedroom design that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye?…

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Minimalist Bathroom That Makes Bathing More Comfortable

Minimalist BathroomWho doesn’t like to enjoy relaxing time in the bathroom? Apart from being a place to clean themselves, many people use the bathroom as a place to relax from the fatigue of activities. Enjoying the rush of water while listening to music can reduce stress levels. Especially if these conditions are supported by a minimalist bathroom design.

Various bathroom designs can be chosen to accompany activities in the bathroom. These various choices must of course be combined with the needs, functions, and also the existing funds. If you haven’t found the right design yet, try to look at the various minimalist bathroom design options below.

Natural Bathroom Design

Creating this bathroom design concept is very easy. Place plants in as many corners of the room as possible. Make sure that the space available for plants is large enough to give a natural impression. If you lack space, try applying the hanging plant concept which makes the room more beautiful.

Minimalist Two Tone Bathroom Design

Two Tone is applied by combining two colors in one room. You can try a contrasting or soft color. For example, the use of black bathroom walls with a combination of white room and floor. To add to the aesthetic impression, choose lightly patterned ceramics such as marble stone motifs. Furniture in the bathroom must also have a matching color.

Bathroom Design by Utilizing Lighting

Bathroom lighting can also create an elegant impression in the room. First, use the downlight technique where the lights with minimal light are right above the bath and closet. The second is with an indirect light system, by hiding the light behind the wall in the sink area. This style will create a dramatic and elegant impression. Designs like this are often found in luxury hotels.

Luxury Bathroom Design

By applying marble stone tiles on the walls and floors, the bathroom design will look luxurious and fancy. To beautify each part, you can use glass material for the shower cubicle area or the partition door. Apart from being luxurious, you will get a bathroom area that feels spacious.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×2

Small bathrooms can still look luxurious by adding wood elements to them. You can place wood materials in the sink area or on the goods shelf. To leave an elegant impression, display only two or one main colors in the bathroom area, such as choosing only white or black and white.

Toilet Minimalist Bathroom Design

The bathroom feels cramped with one shower container and toilet. Try a bulkhead style using concrete, cement, or brick partitions. Use one wall color tone, then give a natural effect by placing plants in the corner of the sink or near the sitting closet. Also, beautify with wall hangings like paintings.

Rustic Bathroom Design

Bored with the usual bathroom style? Try a natural, country-style bathroom design. Elements of the bathroom can be affixed with wood material as the walls, or use river stone and bamboo. The point is to use natural materials while paying attention to modern bathroom furniture.

Squat toilet minimalist bathroom design

Do you doubt that you can turn a bathroom with a squat toilet into a special room? Even if it’s just a bathroom with a squat toilet, make sure it still looks classy. Create a classy impression by using natural stone as a footing and cement tub or carving tub. Add an arrangement of one-color bricks in the shelving area, shower, or behind the toilet.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×3

No need to worry about a tiny bathroom. What you need to pay attention to is choosing small furniture without reducing its function. You can also divide the area between the closet and the shower using a curtain with a pattern. This curtain will also give a sweet appearance when opened.

Simple Bathroom Design

Do not want to waste a lot of money to polish the bathroom? You can create a simple but neat bathroom. The following picture shows a bathroom with a cement tub and a squat toilet. You can replace the shelves with wood to make them look nice.

Japanese-style Oriental Bathroom Design

Want to create the feel of a Japanese-style bathroom? Really can. You need a wood parquet which is part of the walls and floor of the bathroom. While the lighting was chosen a little dim because the wood parquet itself provides light assistance. You can also add Japanese stools.…

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European Style Houses for Your Dream Home Inspiration

Home Are you looking for home design ideas? There are many designs that you can inspire, this thing is that you have to be able to adapt to the around the house. For example, the minimalist style that is rife among young couples. However, there are home designs that are no less interesting. You can use a classic European-style house design.

Not a few buildings in Indonesia use classic European style, ranging from ordinary houses to multi-purpose buildings. Even though it seems old-fashioned, this one design can be modified to suit today’s style. You can mix and match with the current style, so you can take some of the typical European-style houses. So, what are the characteristics of a classic European-style house? Stay tuned!

Facade That Looks Flat

You can immediately tell that a house is inspired by European style just by looking at a few things from the front. The first part is the facade or the front of the house which looks flat. It’s not uncommon for houses that are Indonesian to have doors and terraces that lean more forward than the sides. European-style houses usually tend to be flat. The front of the house like this would be suitable if the house has a yard and a fence that is high enough to feel safe.

Wide Yard With Beautiful Garden

Houses in rural Europe are no less beautiful than those in cities. One of the characteristics of the house there is that it has a large yard with a beautiful garden. It would be very nice to have a yard like this because you can enjoy various colors of flowers and plants, especially when spring comes.

More Beautiful With Red Bricks

If usually the walls of houses in Indonesia are always covered with paint, classic European-style houses are usually left alone. You might feel the impression of a ‘warm house’ when you see a house with red bricks like a European style. In order not to look monotonous, the bricks will be arranged horizontally in almost all parts of the house, while the parts near the doors or windows are arranged vertically.

The dominating sharp triangular roof

In Europe, there are 4 seasons, two of which are winter and autumn. It’s no wonder that the roof of a European-style house is in the shape of a towering sharp triangle. Because in winter, snow will be able to fall more quickly and can avoid snow accumulation. Likewise in autumn when the leaves fall, so it’s easier to clean up.


Chimneys should not be left behind when discussing classic European-style homes. As mentioned earlier, Europe has winter which allows temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they use chimneys to funnel smoke from their fireplaces.

In Indonesia, it is not suitable to use a chimney because it can bring in dust and dirt. However, it can also be used as decoration. To make it more interesting and classic.

Large Rectangle Window

Many European houses have very wide windows with rectangular shapes rising from the bottom up. Not infrequently the large window is in the middle of the lower and upper floors because of its height. Usually, the windows of European-style houses are rectangular with simple trellises in the form of boxes or rectangles as well.

Because there are not a few European-style houses that have high roofs and are wide in size, the presence of these large windows will also greatly help light to get into the house as much as possible.

Palace Wide Door

Almost the same as the windows, the doors of houses in Europe are no less wide. When entering a house with a wide door, it will feel like entering a palace. Especially if the door uses two doors and a rectangle with curved edges. It will look classic and more elegant. But, it’s not uncommon to find European-style houses that use rectangular doors with towering dimensions.

House With Balcony

The hallmark of a European-style house that should not be missed is the balcony at home. Usually, this balcony faces the front of the house on the top floor which is connected to the inside of the house using doors made of wood or glass. Do not forget the safety such as fences of various materials, such as wood or iron to prevent anyone from falling.

Houses With Unique Ornaments

In addition to houses with red brick walls as mentioned earlier, European-style houses also have unique and intricate ornaments that are characteristic. Many European-style houses have tall pillars whose ends are carved in unique shapes. The walls around the windows are also beautifully engraved.

European Classical Furniture

The classic European house is not only seen from the exterior. European classic home interiors usually follow. Such as classic wooden chairs and tables, chandeliers in the form of …

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Healthy Home: Definition, Characteristics, and Relation

HomeHaving a house, especially if you pay it in installments or buy it with your own business, is of course a matter of pride. Not only starting a new family but buying a house can also be caused by the desire to start a new lifestyle. Namely starting from a healthy home. The house now is not only used to rest after being tired of working but has also been used as a way to maintain the health of the occupants.

The presence of a healthy home helps many people who also want to have one. Then, what are the characteristics that a healthy home related to your health as a resident? This time, the author will explain the complete information and answer all the questions that are currently circling your mind. Cultivating a healthy home can be the perfect start to maintaining your body’s health! Come on, see the full review below.

What is a Healthy Home

Quoted from Kotaku.pu.go.id, according to WHO, a house is a physical structure or building for shelter, where a healthy environment is useful for physical and mental health and social conditions both the health of families and individuals (WHO Commission on Health and the Environment, 2001). Quoted from eprints.ums.ac.id, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Health (2012).

A healthy house is a house that meets minimum criteria such as access to drinking water, access to healthy latrines, floors, ventilation, and lighting. Thus, the authors can conclude that a healthy home is a home that is free from both air and environmental pollution. Agree?

Characteristics of a Healthy Home

Not a few of you are now wondering what the criteria and indicators for a healthy home are like. Does the house you currently live in include the characteristics of a healthy home or not? To find out, here are the requirements for a healthy home according to the 2014 Permenkes.

Good Ventilation and Air Circulation

Good ventilation will also make good air circulation so that the occupants of the house have good breathing. The size of good ventilation is at least 10% of the total floor area in the room so that there are no stuffy or damp words that are harmful to the health of the house and occupants.

Have a Good Garbage Disposal System

Garbage not only disturbs the sense of sight as well as smell but can also hurt health. Therefore, managing both liquid and solid waste must be done very well. If not, the waste may contaminate the ground surface and water sources. So, it’s better to prevent than cure right?

Large and Overgrown Courtyard with Trees

A large yard will provide opportunities for children to play freely. Don’t forget to fill your yard with trees so that it always provides good oxygen for your body’s health. A shady atmosphere will even make the mind much calmer than an arid yard.

Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation

Water and environmental sanitation are important and are often the main concern of every home because the need for healthy water and good sanitation will have a good impact in the future.

Healthy Bathrooms and Washing Places

Water health will also have an impact on healthy bathrooms and washing places. In addition, don’t forget that this section is always given natural lighting so that no moss and other things will arise which can also be bad for health.

Free from Fungi and Animals that transmit Disease

Fungi and animals that can transmit diseases such as rats, cockroaches, and others should not be present in healthy homes because they can hurt the health of the home and the occupants.

Healthy Dining and Kitchen Arrangement

The dining room is not only used to fill the nutrients in the body but can also be used as a family gathering place. Therefore, the arrangement of the dining room must be healthy with natural lighting to sufficient artificial lighting. This also applies to the kitchen, where food is prepared.

Bedroom with Healthy Spatial Planning

What is no less important is the place or bedroom that must be made as healthy as possible because you will spend a lot of time resting after being tired from work. Not only charging, but sleeping space health will also help you maintain a healthy body.

Building material

As one of the most important aspects of the development process. The selection of building materials should not be arbitrary. This is because the quality of building materials greatly affects the overall quality of the building.…

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Leak-Resistant, Here Are Recommended Types of House Gutters

House Choosing the right gutters is a solution to avoid house leakage problems in the future. Even though it looks trivial, gutters have a very important role in a building. When it rains, gutters function to make rainwater able to flow to the disposal site to produce good circulation. Without gutters, the house quickly becomes damaged due to dampness.

It is not uncommon for the walls or ceilings of houses to seep when it rains heavily. Generally, this is due to gutters that don’t function properly or don’t even exist at all. Even though the rainfall in Indonesia is quite high, so there is a risk of weathering the house quickly due to seepage or leaks that occur when it rains.

For this reason, you need gutters that are right in terms of function and form to minimize the above risks. In this article, we will discuss in full what gutters are, the types of gutters for homes, and how to choose the right gutters. Here’s the review.

Definition of Gutters

As mentioned above, a gutter is a pipe that is made to allow rainwater to fall into an appropriate stream, such as a special rain channel, infiltration well, or rain shelter. The goal is that the rainwater that falls does not directly hit the ceiling and walls of the house.

Rainwater that falls and hits the walls of the house can cause seepage and leakage which can lead to house damage. The appearance of the house will become unattractive in the next few years if this happens. In addition, uncontrolled rain can cause an electric short circuit on the inside of the ceiling.

Functions and Uses of Gutters

The main function of the gutters is to hold back the seepage of flowing rainwater so that it does not hit the walls and ceiling of the house. In addition, gutters can also beautify the exterior of the house with a variety of design choices.

So although it is often underestimated, the role of gutters is very large. Especially for those of you who want your house to look neat and pleasing to the eye, then installing the right gutters is a must.

Gutter Type

After knowing the main function of gutters at home, then you need to decide which type of gutters you will use at home. The following are the models and types of gutters that you can choose according to your needs.

K Style

One of the good and popular types of home gutters is the KK-style gutter. These gutters can hold more rainwater than other gutter models. That’s why this gutter is perfect for those of you who live in areas with high rainfall.

In addition, K K-style cutters also have beautiful decorations and shapes that are suitable for use in modern minimalist homes. To give a minimalist impression, you should install KK-style gutters in the corner of the house.


The second type of gutter is the Victorian gutter. This gutter is specially designed for traditional classic-style homes. Victorian gutters have a unique appearance but seem elegant and luxurious.

Maintenance of Victorian gutters is relatively easy with minimalist aluminum materials. Even so, not all homes are suitable for using this type of gutter because of its shallow shape. To prevent seepage and leakage, these gutters are recommended for homes that are a bit small.

Half Rounds

Half-round is a type of gutter that resembles a U shape. This gutter has fairly easy maintenance because it can be cleaned in a short time. This is supported by the shape of the chamfer which is similar to the shape of a tube that is divided into two parts.

This type of half-round gutter is recommended for modern-style homes. By using this type of gutter, your house will avoid leaks due to heavy rain.

Gutter Materials

Next, maybe you are wondering what materials can be used as materials for making guttering at home. So, in the following, we will explain what materials are most often used to make leak-proof gutters.


Gutters made of PVC are light enough that they are easy to cut and install. Even without calling a plumber, you can cut and install the gutters yourself. The price of PVC gutters is relatively cheap and affordable. Even so, the guttering of this house remains sturdy and does not corrode easily.


The second home gutter material is aluminum. Aluminum is a material for making gutters that are often used because it is lightweight, does not rust easily, and is easy to install. Aluminum gutters can beautify your home because they are generally not left plain. You can add paint color to this type of gutter according to your taste.


Gutters made of galvalume are very strong, sturdy, and anti-rust. Galvalume is a combination of steel, zinc, …

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Indoor Garden Creations For a Minimalist Home Beautiful

Home An indoor garden is a garden created inside a house. Its location can be adapted to the structure of the building such as under the stairs, next to the kitchen, or near the living room. Interesting right? If you are interested in trying it, here are indoor garden design creations that make a minimalist home beautiful and beautiful!

Tropical Indoor Garden in the Middle of a Building

In architecture, an open space or indoor garden is known as a courtyard. This indoor garden was created to change the rigid and monotonous impression of a house.

Indoor gardens can be filled with various natural elements such as river stones, pebbles, and palm-type plants. Built-in the middle of the house area. A tropical indoor garden can also create a cooler and colder impression.

Indoor Gardens As Liaison Between Spaces

Indoor gardens can also provide aesthetic value to the house. Not always in the form of a spacious area, this garden can be made like a connecting area between the family room and the toilet.

To present a beautiful impression, place plants in pots in a row on the left and right of the road. On the floor, you can put coral to give a natural impression. To make it look charming at night, you can also place spotlights on several sides toward the pot.

Japanese Style Indoor Garden

If you also want to display a unique and charming impression of an indoor garden in your home. There’s nothing wrong with applying a Japanese-style garden concept. This indoor garden in the style of Sakura country is known to be thick with shades of water, bamboo, and green grass.

For the water element, you can put a bamboo shower or a small barrel filled with goldfish. Then place some water bamboo, banyan bonsai, or frangipani bonsai in the corner of the garden. To make the Japanese style even more striking. You can also decorate it with a sumo statue or animal statue that symbolizes your zodiac sign.

Indoor Gardens In Tubes

An alternative indoor garden design that is now in great demand is a garden that is separated from the functional area. This type of garden has a partition made of glass but has no roof.

The shape of this garden is quite diverse, such as tubes, blocks, and cubes. For this type of indoor garden, the variety of plants is even more enjoyable. Not only in the form of ornamental plants in pots. But homeowners can also place medium-sized trees whose branches and leaves rise freely.

Indoor Gardens In Unused Space

In a minimalist-style house, there’s nothing wrong with using unused space to function as an indoor garden. Some of these rooms are the area under the stairs, the corner of the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Because it is in an area far from sunlight, make sure you choose plants that can live indoors. Some of these types of plants are cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue, and aglaonema. However, occasionally you can put it outside the house so that the plant can photosynthesize properly.

For some people, the garden is one area that is quite important in a dwelling. However, not many housing estates provide housing that is equipped with gardens both outside and inside the house.…

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Modern Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations For Young Families

Kitchen Choosing a modern minimalist style kitchen design for your home is the right idea considering that this style was created based on three important aspects—cleanliness, organization, and functionality.

Most young couples also choose a minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical, has an attractive design, and is a reflection of the lifestyle of today’s young families.

Interested in creating a minimalist feel to your kitchen design? So, here are some minimalist kitchen inspirations that you can consider.

Kitchen Design Blends With the Dining Room

Young families much like the concept of a modern minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical and has an additional function, namely as a gathering room. While cooking, other family members can also accompany you and do activities at the dinner table.

If you want to implement a kitchen that blends with the dining room, make sure to choose a small table. This is important so that the kitchen space does not become full and interfere with activities during cooking. It’s a good idea to use a multifunctional dining table that can be used as a dining area as well as a storage cupboard.

Energy-Efficient Modern Kitchen Design

Cooking activities carried out in the kitchen require at least 30 minutes. During this period, a lot of energy supplies such as water, gas, and electricity are needed. To save energy, modern minimalist kitchen designs should provide lighting without using electricity.

Glass windows and a transparent kitchen roof (skylight) are an alternative to saving electricity during the day. Without using lights, the kitchen room becomes bright because sunlight enters through the windows and the transparent roof. In addition, the kitchen atmosphere becomes fresher, not stuffy and stuffy.

Modern Kitchen Design With Multifunctional Cabinets

Besides being used as a place for cooking, the kitchen is also often used as a place to store various cutlery. Therefore, so that various equipment can be stored properly and neatly, a kitchen is needed that is equipped with multi-functional cabinets.

Minimalist modern kitchen designs usually use the upper wall as a cupboard for storing cooking supplies such as spices, dry food, sugar stock, noodles, flour, and so on. Meanwhile, the bottom of the stove or zinc (dishwasher) is used as a place to store cooking utensils such as pots, basins, spoons, and serving plates.

All-White Clean Kitchen Design

The kitchen is synonymous with dirty, oil stains, and mess. That’s why not many people dare to use an all-white kitchen design. Even a kitchen that uses all-white nuances can give the impression that it is bright, comfortable, spacious, and clean.

If you want to use an all-white kitchen design, then you should choose materials that are easy to clean. Such as shiny textured ceramics, glossy kitchen sets, and plain patterned floors. That way if there are stains, the kitchen space will be easy to clean and look clean even though the shades are all white.

Kitchen Design Without Top Cabinets

The difference between a traditional and modern minimalist kitchen lies in the arrangement and practical use of items. The fewer ornaments in the kitchen, the more minimalist the modern kitchen will look.

So there is nothing wrong if the upper cabinets are removed to give the kitchen a spacious and comfortable impression. Instead, you can use a ledge that can be used as a display area or to place ornamental plants. Not only do they help keep the air fresh. But ornamental plants also give an aesthetic impression to a modern minimalist kitchen.…


Popular Minimalist Home Terrace Inspirations Today

Home The terrace of a minimalist house uses various types of exteriors which is a dream for everyone who lives in it. Apart from the model, one can also pay attention to the detailed appearance of each part of the house. Whether it’s for the front, rear or side views. The appearance of the home is made as attractive as possible so that family members feel more comfortable and those who see it are more impressed.

One of them is to beautify the design of a minimalist home terrace, you have to choose a minimalist home terrace model so you can get a much more attractive appearance. That’s important for you to know some tips for choosing a minimalist 2022 terrace model. Most people see the house from the front, it’s no wonder that many people make their terraces beautiful so that people are impressed. Some only add a few interiors to further sweeten the appearance of the terrace.

Tips for Choosing a Modern Minimalist Home Terrace

You can also hire services for renovations to change the terrace of your minimalist home to make it look prettier. However, if you don’t want to rent renovation services, you can arrange the terrace model you want. The following are some tips on choosing a beautiful terrace model for all types of home models.

Adding Wood Furniture

The first tip when choosing a terrace model is with additional furniture. One of the most suitable types of furniture is wooden furniture such as tables and chairs. The addition of this furniture does not mean that it can narrow the size of the terrace it can make the terrace area appear wider. Not only have tables and chairs, but you can also add other furniture such as flower vases. Usually, the model of a modern minimalist terrace house can add wooden furniture to make it look simpler but modern.

Terrace Roof Using Cast Model

If you have a minimalist home and also want to design an elegant minimalist front porch, you can choose a terrace using a cast roof model. Why should you choose to use a terrace with a cast roof? Because it has a simple appearance and matches the minimalist style of your home. In addition, cast roofs will be stronger when compared to tiled roofs. Models of cast roofs can also be applied to homes with large sizes.

Paying Attention to the Color of the House

When choosing a simple minimalist terrace model, it is important to pay attention to the color of your home. This color will be the most important determinant in the appearance of the terrace after determining the model. If you are wrong in mixing paint for the color to be used on the terrace. The appearance of the terrace will look less attractive and may even look strange. Make sure the color of the terrace matches the color of your house.

See the House Porch Window

In general, the 2021 minimalist home terrace has a window so that it can add more aesthetics. From a functional point of view, this window a function as light entry and exit as well as ventilation. Pay attention to the terrace model that you will choose later by observing the number and shape of windows or adjusting it to the house you will live in.

Therefore, house windows have three main models, namely sliding windows, hinged windows, and also windows that cannot be opened. When choosing windows to use on the terrace, pay attention to the color. The model of the house, and also the theme of the house that you have. This is done so that the terrace that you will choose can look more attractive and also more beautiful.

Types of Poles for the Terrace of the House

Apart from choosing the shape of the roof and also the color. You also have to pay attention to the poles that will later be used to make a minimalist type 36 terrace. Even though it is only used as a support for the roof, this one-pole model must always be considered. Starting from the material and also the model, currently there are many types of poles that you can use as an example of a minimalist home terrace.…

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Advantages of Using a Property Agent in Buying a Home

Property Until now, many people still use property agents to buy a house. The reason is that buying a house in this way is considered safer and of course, we will understand more about the property we are going to buy. For those who don’t know, a property agent is a party that offers services to a person or company to buy and sell the property.

However, before you decide to use a property agent, some things need to be understood first. Like the advantages and disadvantages of using intermediary services like this. If you want to know more, let’s look at the following advantages of property agents:

More effective

The first advantage of using a property agent is more effective. This is because the party has a comprehensive connection. So you can find properties that match the contents of your pocket. In addition, with many links, there will be a variety of property choices.

Got Many Options for Residential

As previously explained, property agents can provide many choices for occupancy. You can choose from various sides, starting from location, and price, to building design. From these criteria, you can consult directly with the agent.

The price is by market conditions

Another benefit of using an intermediary is in terms of price. The reason is that agents offer house prices according to market conditions and will not raise prices arbitrarily. So, you don’t need to spend more money and can use the budget for other needs.

Commission Free Buyers

The next advantage is that the buyer is free from commissions. The point is that the buyer no longer needs to give a commission to the agent. This is because the intermediary has been given a commission by the home seller. So, you will get a clean price without commissions for agents.

Guaranteed Security Legality

To transact with a property agent, you don’t need to worry about security. Because, before making a transaction like this, the agent’s office has gone through a legality check. Therefore, there is no need to doubt his integrity. Therefore, you will avoid the risk of fraud.

Obtain Contractor and Architect Relations

Real estate agents don’t only help you to buy a house, you know. But it can also add to the relationship between consumers. Such as contractors or architects when consumers are in need. This is also an after-sales service from an agent.

Very Time Saving

If you buy a house through a property agent, everything will be done right away because everything has been taken care of, such as important documents and payment schemes. This will make everything feel easy and also save a lot of time.…

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Minimalist Living Room Design Inspirations

Room DesignThe family room is one of the areas in the house that is used as a place to gather, chat and do many activities for all family members. This room is usually located in the middle of the building, measuring at least 3 x 4 meters, and made without partitions. Used as a public area, the room design of the living room should be adapted to the tastes of all residents of your house. This is important so that this room can provide comfort and support the activities carried out in the room.

Here are 6 recommendations for a minimalist living room design for 2021 that you can apply to your home.

Gray Living Room Design

To give a minimalist impression to a narrow living room, use soft colors like gray. Instead of using the entire wall, it’s better to use it on one side only and combined it with other colors.

Gray can create a masculine impression when combined with black, while white and pink give off an elegant and luxurious appearance. And if these three colors are combined, the family room feels more comfortable because it can represent the tastes of all family members.

Vintage Style Living Room Design

If you want to present a relaxed and warm atmosphere then choose a vintage-style living room design. This style is synonymous with old-school interiors such as shabby tables, floral sofas, and classic-style wooden cabinets.

For wall colors, choose pastel colors like Tosca, white, light blue, and orange, but don’t use them all together. Choose one as the primary color then mix other colors through the color of the carpet, pillows, or curtains.

Scandinavian Style Living Room Design

The Scandinavian-style living room is characterized by the use of simple and natural furniture. In this family room, it is enough to place a small sofa, a medium-sized table, and a plain carpet.

For decoration, Scandinavian-style family rooms are more concerned with function than aesthetics. So the use of chandeliers and ornamental plants is more necessary than decorative jars or other displays.

Playful Living Room

Enjoying television shows with family members has proven to bring joy and enthusiasm. Especially with a colorful living room design. Because according to research, bright colors can improve mood, improve mood and release stress.

Use bright colors like yellow, orange, and pink to evoke a playful atmosphere in the living room. Even though it consists of various colors, make sure to stick to one theme. For example choosing a sofa without an orange pattern and then combining it with yellow striped pillows.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room with White Shades

White is a neutral color that almost everyone likes, besides that this color can give the impression of being clean, calm, and flexible. The white color in the living room can be combined with a black sofa or a classic table made of wood.

To give a broad impression of the white family room. You can add a mirror to one part of the wall. Also, put fresh plants in the corner of the room so that the minimalist family room looks fresh and more dynamic.

Multifunctional Family Room

Being the center of activity for all family members, there’s nothing wrong if the family room is combined with the dining room. Being in an area without partitions, choose a simple dining table that doesn’t take up much space.

On the sofa, make sure not to put a lot of knick-knacks so that it is far from being cramped and ‘full’. The interior color can also be adjusted with the ornaments in the kitchen so that it looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

On the sofa, make sure not to put a lot of knick-knacks so that it is far from being cramped and ‘full’. The interior color can also be adjusted with the ornaments in the kitchen so that it looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye.…

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Recommended Luxury Stair Models for Your Dream Home

HomeWant to have a luxurious staircase? the model of a friendly and grand staircase is indeed the dream of many people. Especially for those of you who always dreamed of owning a level house. Stairs not only function to connect two floors but are also made to give a luxurious impression to reflect the aesthetics or beauty as well as art of a home. For this reason, we will provide various kinds of recommendations for luxury staircase models, ranging from minimalist to optimal. Come see and choose your dream!

Minimalism Is Not A Barrier Aesthetics

This minimalist home ladder model is so simple but looks luxurious. This type of staircase is often chosen because of its open and close-to-wall model, so it is perfect for minimalist homes that minimize the use of space.

Narrow Area with Winding Stairs

If you want to minimize the space used for stairs, then this narrow spiral staircase design can be a perfect choice. Even though its existence has always been used to go up to the attic, now it is no less beautiful and functions as a way up to the house’s second floor.

Sturdy Concrete Stairs Make the House Feel Stronger

Even though it has a fairly complicated casting process, concrete staircase models are often the choice because they are sturdy and easy to shape during manufacturing. Working long enough but obtaining satisfactory results will make people choose this ladder model.

Luxurious Minimalist!

The 2-story minimalist staircase model can be made small, but make sure it still looks beautiful and luxurious with a trellis. It will look more attractive if the selected color combination is in harmony with the color of the floor and walls.

The Beautiful Minimalist

The following beautiful minimalist staircase design is no less interesting to apply. It looks so simple, but you can’t ignore the elegant impression of the color selection. Pretty interesting right?

Looks Luxurious But the Model is So Simple

Everyone certainly has different perceptions, including determining which type of 2-story luxury staircase looks so elegant. You can even say a ladder without legs is luxurious if you know how to arrange it like the picture above.

Elegant Three Floor Staircase

Not only two floors, but three-story houses also need to pay attention to the use of stairs complete with designs and colors. Not only that, but the placement is exactly precise, namely directly close to the wall so that even though the house is minimalist, it will look very spacious.

Wooden Stairs Can Look So Luxurious

The use of wood base materials for making stairs is no less than what has been discussed previously. Not only does it appear more natural, but it can also create a luxurious impression that attracts the eye. Even more so if the stairs are given attractive lighting like in the picture. This model of the ladder is suitable for you to apply to your dream home like the one at Mustika Park Place, Bekasi. It’s no longer stairs and houses, the environment is so positive, complete with attractive facilities.

European-style stairs, never out of date

Ancient words may have occurred when reading European-style stairs. We recommend this luxury staircase model, which is more of a type to the European side. Which is timeless, aka always looks luxurious and charming.

The Classic Design Makes Your Heart Fall

It doesn’t take up a lot of space but still has a classic design so it looks so luxurious. This is one of the mainstays of this staircase model. This marble staircase design is known as the Victorian Style. Even though they spend quite a bit in the manufacturing process, the quality provided is of course comparable.

Unique Staircase Design Makes Your Home Look Different

Ladder models are generally common, so choosing a ladder with a unique model will make your home look different. That’s the statement that will appear when you see this unique staircase design. What’s more, in the eyes of the baby, it could make the house a more comfortable place to play.…

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Electrical Circuits: Definition, Causes For Your Property

Electrical CircuitsElectricity is one of the main needs in the household. Even so, many don’t pay much attention to the flow of electricity in the dwelling. If the electricity is neglected and not monitored while using it, it can be fatal. Fire can be a risk if the use of electricity is not properly monitored. To anticipate this incident, you must understand the electrical short circuits. The following article will discuss the causes and ways to prevent electrical circuits.

Definition of Electric Short Circuit

Short circuit or commonly known as a short circuit is the term for an electric short circuit. This happens due to an electric current that deviates from the cable line that has been installed. This causes the flow of electric current through the network that is shorter than it should be.

Or technically, the cause of this short circuit occurs because the electric current is cut off. There is a collision between the positive electric current and the negative electric current which causes an electric circuit.

Causes of Electrical Short Circuit

The occurrence of a fire due to an electrical short circuit is certainly very dangerous because it can claim lives. To avoid electrical short circuits, you must know what are the causes of electrical short circuits which will be explained as follows:

Imperfect Cable Connection

Cables with imperfect connections have a high risk of electrical short circuits in buildings or residences. If the cable connections are not neat and the insulators on the cables are not tightly attached, the electric current in the cables can go off the rails and cause a short circuit.

The socket is loose

The next cause of an electrical short is a loose socket. Sockets that are unstable and no longer sturdy will result in decreased quality. The way it works is not good anymore. Loosening the socket can produce a spark resulting in an electrical short.

Low-Quality Electrical Devices

Electrical devices that do not comply with safety standards or are of low quality can increase the risk of an electric short circuit. Because the constituent components are too fragile and easily damaged. Therefore, you must make sure you are using an electrical device bearing the SNI logo.

Exposure to High Temperatures

If an electrical device is exposed to excessively high temperatures or is near a heat source such as a fire, it may cause an electric short circuit. Therefore, make sure that electrical devices are not near any heat-generating sources.

Incompatible Cable

You must use a cable capacity that is suitable for its application. That is, if you need electricity with a high enough voltage, make sure the capacity of the cable that carries the electric current is appropriate and not under the voltage you are using. This effort is one way to prevent electrical short circuits.

Overloaded Outlet

A T-terminal socket is an electrical device commonly used for everyday purposes. However, it is not uncommon for a short circuit to occur at the socket due to careless use.

One of the causes of a short circuit is an overloaded socket. If there are too many wires plugged into the socket and pile up, they can generate heat. The high temperature comes from the electric current accumulated by the socket. Short circuits can also occur.

Wet Contact Outlet

Water is a substance that can conduct electricity. If an electrical device is exposed to spilled water, of course, it can cause an electric short circuit. Therefore, keep all appliances and power sources away from splashing water.…

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Real Estate: Definition, Examples, Differences with Property

Real EstateInvestment has become one of the most popular things lately. You can join in various assets ranging from stocks, gold, and property to real estate. Maybe not a few of you are still unfamiliar with the last investment. You can not only find the word real estate in soap operas to Korean dramas which are usually associated with rich people, but you can also find it in real life! If you are interested in knowing more about definitions, and examples to know the difference between real estate and property, you can find out in the following review. Let’s see together!

What is Real Estate?

Quoted from Wikipedia in Indonesian, real estate (real estate) or real estate is a legal term that includes land together with anything that resides on the land, such as buildings or projects. The real estate business is a type of activity with great potential for the long term. For this reason, many people are interested in this field, including investing. This industry, which was first regulated by the government in 1974, is generally known by many people as a business of buildings, housing, and other buildings.

Real Estate Example

Not only abroad, but Indonesian real estate can also now be said to have developed rapidly to attract many investors. You will find it easy to meet real estate agents spread all over the area. If you think that real estate is synonymous with housing, then obviously this understanding is not quite right because who would have thought that real estate has a large enough scope? Real estate is grouped into 3 different categories namely residential, commercial, and finally industrial.

Based on these three categories, we can provide examples of real estate to add insight. Some of them are townhomes, retail stores, factories, houses, condominiums, housing, and office buildings. After knowing the various examples, you cannot clearly say that a building, factory, or even a condominium is real estate, because you need to check again who owns the land and the building. Is it important? Yes, because it could be that the building is a property. To be clearer, you can find the difference between the two in the next review.

Difference with Property

If it is often associated with houses to housing, real estate does not seem much different from the property. Of course, this statement is not quite right. Is there any difference? There is! However, before going any further, we will explain the property. The property itself is ownership of the land or buildings attached to it so if you own a property. You are not only entitled to the land but also the buildings on it.

Based on this understanding, can you conclude what is the difference between real estate and property? Real estate only focuses on the physical aspect, namely buildings or land, while the property is not only limited to that but is also based on ownership of both the building and the land. The difference is pretty straightforward, right? So, now you can differentiate between the two very well to make it even more real, one example of a property that you can find is Mustika Park Place.

Housing located on Jl. Burangeng Raya, Setu – Bekasi, Kec. Setu, West Java has many advantages in terms of certificates of Building Use Rights to PBB. Another advantage that you can enjoy is a variety of interesting facilities, complete with greenery, infiltration lakes, and clubhouses. What is no less interesting, this area is also equipped with a mini market.

Real Estate and Property Investment Benefits

Bonus! If you are interested in investing in this field, it would be nice for you to know the advantages or advantages of investing in real estate and property. Some of the benefits include having a lower risk than other investments, profits that tend to increase over time, and many more. This tempting offer is what makes investors start to switch to real estate and property investment. Are you the next investor?

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding the meaning, examples,  and differences between real estate and property which can be additional knowledge, especially for those of you who want to invest. There are no more words that you don’t understand or understand after reading this article that we made, aren’t it? It’s no longer for personal knowledge, you can also share this important information with friends and family so you won’t be misguided if you are offered an investment, both real estate and property. Now, you can rest easy on investing!…

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Most Popular Bedroom Inspiration, Make You Feel More At Home

HomeThe bedroom is a private room that is used to release the fatigue after a day of activities outside the home. Not only resting but the bedroom can also be used as a place to relax. Work and do other interesting activities.

As a private area, the bedroom should be designed according to the needs and tastes of its occupants. A room with a limited size must consider the interior color, the size of the furniture, and the way things are arranged so that it feels comfortable and not cramped.

To add to your reference, here are 5 bedroom inspirations that you can apply to your home.

Industrial Bedroom

Not only suitable for use in restaurant designs but industrial themes can also be applied to your bedroom. This design features gray-toned materials such as concrete floors, and unfinished or left plain walls without a touch of light-colored paint.

To give the impression of what it is, industrial bedrooms can utilize recycled materials. Some of them are like a bed made of packing wood. Chairs made from used car tires, and decorative lights strung from used pipes.

Rustic Themed Bedroom

The rustic bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom designs in 2021 because it can present a natural atmosphere in it. This design is characterized by the use of earth-tone colors such as light brown, brick red, and white.

In contrast to the classic design, a rustic bedroom uses an interior without finishing. Tables and beds were left in the original brown color without varnish. While the walls were left as is without mortar or paint.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian concept is famous for everything white. From wall paint, furniture, and floors to ornaments such as pillows and curtains. Many bedrooms with this concept have been adapted to minimalist homes because they can give a broad and bright impression to the bedroom.

In order not to look stiff, a Scandinavian bedroom can be added with a touch of other colors through ornamental plants, wall hangings, and lights. In addition, you should use a yellow bulb at night to make it look cool and comfortable to the eyes.

Eclectic Bedroom

For those of you who have a cheerful and energetic personalities. An eclectic bedroom can represent your interesting personality. You can experiment with different flashy colors like red, yellow, and orange.

The hallmark of an eclectic bedroom is the use of various colors in cloth ornaments. Such as carpets, curtains, bed linen to wall hangings. Then the motifs that stand out are geometric shapes such as zig-zag, vertical, lines, and circles.

Artwork concept bedroom

The bedroom is one area where you can express your feelings and style freely. If you like street art, there’s nothing wrong with applying it to several parts of the bedroom.

With minimalist room walls and furniture. Add a mural painting on one of the walls. The other side can be decorated in the form of signposts, traffic signs, or posters. This room design is perfect for teenage boys.

Those are some of the most popular bedroom inspirations in 2021 that can be applied to your home with a minimalist concept. The bedroom is a private area, so it’s not a problem if the concept is different from the main house design.…

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Minimalist Home Ceiling Design Models, Easy to Follow!

Home It can be said that the ceiling is part of a home structure that is rarely a concern for many people. The selection and installation of the right ceiling will be enough to determine the comfort of a room in the home. Today, most modern minimalist design houses use ceilings. A properly installed ceiling will affect facilitate air circulation so that it can muffle sound, especially for music rooms and the like.

So, here are some ceiling design recommendations for a minimalist home that you can consider!

White Minimalist Ceiling

White is a color that can be used to give a clean and spacious impression and is even very suitable when combined with other colors. Rooms are usually 3 x 3 or 3 x 4 in size, so as not to seem cramped, a white ceiling will help give a different touch.

To get rid of the monotonous impression on this ceiling model, you can add lamps with a modern or classic design. White light can make the atmosphere of the room brighter, while yellow gives calm and peace.

Wood Accent Home Ceiling

For a modern classic home look, the ceiling of the house can be made of wood and PVC boards. To create an elegant impression, the ceiling can be completely covered with wood. Meanwhile, to keep it looking modern, wood materials can be partially applied to the ceiling and then combined with pendant lights or planting lights.

Round Minimalist Ceiling

The round ceiling design is more suitable to be applied to rooms that are slightly larger and without partitions, for example, a family room, living room, or dining room. With a unique design, this ceiling simply uses a simple form of lamp or hidden lamp in your minimalist home.

Minimalist Cone Concept Ceiling

Building a summer vacation atmosphere in the bedroom is certainly something you might be able to do. You can simply use a ceiling with a classic cone concept. A ceiling with this shape is very popular because it looks high and makes the room feel airy and spacious.

To make the classic impression stand out, even more, a rotating fan can be installed in the center of the ceiling instead of a lamp. For lighting, you can use hidden lamps, spotlights, or stick lamps.

Coffered Type Minimalist Ceiling

The ceiling design with the Coffered type is made to make the room look more unique and attractive. This ceiling is made of square panels made from wood planks, mirrors, and metal.

In the center of the panel, you can place a luxurious hanging crystal chandelier as the main lighting. Meanwhile, on the side panel several small lights can be installed but with dimmer lighting to support the main light.

Futuristic Minimalist Ceiling

For those of you who like modern concepts and keep up with the latest technological developments, a minimalist ceiling with a futuristic touch is highly recommended. Use quirky colors like silver, gray, or gold to make this concept stand out.

Ceilings with a futuristic theme are very easy to combine with other room interiors such as sofas, tables, wall hangings, and even high-tech items. Futuristic minimalist ceilings can be used in kitchens, living rooms, and workspaces.…

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Get to know Smart Building Interior Design for a Dream Home

Building Today, advances in technology are increasingly reaching many things to be done easily, quickly, and efficiently. One of them is preparing quality residential smart buildings that require technological sophistication. Residential with the smart building concept is not familiar to the public, but its existence is all around us.

Residential smart buildings have many benefits ranging from the effectiveness of energy reduction and budget spending. Various things can be done without human intervention and will make it easier for homeowners. Unfortunately, it takes quite a lot of funds to own a smart building. To find out more about smart buildings, let’s look at the following reviews, starting from understanding, examples of interior design, to existing components.

Definition of Smart Building

What are smart buildings? If interpreted literally, smart building means smart or smart buildings. Of course, functionally, a smart building will give an idea of ​​how a building can work more effectively, not just as a residence. But as a place that provides comfort, security, and savings.

The working principle of smart buildings is the integration of all components in the building. The basis of its work is using the help of sensors that automatically work on their own according to system settings or the existence of a Building Automation System (BAS). Smart building is generally used in large buildings such as offices, hotels, airports, hospitals, and skyscrapers. However, now it can be applied to residential homes as well.

What can this system integration do? There are lots of benefits, such as turning on the lights at night, paying for electricity automatically, turning off unused electrical energy, monitoring room temperature, and humidity, setting lighting levels, and optimizing home surveillance cameras. This is all done without human control or is called the integration of the building components themselves. Even though it is very genius, the system in the smart building is very complicated and must be done by experts requiring stable and fast internet power. In addition, the budget required is very large. However, in the future smart building will greatly save costs.

Examples of Smart Building Interior Design

If you already understand the concept of a smart building, take a look at the interior design of smart buildings. In general, smart building interior design is the same as housing, there are only a few components that are sensory in certain parts as shown above. Every corner of the area has technological sophistication.

In the picture above, it is clear that each part has an integrated control system starting from lighting automation, heating (smart thermostat), HVAC, security, and other household appliances.

Smart Building Components

In a smart building, of course, some components can be activated into a sophisticated system that can easily help with security and convenience in-home activities. The following are some of the components of a smart building;

Temperature and Humidity

HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is a system in a smart building that regulates room temperature and humidity automatically. By using automatic sensors, humidity and temperature in the room can be monitored precisely.


In the lighting component, the system works to adjust the right lighting level in the room. If the room has enough light, the light automatically turns on and the curtains open. If the light conditions are dim or when it is cloudy, the lights will automatically turn on.


The bigger the building, the greater the energy use. The use of manual energy in buildings may cause waste and expenses that are quite high. With an on-off system that automatically follows the system, energy can be managed properly. For example, the use of computers, televisions, and other electronic goods must automatically turn off when the building is empty.


Security is a crucial component needed by buildings such as CCTV, door locks, sensors for automatic opening and closing controls, and home alarms. This security system can be activated with a code, fingerprint, and various other ways. With control like this, the house will be very secure.

The residential security system is also implemented at Mustika Village Karawang which has a security layer and is equipped with CCTV at the main gate. This security makes Mustika Village Karawang a safe and comfortable place to live.…

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Kinds of Superior Home Ventilation, Stuffy Disappears

Home A healthy life cannot only be created from a diet. The need for air in the room is also very important. Therefore, home air ventilation is very necessary and must exist in every residence. Air ventilation itself has a working system that regulates the entry and exit of air into the room so that the room feels fresh and comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, some houses don’t apply proper ventilation so the room becomes stuffy and uncomfortable.

To get the best air. A good air ventilation system is also needed. A good air ventilation system has several criteria, namely being able to distribute air optimally, having sufficient openings, and being able to filter incoming dust or dirty air. This can be achieved by paying attention to the type of air ventilation that will be used in the house. Here are various types of air vents that will make the room feel cool and anti-stuffed.

Ventilation Window

This type is very commonly used, unfortunately, the ventilation window doesn’t work optimally due to an error in the installation process. Window ventilation is usually placed above the main window with a horizontal position and a small gap. However, errors often occur in the size and amount that is not adjusted to the area of ​​the room, so that the air entering and leaving is less than optimal.

Please note that this type of ventilation must have an area of ​​5% of the area of ​​the room, especially for example bedrooms. The installation system must also be considered. The oven is installed face-to-face so that the heat will not settle in the room.

Lost Ventilation

The lobster vent is not only suitable for maximizing air circulation, but also a unique decoration. Lost ventilation is a ventilation style in the form of gaps that form an interesting pattern. This ventilation style is often used as a room divider and also a house fence. Usually, loster vents are made of wood, cement, or ceramic. By using looser ventilation, the house will look decorative and also have fresh air circulation.

Janus ventilation

Janus ventilation is a type of ventilation that is installed on a horizontal window. This type has many advantages that deserve to be the ventilation of choice. Just as a model of adjustable slits so that the light intensity can be obtained as desired. This ventilation is also able to filter dirty air properly. With easy open and close controls, jalousie ventilation is also very easy to use according to the needs of the space. The jalousie model is also very natural and decorative so it can make the room look more eye-catching.

Mechanical Ventilation

In mechanical ventilation, there is the use of an exhaust fan is placed on the roof of the ceiling. The use of ventilation with suction fans is indeed very clean because the air that enters the room will be extracted first. The result of extraction is clean air which is channeled back into the room and polluted air will be discharged through the attic. The use of ventilation is very effective because it can remove contaminated air. This type can be a trap for insects and dust.

Skylight Style Ventilation

Skylights or so-called windows are on the roof of the house. This type of ventilation is usually placed in houses with sloping roofs or low roofs. With this style of ventilation, the roof looks more artistic. However, it needs proper installation so that the roof is easy to use. This type of air vent usually uses aluminum combined with tempered glass.

Air Vent with Glass Nako

Minimalist air ventilation using Nako glass has been used for a long time. This glass is installed with a grid, with slots that can be opened and closed flexibly. No glass itself is now rarely used in housing. Even though Nako glass combined with wood materials gives a simple artistic impression. The utilization of Nako glass as air ventilation is also very appropriate. Because it can be adjusted, the nako glass can control the intensity of light and the air that comes in and out. Cleaning dust on the nako glass is also very easy. At first glance, the Nako glass works like an AC fan, only it’s done manually.

Air Vent from Bamboo

Have you ever tried or found a style of air ventilation with a model like this? This ventilation takes advantage of the natural shape of bamboo in the form of a hollow center. Bamboo will be cut into small pieces. Then installed parallel to form a pattern large enough to fill the air in the room. By utilizing bamboo, the house will seem natural and fresh, and unique. This style also makes the house feel like it is in the countryside. In addition to the living room, air vents with …

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Alternative Residential Container House on the Outskirt City

Residential Apart from being a residential design trend today, container houses are also said to be the most economical home concept in the future. Enough with container cargo, you can already create a dwelling that is quite comfortable but can still look aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, container houses can be a solution to the increasing demand for comfortable properties at affordable prices. Entering the category of semi-permanent buildings. Container houses are dwellings made of container materials used to transport goods.

Having a strong character, resistant to hot and cold weather, and being easily applied to the shape of a house is the reason containers are used as an alternative material in the manufacture of this container house.

So, to find out more, see an explanation of the history, advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations for container houses.

History of Container Houses

The idea of ​​making residential container houses has existed since the 1980s, then began to be developed by an architect from California named Peter DeMaria. Starting from his interest in a large number of unused used containers, this smart architect then explored the steel cargo as a livable dwelling.

As we know, these containers have a minimum weight of 24,000 to 30,480 kg. To build a house with a certain area, Peter DeMaria uses more than one container and combines it with other materials such as galvalume, wood, and glass. This design was successfully accepted by the community so the demand for the manufacture of container houses continues to increase.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Container Houses

Being a solution to the high cost of building permanent houses. Container houses have several advantages and disadvantages, including the following!

Advantages of container houses

  • In making a container house does not require a long time. From assembly to interior design it only takes about 2 -4 weeks.
  • Made of steel, container houses are fairly resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.
  • When compared to permanent buildings, container houses are fairly cheap and fairly easy to maintain.
  • Derived from used containers, having a container house can be said to participate in environmental preservation. Besides that, because the building is semi-permanent it is very easy to dismantle if you want to move it to another location.

Disadvantages of container houses

  • Because it is made of steel, container houses very easy to conduct solar heat. It is recommended to place the container house in a cool environment so that it remains comfortable to live in both day and night.
  • Used containers can only be shipped using special trucks, so care must be taken at the construction site.
  • Even though the installation method is easy, container houses must be assembled by experts or experienced ones. This is because container houses are designed and have different installation methods from houses in general.

Container House Design Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for attractive and unique container house designs:

Minimalist modern container house design

Container houses with a modern minimalist design are unique in their small size but not insulated. Consisting of two combined containers, the house has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in one row.

Liked by many young people, container houses with a modern minimalist design use lots of bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange to create a cheerful and lively impression.

Mixed wood container house design

In contrast to the minimalist design, container houses combined with wood usually have a larger size and are in the shape of the letter L. Wood accents are usually used on floors, windows, and roofs.

Besides being able to add to the aesthetics of the container house. The use of wood has another function, namely as a damper for hot air temperatures. This design is perfect for container homes built in hot locations such as beaches or suburbs.

Multilevel container house design

For those of you who want a container house built in a densely populated environment, you can apply a multilevel container house design. This design is a solution for small families who want a container house that has more than one room.

To be even more sturdy and aesthetic, multilevel container houses can be combined with brick walls, galvalume roof trusses, and glass windows. Make sure to make enough ventilation and windows so that air circulation in the house is maintained.…

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Home Interior Color that You Can Apply to Your Home

Home Are you one of those people who is very concerned about choosing interior colors for your home? If so, how important is color selection really important to you?

Quoted from Healthgrades, people choose colors for their homes for several reasons: first is to express style, second is to make a room feel bigger, and third is to warm up the room.

If color is chosen to create a visual experience, then psychologically color can also radically affect mood and emotion. A color is also a classic form of communication that can project your personality and can act as a regulator of harmony in every room of your home.

Unknowingly, we also often change the color of the house. Which is adjusted to the nuances, atmosphere, and mood that we are experiencing. So, are you confused about choosing the right color for your home?

Choosing lilac color as the color of your house inside could be an alternative choice to create a powerful contact. The lilac color which is a spinoff of purple or usually additionally referred to as pastel purple will give a mushy, romantic, female, and soothing impression.

However, you need to know that this color should not be applied arbitrarily in your home. This of course will irritate the eye and affect creating a negative atmosphere as well as nuance.

As with furniture items, color also needs to be positioned and applied to the right parts of the house. So, which rooms are suitable for applying the lilac color?

Sitting room

To create a romantic, soft, bright, and comfortable impression. It is better to combine lilac colors with white in your living room. Focus on the lilac color on the walls and then white on the sills, ceiling, floor, curtains, and other accessories.

If you want to add a firm impression to your living room. Be sure to choose a dark-colored sofa like brown or black. Even though it reflects a modern impression, the lilac color is perfect when paired with a classic chandelier or a table made of glass material.


The bedroom is an important part of the house, one of the keys to making it comfortable is the choice of paint colors that are cool on the eyes. The lilac color which is included in the pastel color group is considered capable of changing the atmosphere of a stiff room to be relaxed and calming.

Even though it seems soft, the lilac color can not only be used by women. If the bedroom is used by a married couple. Give dark color accents such as black or gray to create an elegant and slightly masculine impression.

Family room

Apart from the lilac color, the earth tone color is one of the colors that are quite popular this year. Earth tone colors are inspired by the elements of the earth such as water, soil, and plants so the colors that are emphasized are hazelnut, mocha, beige and green.

When lilac and earth tones are combined in the living room, a trendy, natural, and warm impression is created. Apply a good paint color thoroughly on the walls of the room. So, so that it doesn’t feel empty, you can add some additional properties. Such as abstract paintings or framed family photos.

Don’t hesitate to combine the earthy brown sofa with the gray carpet because the natural and natural impression becomes even clearer. To display a natural impression, you can also place various plants such as your mother-in-law’s tongue, yellow palm, and aloe vera in the corner of the room.


So that a kitchen dominated by lilac does not seem monotonous. You can also use additional white floating shelves and kitchen cabinets. In addition, the use of gold interiors and accessories in the kitchen is believed to evoke positive energy and creativity.

For a kitchen with a limited size in a minimalist home, it is not recommended to combine lilac colors with black, pink, or red. The reason is, these three colors will psychologically make the kitchen atmosphere dark, stuffy, and gloomy.…

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Beautiful Garden Lamp Designs, Making Homes More Aesthetic

Homes In general, homes with a minimalist concept will always leave at least a patch of land that is usually used as a garden. The location is mostly placed in front or behind the house. Of course, the presence of a garden in a house with a minimalist concept is beneficial in creating the impression of a beautiful and cool residence, especially with garden lights.

To support a romantic and aesthetic impression, the presence of garden lights is enough to be considered a complement to a minimalist residential design. In choosing the design of the garden lamp, it must be considered and considered.

Garden lights function as night lighting and create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the home environment. However, of course, the model and shape must be adapted to the concept of the house and the garden itself.

So, to get the right choice of garden lights, here are recommendations you need to consider!

Classic Model Garden Lights

The classic model garden lamp is one of the lamp designs that is widely used as a garden decoration in front of the house. This classic Victorian model has been chosen because it can make gardens and homes look more elegant.

There are also two types of classic garden lamps, the first is a long pole with a glass bulb cover. Meanwhile, the second type is attached to the wall with a golden carved motif and uses a yellow bulb.

Spotlight Model Garden Lights (Spotlight)

In general, garden lights are made a little dim, but now some people prefer gardens decorated with bright lights. Using spotlights on the walls will make the atmosphere of the garden and the exterior of the house more dramatic.

However, if you want to create a romantic impression, you can provide additional properties such as spotlights along the path and direct the light to the bushes or tree bodies.


Garden lighting innovations that are quite popular are downlights. These lights are usually flat round and placed in places that are rarely seen.

One of them is placed under the steps of the terrace of the house, between the expanse of stones, and around flower pots. Downlights are usually installed in a row or evenly around the garden to give a broad and airy impression.

Tumblr Outdoor Lights

This classic light bulb arrangement is most suitable for placing in the garden behind the house. Even though it emits a yellow light, this Tumblr outdoor lamp can give a cheerful, warm and attractive impression.

Tumblr outdoor lights are usually tied between two poles or large trees. Even though it uses electricity, this lamp is safe if it is turned on when it rains. Not only can you enjoy it while relaxing, but a garden with outdoor Tumblr lighting decorations is also perfect for holding a party with friends and family.

Decorative Garden Lights

To make your home garden feel more unique and attractive, using decorative garden lights is the right choice. In contrast to garden lights in general, this type of lamp can form shadows according to the light pattern.

Decorative garden lights are widely used because they can build a cozy and calm atmosphere at night. Even if it is placed in the right corner of the garden, it can be used as an attractive and aesthetic photo spot.

Those are some recommendations for garden lamp designs that can make your home atmosphere cozy, romantic, and aesthetic. Choose a residence that offers a house with an attractive garden design. Mustika Village Karawang is a prestigious residence that can realize the dreams of consumers with a charming home design.…

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Various Types of Room Partition for Minimalist Homes

Room PartitionIn general, the inside of a house consists of a living room, family room, and dining room. To limit each area, the three rooms are usually separated by walls, bulkheads, or partitions. However, for a minimalist home, using a room partition divider is the most widely used alternative. By using the right partition, the room will look more spacious and aesthetic.

Here are several types of room partitions for minimalist homes that you can apply to your home.

Glass Room Partitions

One of the materials commonly used to limit a room is a glass partition. This material is widely used because glass is strong, thick, and not easily damaged. In addition, glass is available in various designs so that it can make the room look more attractive.

Not only used as room partitions in the house but glass partitions can also be used in office spaces. Its semi-permanent nature makes maintenance and renovation costs cheaper. Not only in form of transparent, opaque, or textured glass partitions can also be combined with wood or other materials.

Room Partition from Mirror

Minimalist residential owners want a room that seems spacious and bright, so using mirror partitions is highly recommended. The mirror has the property of reflecting light so that during the day the room becomes bright even with a little sunlight.

In order not to look fragile, mirrors can be combined with iron or wood materials. Apart from functioning as a support, this material can enhance the uniqueness and beauty of the mirror partition itself.

Iron Room Partition

Some interior designs are now starting to dare to use iron partitions as room dividers in minimalist homes. Even though it is thick and heavy, iron partitions are suitable for use in minimalist homes because their designs can adjust to the size of the room.

Hollow frame iron is a material that is widely used for partitions because it is easy to shape and can be combined with cinema, wood, and glass wool. It is also quite easy to maintain, namely by wiping dry all surfaces exposed to dust regularly.

Rattan Room Partition

Instead of using wood materials, some residential owners choose rattan materials to be used as partitions. Rattan partitions have unique characteristics, namely in the form of woven, semi-transparent, and made of natural materials.

As for maintenance, rattan partitions are very easy to repair and coat with new paint if damage occurs. Not only using brown paint but rattan partitions can also be colored in pastel colors such as lilac, white and pink for a shabby chic concept room.

Wooden Room Partition in the Shape of a Multifunctional Shelf

Shelf-shaped partitions have a dual function, namely as a divider between rooms, and can be used as a place to place decorations such as books, photo frames, or ornamental plants. Partitions of this form are usually placed between the living room and the family room, or between the dining room and the family room.

The use of shelf-shaped partitions is deliberately used in minimalist homes to give a modern and decorative impression. In addition, this partition is also used to direct traffic inside the house, so its size must be adjusted to the shape of the room.

In addition, for homes with limited room sizes, such as 3 x 3 or 3 x 4, you should use partitions that are easy to move or move. Sections of this type are semi-permanent. So when you need ample space for a particular event, the room divider can be moved first.…

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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Wall Ceramics, Already Done

Kitchen WallUsually, when you want to make a kitchen, you will be confused about choosing the right motif or design for kitchen wall tiles. The reason is, kitchen wall tiles are one of the determining factors for the comfort of a kitchen. Therefore, for those of you who like to cook, it’s better if you know about tips on choosing the right kitchen wall tiles. There are lots of tips you can do. Both from the selection of colors, motifs, materials, and other sides. If you intend to make kitchen ceramics, here are tips that can be done.

Paying Attention to the Selection of Ceramic Materials

The first tip you can do is to choose the ceramic material you want to use. For ceramics near the stove, you can choose ceramics with a type of heat-resistant material. This is so that the ceramic does not crack easily when exposed to fire. Meanwhile, in the food processing area, you can use ceramic with a glossy coating. The goal is to make it easy to clean when exposed to stains. The following are some types of ceramic materials commonly used.

Natural stone


This type of ceramic is very easy to find and is the most widely used. The advantage is in the various colors, such as white, gray, black, and brownish red. Then this type also has a variety of patterns, for example, fine to dramatic fibers. Unfortunately, this type of material is quite expensive.


This natural stone is no less beautiful. Comes in neutral colors like beige, gray, and warmer colors. Its uniqueness is in the natural cavities found on the surface of the layer.


This type of natural stone usually comes in a shiny dark color. So it is suitable for use on wall tiles or kitchen floors.


This type of material tends to have dark colors, such as gray, cream, and brown. Its advantage is to have good resistance.

Artificial wall


This artificial wall has good density because it has gone through a high-temperature combustion process. This makes it very durable when used.


Glass is a material that has a different luster. In general,

comes in a beautiful colorful mosaic format. Interestingly again, glass

very easy to clean. However, you need to be careful because glass is a material that is prone to breaking.

Paying attention to the color and size of ceramics

Don’t underestimate the color and size of the ceramic used for the kitchen. The reason is that these two things can determine the broad and narrow impression of a kitchen room. Ceramics that have a large size can help make the room wider. Meanwhile, small-sized ceramics can make the kitchen feel narrower.

For matters of color, don’t forget to also adjust it to the lighting in your kitchen. If the light source is not too bright, then choose a bright ceramic color. Likewise, if the light source is bright enough, choose ceramic with a color that is not too flashy.

Choosing Ceramic Motifs that Match Interior Designs

The kitchen will look more attractive if the ceramic used matches the theme of the room. For example, if the kitchen has a cheerful design, you can add fruit motif kitchen wall tiles. It could also be with a kitchen that has a minimalist style and add minimalist kitchen wall tiles which were a trend in 2020. These tips are very useful for avoiding tiles that don’t match the theme of the kitchen.

The function of ceramics is to protect the walls from dirt or damage. However, the aesthetic value should not be missed. So try to keep the ceramic wall pattern to the theme of the kitchen itself. To make it prettier, you can add a matching kitchen set, table, and dining chairs.

Adding Certain Ornaments

The addition of ornaments is also very important. Where ornaments will make your kitchen panels even more beautiful. Try to choose ornaments that match the theme of your kitchen so that the designs don’t collide. Don’t forget to also adjust the color of the list with the ceramic so that it looks even better.

Choose a Floor Surface

Apart from ceramics for the walls, ceramics for the kitchen floor are also not to be missed. You also need to know what type of ceramic will be used for your kitchen. This is done so that it is easier for you to clean the floor. In addition, try to also choose ceramics for the floor according to the kitchen theme.

Adjusting the Price of Ceramics According to Needs

Another tip that should not be missed is to adjust the type of ceramic with the budget that has been prepared. So, plan expenses in detail before deciding to buy ceramics. If so, also compare prices between ceramic brands so …

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Fashionable! Here Are Simple Modern Home Facade Designs

Modern HomeNowadays, the facade of a modern home with a minimalist concept is becoming a trend among architecture lovers. Not surprisingly, apart from being a determinant of the appearance of a house as a whole, the facade also reflects the personality of its inhabitants. So the selection of the facade concept must be by the character of its inhabitants.  The outer side of a building or what is more popularly known as the facade is the first part of a house that first gets public attention. Therefore the facade of the house becomes an important element when choosing a home design.

Facade of a 2-story house with white nuances with a minimalist garden

White paint always manages to give off a minimalist and serene feel. The asymmetrical design with one simple entrance provides aesthetic value. You can also see the path leading to the entrance which is flanked by a simple garden. Suitable for you who like aesthetic and simple things.

Minimalist Facade With Wide Garage

The garage is an element of the house that is no less important. This minimalist main house building is equipped with a spacious garage. The spacious garage can not only be used for vehicles but you can also combine it with the gym area. Apart from the gym area, you can also take advantage of this large garage area. This is one of the minimalist home facade designs needed in 2021.

Minimalist Classic

This 3-story house with a classic style falls into the category of a classic minimalist facade. house facades like this are loved by fans of antique and classic things. Houses that make better use of the building’s height are suitable for densely populated areas. This is because the available land is not so wide. There is an attic that doubles as storage and a small garage that fits one car or a few motorbikes.

Stylish minimalist house design with a combination of white and dark brown colors

The following is a house with a simple minimalist facade. You don’t need a big house, this minimalist but the functional house can be your choice. The combination of bone white and dark brown makes the house look stylish. With a simple entrance, this design certainly does not require a large area.

Mustika Park Place Setu Bekasi is a modern residential area that offers many types of houses. You can choose the type of house that suits you and your family’s needs. This can guarantee that the existing land will function optimally.

Not only that, this area always strives to create a place that can accommodate family needs safely and comfortably. The theme carried, namely SAFE – smart, active, functional, eco-friendly.

Minimalist 3-story house with black outer paint and wooden gate accents

The design of this house has a minimalist and sturdy facade. The black color gives an elegant and closed impression. The house is elevated without a garage but has a protruding entrance so you can still use it for vehicle parking. This closed design is suitable for those of you who value privacy.

Modern Minimalist House Facade 1 Floor

This house has a minimalist facade with a 1-story model. Utilizing the front area of ​​the house to plant flowers makes the atmosphere more beautiful. A modern home that still has an old-school feel by adding cobblestone accents to the road leading to the main door. In addition to the main door, there is a side door for more flexible access in and out.

Minimalist Old House

The picture above shows a simple home design with a mix of 4 colors that gives a calm impression. You can use a wooden ventilated door for the garage, perfect for the photo in front of it. The two pillars in front of the main door give the impression of a solid façade.

Modern 3 Floor House Facade

This house has a modern design with a minimalist facade. Structures like this are often found in big cities and are perfect for those of you who have a small family. Even though there is an oversized garage, there is still a parking lot inside the fence. Home designs with facades like this are loved by millennials because they have minimalist and aesthetic points.

Minimalist House Design with a Garden on the 2nd Floor

The minimalist exterior of the second floor utilizes the mini garden on the top floor. Even though it’s minimalist, it still gives a beautiful impression. Wooden doors with sliding models can save narrow room space. Hollow roofs and walls can provide enough sunlight so you don’t need to be afraid of being exposed to the sun that is too stinging.

This house model has a mid-century facade. Houses with this facade tend to have asymmetrical shapes and flat ceilings. The front of the house is …

Purchasing A Bluefrog Plumbing Franchise

Plumbing If you are an entrepreneur interested in working with your hands, getting into the plumbing business is a great choice. However, starting your own Boston Metro West plumber company requires extensive research and planning. Moreover, you must invest in hiring qualified employees, setting up office space, and creating robust marketing strategies. It would be best if you also dealt with the hassles of certification programs, business registration, and other requirements. The best way to avoid these difficulties is to purchase a plumbing franchise.

Moreover, you can reap the rewards of working for a well-established brand name and enjoy benefits like support from a master franchisor, training, and more. These advantages can help you create a profitable plumbing business in the long run.

However, before starting your business, you must evaluate the risks involved in a plumbing franchise. You need to weigh your strengths, work style, and financials against these to assess if this type of business fits you.

Similarly, you must interview the prospective franchisor extensively and ask them plenty of questions. This helps you understand the Boston Metro West plumber company’s pre-opening support, design, site selection, construction, and financing options. Moreover, you can also ask them about their grand-launching program, restrictions, and license boundaries. If they evade answering your queries, then consider another option.

Among the most popular plumbing franchises in the US is Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. This Boston Metro West plumber company provides many services to repair and install residential plumbing systems. It also offers technology-enabled solutions such as iPad service demonstrations, GPS truck tracking, etc.

Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is the most exciting franchise to hit the $100+ billion plumbing industry in a long time. Entrepreneur magazine, the franchise industry’s leading publication, ranked us highly and included us in their prestigious annual Franchise 500 list!

Compared to some home services franchises, such as carpet cleaning and pest control, you don’t need extensive business experience to be successful at Bluefrog. However, there are specific requirements you must meet to become a franchisee.

Emergency Plumbing Services

When you have a plumbing emergency, choosing the best plumbers near you is crucial. They can respond more quickly to a call than a plumber who is far away. Additionally, you can avoid higher rates by shopping around for the best deals. Some plumbers charge a minimum hourly rate for emergencies, while others have flat rates for smaller jobs. They may also charge for mileage or a trip fee.

Clogged drains are one of the most common problems that lead to plumbing emergencies. These can occur due to a buildup of food, soaps, hair, and other substances. Sometimes, a clogged drain can cause a sewer backup, a severe biohazard.

If you notice a large wet spot in your yard, it could indicate that the pipes have ruptured and are leaking sewage. This is an urgent situation and should be addressed immediately. This issue can also damage your landscaping and even contaminate the water supply.

Commercial Plumbing Services

The plumbing industry generates more than $110 billion in revenue annually but needs to be noticed by entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity in the home services segment. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is changing that by offering an exceptional customer experience, a business model focused on financial performance, and world-class support from a leadership team with decades of experience growing franchise systems.

Christina Rodgers and Mark Pasma are bringing the Bluefrog brand to MetroWest, a market west of Boston that includes Ashland, Framingham, Holliston, Hopkinton, Natick, Sherborn, Sudbury, and Westborough. With the new location, residents in these communities will have access to premier emergency plumbing services.

Residential Plumbing Services

The plumbing industry generates more than $110 billion a year in the United States, and it is often overlooked by entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the home services sector. With a focus on financial performance and world-class support from a leadership team with decades of experience growing franchise systems, Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is changing that.

Entrepreneur magazine recently named us the No. 52 best franchise to invest in—the only Boston Metro West plumber company to make the list. We have also been featured in Fast Company and on the national news show CNBC’s Franchise Today. To learn more about our residential plumbing services, contact a local Bluefrog plumber near you today. Also, don’t forget to join our Bluefrog membership program for exclusive offers and priority service!


How to Choose an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Asphalt paving is an important investment for your property, whether it’s for your driveway, parking lot, or other surfaces. To ensure that the project is done right, you need to find a reliable and experienced asphalt paving contractor. But with so many Orlando asphalt paving companies out there, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on how to choose an asphalt paving contractor that meets your requirements.

  1. Research the Contractor’s Experience

When it comes to asphalt paving, experience matters. You want to work with a contractor that has been in business for several years and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality work. Look for a contractor that has experience with the specific type of project you need, whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot.

  1. Check the Contractor’s Licenses and Insurance

Make sure the contractor you choose has all the necessary licenses and insurance. This includes a valid contractor’s license and liability insurance, which will protect you in case of any accidents or damage during the project. Ask for proof of insurance and licenses before signing any contracts.

  1. Ask for References and Check Online Reviews

A reputable asphalt paving contractor should be able to provide you with references from previous clients. Reach out to these references and ask about their experience working with the contractor. You can also check online reviews on websites like Google and Yelp to see what other customers are saying about their work.

  1. Get Multiple Quotes

Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to get quotes from at least three different contractors. This will give you a better idea of the average cost of your project and help you compare different contractors’ prices. Make sure the quotes are detailed and include all the necessary information, such as the type of asphalt, the thickness of the pavement, and any additional services like grading or excavation.

  1. Look for Value, Not Just Price

While it’s important to find a contractor that fits your budget, you shouldn’t choose a contractor based solely on price. Cheaper contractors may cut corners or use lower quality materials, which can lead to problems down the line. Look for a contractor that offers good value for the price, with a balance of quality work and reasonable pricing.

  1. Ask About the Project Timeline

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the project timeline before hiring a contractor. Ask how long the project will take and what factors could affect the timeline, such as weather or other unforeseen circumstances. A reliable contractor should be able to give you a realistic estimate of when the project will be completed.

  1. Understand the Contract Terms

Before signing any contracts, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. This includes the payment schedule, the scope of work, and any warranties or guarantees. Ask any questions you have and make sure everything is clear before agreeing to anything.


Choosing the right asphalt paving contractor is crucial to the success of your project. By following these tips, you can find a reliable and experienced contractor that meets your needs and budget. Remember to research the contractor’s experience, check their licenses and insurance, ask for references and online reviews, get multiple quotes, look for value, understand the project timeline, and understand the contract terms. With the right contractor, you can have a high-quality asphalt surface that will last for years to come.

How to extend the service life of asphalt

No one wants to spend money on pavement that must be replaced in 2-3 years. And to do asphalt paving repairs as infrequently as possible, you must approach asphalt paving wisely.

To do this, it is necessary:

  • Choose a suitable material.

  • Observe the rules of paving.

  • Properly care for the pavement.

How to choose asphalt

We will not discuss how to design compositions of asphalt mixtures for road construction. There are many normative and methodical documents where this process is painted in detail. But there is no such rigid regulation in the domestic application of asphalt. But there is a great variety of types and grades of material. And the consumer often needs clarification on what to pay attention to.

How to lay asphalt

Many characteristics of the future surface are laid at the stages of laying and compaction of the asphalt mixture.

To “squeeze” out of the material, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • Carry out the paving in dry and warm (up to +5 ° C).

  • Before laying, stir the mixture additionally so that it is homogeneous.

  • If hot asphalt is used, it should be applied immediately after delivery — before the material cools down.

  • Compaction of hot asphalt should at least be done with a vibratory plate or hand roller or, better yet, a full-fledged road roller.

  • It is best to compact a cold asphalt surface with a vibratory plate.

  • After laying on the hot asphalt, it is better not to drive for 1-2 days to let it cool down and harden; the cold variety has no such restrictions.

  • Proper paving lets you get a strong and durable coating from an asphalt repair company.

How to Care for Asphalt

If no cars are driving on your pavement, that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressed at all. There are other factors that slowly but surely cause asphalt to deteriorate.

These include:

  • Solar radiation.

  • Precipitation.

  • Temperature fluctuations.

  • Exposure to chemicals.

  • Bitumen aging.

And in reality, they all work together.

To prolong the life of asphalt, you can take the following measures:

Rapid crack sealing

Water, dirt, and aggressive chemicals get into the pavement through cracks. That’s why it’s essential to seal them in time. Bitumen, bituminous emulsions, special asphalt mastics, and sealants can be used for this purpose.

Pothole Repair

Patching potholes is necessary for the same reason as cracks. For minor defects, it is convenient to use bituminous-mineral mixtures and mastics. And large potholes are filled with cold asphalt.

Removing melted snow

Asphalt’s main “enemy” during the off-season is the moisture, which freezes and melts in the surface’s pores. Therefore, with the onset of thawing, snow drifts shouldn’t lie on the asphalt surface.

Refuse to use de-icing chemicals

Aggressive chemicals penetrate asphalt and accelerate the aging of bitumen. This causes the pavement to quickly lose its qualities, becoming brittle and cracking over time.

To protect asphalt from kerosene, gasoline, and motor oil

These act as solvents for bitumen and will corrode asphalt. This is especially true for flooring in garages and outbuildings.

Using protective paints and impregnations

A layer of bitumen impregnation, sealant, rubber, or polymer paint can be applied to the coating. They reliably close the pores of the asphalt and protect it from water and solar radiation. Protective compositions make sense when equipping the backing or using porous mixtures.

To summarize

Asphalt usually lives at most 8-10 years. This is due to several reasons: climate, increased traffic load. Meanwhile, the warranty period for road surfaces is from 2 to 8 years, depending on the intensity of traffic. Mezhremontmontnye — 12 years for the current repair and 24 years for major repairs.

Asphalt is a pretty durable material. With proper care, it can last more than 15 years without replacement. However, you can extend its service life if you patch potholes and cracks in time, remove snow from the surface, and use protective paints and impregnations.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Home Sold Fast

Doing the best in any career they choose, is what most people aim for. When you are selling real estate, it can be hard when the economy is not doing so great. Here are some tips for any real estate agent or anyone looking to sell their property. Use these tips as best as you can and always remember to be patient.

Many studies have shown that a goal that is written is more likely to become a reality. When buying or selling a home, take a minute to write down the goals that you have. Set a budget and a schedule to work with and you will find it quite helpful in either side of the market.

Sellers are more motivated and inclined to negotiate during the fall months. They may have rejected offers during the spring and summer months that they would be more than happy to accept this late in the year. If a home that you looked at earlier in the season is still on the market, go back with a low offer and it may be accepted.

When trying to decide whether you should lower your price or renovate your property, keep in mind that the buyers are out to get the lowest price possible. So even if your property is priced to adjust for renovations the future buyer will have to make, the potential buyer will still try to negotiate that into the price. By keeping this in mind, it will help you through the negotiation process.

You have just read some great tips on selling real estate. During hard times, this job can be tough. You have to continually keep your goals in mind and know that you can pull through and succeed. Re-read this article whenever you start to feel a little stuck and you need some advice.…

Can’t Get Your House Sold? Follow These Tips And Get It Done!

Knowing the best practices for selling real estate successfully, can really give you a great start and future in the industry. There are many things that you want to know and understand as you pursue new prospects for real estate. This article can ensure that you know the things that really count.

If you are ready to sell your home the first thing that you should look at is what kind of curb appeal that it has. Things to look for is your lawn is mowed nice and no weeds. Check the state of your driveway and porch and make sure that there are no huge cracks or chunks missing.

When selling your home, have a real estate appraisal done before you meet with a realtor. An appraiser uses some of the same information that a real estate agent does, but is an independent assessor of value. An appraiser can give you a reasonable idea of what you can expect for your home, as well as show you proof of his or her findings.

When looking to sell your home, always make sure the first impression is a great one. Cut back shrubbery and mow the grass regularly. Re-paint old trim around doors and windows and replace or re-paint shutters if necessary. A new front door can also do so much to give your home a fresh, updated appearance.

When you’re ready to sell your house, pick an agent who gives you a lower estimate. It may feel like a blow to the gut, but that’s probably closer to a realistic sale price. Of course, you can still start high, but this way you’ll at least know what to expect!

Prior to listing your house for sale, ensure that the air conditioner and heater are working well by getting them serviced. As a general rule, home buyers expect the basic functions of a home to be working well, and this includes the air conditioning and heat. If a house requires immediate maintenance, or the purchase of such items, buyers will be deterred from putting in an offer.

If you can utilize the tips provided in this article correctly, you can easily find an increase in your real estate selling power. Not only will more prospects be attracted to you, but you will find that you gain a greater percentage of conversions, with keen practices for selling real estate on your side.…

Arm Yourself With Real Estate Selling Tips

If you’re unable to get top dollar for the home you’re selling, then it might be a waste of time and resources to even list it on the market. If you need the most value out of your home, make sure you check out the home-selling tips in this article to help you out along the way.

Nothing is more true than the adage buy low and sell high. In today’s market with foreclosures rising this cannot be any more true. Often times foreclosures are sold at less than face value, leaving you with a great opportunity to buy and re-sell at a marked up price. If you want to turn a profit in the real estate market, turning foreclosures is the way to go.

If you are a seller that is about to put your home up on the market you should get your own home inspection done ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to have a problem when a buyer has it inspected and they decide to look elsewhere. Save yourself the headache and get it checked beforehand so that you can get repairs made.

If you are preparing to sell your home, rid your living space of as much clutter as possible. Prospective buyers must be able to come in and envision themselves living in the home, which is difficult if you have all of your furniture and personal belongings filling up each room. Besides, you’ll knock out some of your packing ahead of time, leaving less work for you later.

These tips you just read were designed to help you gain a competitive edge in the real estate market as it stands today. Make sure that you use these tips if you need to get the most value out of your home. Settling for anything less is a waste and you should never have to settle, in the first place.…

Advice To Avoid The Mistakes Novice Home Sellers Make

Have you recently put your home on the market or maybe, you are getting ready to do so. Either way, learning more details about the home selling process, will prove to be helpful. You are about to get some helpful tips that will help you become more educated about home selling.

Hiring a Realtor is worth considering when selling your home. Using a Realtor, versus selling on your own, gives you professional advice and opinions, and accurate information for pricing your home. In addition, you’ll receive maximum exposure through MLS listings and advertising. This can help you achieve a faster sale and higher selling price.

Real estate agents across the country are reporting the rise in requests for homes with garden ponds. Consider adding this to the front lawn area, or tucked away in the back garden. They are a peaceful retreat as well as a draw for local wildlife. The avid outdoor person will love the idea of deer in their front or back yard.

Hiring an inspector before you begin showing your home will spare you future headaches and strengthen your sale price. Have a professional go through your home, attic to basement, and discover beforehand any possible repairs or problems. You need to resolve these issues to optimize the value of your home and have solid ground to stand on during price negotiations.

When listing your home on the real estate market to sell, make sure to take the time to learn what houses that are comparable to yours has sold for. Finding the right asking price can enhance or deter potential buyers. This could mean the difference between your house being on the market for a month or a year.

Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself when you feel that your real estate agent is not giving your home enough attention. The agent is like your employee and should be receptive to your needs. In order to get your house sold quickly, the agent should give proper attention to it and the value of your property should not make a difference.

When pricing your home, pick a price that is relevant for within 30 days of the house going on the market. Home prices fluctuate throughout the year, and pricing a home in the winter with a spring price will not be a move likely to sell your home quickly. If you must get the higher price, it’s better to wait to put the home on the market than to over-price it now and have it sit.

As was stated in the beginning of the article, learning important details about the real estate selling process can prove to be helpful. Apply the information you learned from reading this article into selling your home. By following this advice, you may find yourself more confident when you sell your home.…