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Modern Minimalist Kitchen Inspirations For Young Families

Kitchen Choosing a modern minimalist style kitchen design for your home is the right idea considering that this style was created based on three important aspects—cleanliness, organization, and functionality.

Most young couples also choose a minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical, has an attractive design, and is a reflection of the lifestyle of today’s young families.

Interested in creating a minimalist feel to your kitchen design? So, here are some minimalist kitchen inspirations that you can consider.

Kitchen Design Blends With the Dining Room

Young families much like the concept of a modern minimalist kitchen because it is considered practical and has an additional function, namely as a gathering room. While cooking, other family members can also accompany you and do activities at the dinner table.

If you want to implement a kitchen that blends with the dining room, make sure to choose a small table. This is important so that the kitchen space does not become full and interfere with activities during cooking. It’s a good idea to use a multifunctional dining table that can be used as a dining area as well as a storage cupboard.

Energy-Efficient Modern Kitchen Design

Cooking activities carried out in the kitchen require at least 30 minutes. During this period, a lot of energy supplies such as water, gas, and electricity are needed. To save energy, modern minimalist kitchen designs should provide lighting without using electricity.

Glass windows and a transparent kitchen roof (skylight) are an alternative to saving electricity during the day. Without using lights, the kitchen room becomes bright because sunlight enters through the windows and the transparent roof. In addition, the kitchen atmosphere becomes fresher, not stuffy and stuffy.

Modern Kitchen Design With Multifunctional Cabinets

Besides being used as a place for cooking, the kitchen is also often used as a place to store various cutlery. Therefore, so that various equipment can be stored properly and neatly, a kitchen is needed that is equipped with multi-functional cabinets.

Minimalist modern kitchen designs usually use the upper wall as a cupboard for storing cooking supplies such as spices, dry food, sugar stock, noodles, flour, and so on. Meanwhile, the bottom of the stove or zinc (dishwasher) is used as a place to store cooking utensils such as pots, basins, spoons, and serving plates.

All-White Clean Kitchen Design

The kitchen is synonymous with dirty, oil stains, and mess. That’s why not many people dare to use an all-white kitchen design. Even a kitchen that uses all-white nuances can give the impression that it is bright, comfortable, spacious, and clean.

If you want to use an all-white kitchen design, then you should choose materials that are easy to clean. Such as shiny textured ceramics, glossy kitchen sets, and plain patterned floors. That way if there are stains, the kitchen space will be easy to clean and look clean even though the shades are all white.

Kitchen Design Without Top Cabinets

The difference between a traditional and modern minimalist kitchen lies in the arrangement and practical use of items. The fewer ornaments in the kitchen, the more minimalist the modern kitchen will look.

So there is nothing wrong if the upper cabinets are removed to give the kitchen a spacious and comfortable impression. Instead, you can use a ledge that can be used as a display area or to place ornamental plants. Not only do they help keep the air fresh. But ornamental plants also give an aesthetic impression to a modern minimalist kitchen.