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Month: September 2011

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European Style Houses for Your Dream Home Inspiration

Home Are you looking for home design ideas? There are many designs that you can inspire, this thing is that you have to be able to adapt to the around the house. For example, the minimalist style that is rife among young couples. However, there are home designs that are no less interesting. You can use a classic European-style house design.

Not a few buildings in Indonesia use classic European style, ranging from ordinary houses to multi-purpose buildings. Even though it seems old-fashioned, this one design can be modified to suit today’s style. You can mix and match with the current style, so you can take some of the typical European-style houses. So, what are the characteristics of a classic European-style house? Stay tuned!

Facade That Looks Flat

You can immediately tell that a house is inspired by European style just by looking at a few things from the front. The first part is the facade or the front of the house which looks flat. It’s not uncommon for houses that are Indonesian to have doors and terraces that lean more forward than the sides. European-style houses usually tend to be flat. The front of the house like this would be suitable if the house has a yard and a fence that is high enough to feel safe.

Wide Yard With Beautiful Garden

Houses in rural Europe are no less beautiful than those in cities. One of the characteristics of the house there is that it has a large yard with a beautiful garden. It would be very nice to have a yard like this because you can enjoy various colors of flowers and plants, especially when spring comes.

More Beautiful With Red Bricks

If usually the walls of houses in Indonesia are always covered with paint, classic European-style houses are usually left alone. You might feel the impression of a ‘warm house’ when you see a house with red bricks like a European style. In order not to look monotonous, the bricks will be arranged horizontally in almost all parts of the house, while the parts near the doors or windows are arranged vertically.

The dominating sharp triangular roof

In Europe, there are 4 seasons, two of which are winter and autumn. It’s no wonder that the roof of a European-style house is in the shape of a towering sharp triangle. Because in winter, snow will be able to fall more quickly and can avoid snow accumulation. Likewise in autumn when the leaves fall, so it’s easier to clean up.


Chimneys should not be left behind when discussing classic European-style homes. As mentioned earlier, Europe has winter which allows temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they use chimneys to funnel smoke from their fireplaces.

In Indonesia, it is not suitable to use a chimney because it can bring in dust and dirt. However, it can also be used as decoration. To make it more interesting and classic.

Large Rectangle Window

Many European houses have very wide windows with rectangular shapes rising from the bottom up. Not infrequently the large window is in the middle of the lower and upper floors because of its height. Usually, the windows of European-style houses are rectangular with simple trellises in the form of boxes or rectangles as well.

Because there are not a few European-style houses that have high roofs and are wide in size, the presence of these large windows will also greatly help light to get into the house as much as possible.

Palace Wide Door

Almost the same as the windows, the doors of houses in Europe are no less wide. When entering a house with a wide door, it will feel like entering a palace. Especially if the door uses two doors and a rectangle with curved edges. It will look classic and more elegant. But, it’s not uncommon to find European-style houses that use rectangular doors with towering dimensions.

House With Balcony

The hallmark of a European-style house that should not be missed is the balcony at home. Usually, this balcony faces the front of the house on the top floor which is connected to the inside of the house using doors made of wood or glass. Do not forget the safety such as fences of various materials, such as wood or iron to prevent anyone from falling.

Houses With Unique Ornaments

In addition to houses with red brick walls as mentioned earlier, European-style houses also have unique and intricate ornaments that are characteristic. Many European-style houses have tall pillars whose ends are carved in unique shapes. The walls around the windows are also beautifully engraved.

European Classical Furniture

The classic European house is not only seen from the exterior. European classic home interiors usually follow. Such as classic wooden chairs and tables, chandeliers in the form of …