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Year: 2011

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Luxurious and Best 2-Floor Minimalist House Designs

House Everyone must have a dream house that they want to achieve or build with hard work for years. However, who would have thought, now you might not even need to spend a lot of money to build a house? Moreover, if the house that you want is a luxurious 2-story minimalist house. You only imagine a minimalist 2-story house but don’t know what the design will be like? Here’s a row of designs that can be your best choice!

Courtyard House

This first design is perfect for those of you who have a dream home while still showing a green side that refreshes the eye. So this courtyard can provide a healing sensation after coming home from work. Very interesting huh?

Promenade House

Well, for those of you who don’t have a large area of ​​land to build a house, then this Promenade House design can be a perfect choice. This design will make your house super slim but still, get enough space even though there isn’t much land available.

Moore Park Residence

Do you dream of having a home with a natural concept and don’t want to lose the natural impression it has? Then this house with the Moore Park Residence design feels very right for you. Minimalist interior design with wood elements will make the house look big from the inside. Interesting huh?

Futuristic Architecture

Want to have a modern home? Then you can use futuristic architecture. Even though it’s minimalist, you can also get a modern and classy impression with this one design so that as soon as you enter your home you feel like you’re seeing the future. Of course, it is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be out of date, including in terms of the house.

Kodama architecture

Surely many of you are familiar with the design of this one house. The design created by the Kodasema architectural firm is perfect for those of you who only have one room. Making it two floors makes space very useful, right?

Wood element

If you want to make a modern house but don’t lose its natural impression, then adding various parts of the house with wood elements can be the right choice. Your minimalist home will look very neutral, especially if you use white or cream house paint.

Large Glass Window

The next design has to do with glass! For those of you who have a minimalist but very narrow house, then adding glass ornaments or large glass windows will make it look bigger and wider than it is. Worth not trying?

High Ceiling

Many minimalist home designs use lamps as lighting, but for those of you who want to be more efficient with electricity, you can try this design. A house with a high ceiling will provide natural lighting for the house and also good air circulation.

Classic Design

Even though there have been many modern designs presented by many architects, surely not a few of you still want to accentuate classic values ​​in every part of the house. So that this one design will certainly be on par with your dream classic house. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start discussing with your architect!

Cube Design

If you are tired of seeing the same home designs and dream of having a home with a unique design, then the Cube Design is the best choice. The cube shape will give you the sensation of a wider and more unique room outside the house!…

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Aesthetic Minimalist Bedroom Design Recommendations

Bedroom DesignHave a minimalist bedroom design? Bored with this design and intend to find a more comfortable bedroom atmosphere? Before discussing this further, did you know that the bedroom can be said to be one part of the house which is not only used as a resting room but also a private area for the owner?

Therefore, in designing a bedroom, a homeowner will certainly be very detailed and thorough so that it fits as desired. However, what if the bedroom you have is not so wide/narrow? So, here are recommendations for small/minimalist bedroom designs that you can consider implementing in your room.

All-White Themed Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a private room that is often used as a place to unwind after a day’s activities. This reason requires that a room must be designed properly to improve the mood of its occupants.

Choosing the right color theme for the bedroom is an alternative that can be done to improve the owner’s mood.

White can be your choice in determining the color of the wall paint or the basic color of the furniture in the room. Why? because the white color will give the impression of neutral and comfortable on the eyes. Not only that, the dominant white color will give a clean and spacious impression.

For those of you who have a bedroom that is not too wide/narrow, of course, it is very suitable to try these tips.

All-Wood Themed Bedroom Design

In large rooms, using all-wood accents will give a classic and monotonous impression. However, when applied to a bedroom design with a smaller room size, it will give a different touch.

By including a wooden interior in a room, it can bring a natural atmosphere to the room, or it can be known as a biophilic design. Biophilic design is a design that combines natural elements into the built environment.

The goal is to increase the comfort of human life. Some of the benefits of biophilic design include increasing productivity, and creativity, and also reducing stress levels.

In practice, wood ornaments can be implemented on the floor covered with parquet and furniture such as beds and cabinets. So, to give a warm impression, you can choose a multifunctional design with light brown wood color.

Monochrome Bedroom Design

For those who like simple bedroom designs, choosing only two colors as the main element of the room is the right choice. A monochrome theme with two pastel color choices will give an elegant, comfortable, and modern impression.

Monochrome bedroom designs are quite interesting because they can be combined with wood or ornamental plants. The color of the walls should be dominated by natural colors such as white, while dark colors can be accentuated by the color of the bed covers, windows, or hanging lamp decorations.

However, along with the development of the world of interior and decoration art, the monochrome theme is not only based on black and white. Some interior designs also mention and often use gray, salmon, and lilac as a combination of two colors in a monochrome-themed room.

Industrial Bedroom Design

It can be said that the selection of bedroom designs can be used to represent one’s personality. Industrial design is no longer a foreign thing. Usually, we often find it in the architecture of cafes, offices, galleries, and other commercial buildings.

However, please note that currently, it is still rare to apply it as a theme or room design. So, why do many of them choose industrial themes for their bedrooms?

Many industrial themes are chosen because they can give a relaxed, free yet aesthetic impression. Industrial bedroom design focuses on interiors that accentuate the unfinished impression. Such as brick walls, cement floors without ceramics, or lamps made of iron pipes.

For those of you who want to apply this design to narrow bedroom decorations, it is recommended to make brick wall ornaments on one side only. The red color of the bricks will present a warm and bright impression in a room with a limited size.

Those are some recommendations for narrow/minimalist bedroom designs that still have an aesthetic impression that you can apply to your home. Interested in having a bedroom design that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye?…

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Minimalist Bathroom That Makes Bathing More Comfortable

Minimalist BathroomWho doesn’t like to enjoy relaxing time in the bathroom? Apart from being a place to clean themselves, many people use the bathroom as a place to relax from the fatigue of activities. Enjoying the rush of water while listening to music can reduce stress levels. Especially if these conditions are supported by a minimalist bathroom design.

Various bathroom designs can be chosen to accompany activities in the bathroom. These various choices must of course be combined with the needs, functions, and also the existing funds. If you haven’t found the right design yet, try to look at the various minimalist bathroom design options below.

Natural Bathroom Design

Creating this bathroom design concept is very easy. Place plants in as many corners of the room as possible. Make sure that the space available for plants is large enough to give a natural impression. If you lack space, try applying the hanging plant concept which makes the room more beautiful.

Minimalist Two Tone Bathroom Design

Two Tone is applied by combining two colors in one room. You can try a contrasting or soft color. For example, the use of black bathroom walls with a combination of white room and floor. To add to the aesthetic impression, choose lightly patterned ceramics such as marble stone motifs. Furniture in the bathroom must also have a matching color.

Bathroom Design by Utilizing Lighting

Bathroom lighting can also create an elegant impression in the room. First, use the downlight technique where the lights with minimal light are right above the bath and closet. The second is with an indirect light system, by hiding the light behind the wall in the sink area. This style will create a dramatic and elegant impression. Designs like this are often found in luxury hotels.

Luxury Bathroom Design

By applying marble stone tiles on the walls and floors, the bathroom design will look luxurious and fancy. To beautify each part, you can use glass material for the shower cubicle area or the partition door. Apart from being luxurious, you will get a bathroom area that feels spacious.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×2

Small bathrooms can still look luxurious by adding wood elements to them. You can place wood materials in the sink area or on the goods shelf. To leave an elegant impression, display only two or one main colors in the bathroom area, such as choosing only white or black and white.

Toilet Minimalist Bathroom Design

The bathroom feels cramped with one shower container and toilet. Try a bulkhead style using concrete, cement, or brick partitions. Use one wall color tone, then give a natural effect by placing plants in the corner of the sink or near the sitting closet. Also, beautify with wall hangings like paintings.

Rustic Bathroom Design

Bored with the usual bathroom style? Try a natural, country-style bathroom design. Elements of the bathroom can be affixed with wood material as the walls, or use river stone and bamboo. The point is to use natural materials while paying attention to modern bathroom furniture.

Squat toilet minimalist bathroom design

Do you doubt that you can turn a bathroom with a squat toilet into a special room? Even if it’s just a bathroom with a squat toilet, make sure it still looks classy. Create a classy impression by using natural stone as a footing and cement tub or carving tub. Add an arrangement of one-color bricks in the shelving area, shower, or behind the toilet.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×3

No need to worry about a tiny bathroom. What you need to pay attention to is choosing small furniture without reducing its function. You can also divide the area between the closet and the shower using a curtain with a pattern. This curtain will also give a sweet appearance when opened.

Simple Bathroom Design

Do not want to waste a lot of money to polish the bathroom? You can create a simple but neat bathroom. The following picture shows a bathroom with a cement tub and a squat toilet. You can replace the shelves with wood to make them look nice.

Japanese-style Oriental Bathroom Design

Want to create the feel of a Japanese-style bathroom? Really can. You need a wood parquet which is part of the walls and floor of the bathroom. While the lighting was chosen a little dim because the wood parquet itself provides light assistance. You can also add Japanese stools.…

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European Style Houses for Your Dream Home Inspiration

Home Are you looking for home design ideas? There are many designs that you can inspire, this thing is that you have to be able to adapt to the around the house. For example, the minimalist style that is rife among young couples. However, there are home designs that are no less interesting. You can use a classic European-style house design.

Not a few buildings in Indonesia use classic European style, ranging from ordinary houses to multi-purpose buildings. Even though it seems old-fashioned, this one design can be modified to suit today’s style. You can mix and match with the current style, so you can take some of the typical European-style houses. So, what are the characteristics of a classic European-style house? Stay tuned!

Facade That Looks Flat

You can immediately tell that a house is inspired by European style just by looking at a few things from the front. The first part is the facade or the front of the house which looks flat. It’s not uncommon for houses that are Indonesian to have doors and terraces that lean more forward than the sides. European-style houses usually tend to be flat. The front of the house like this would be suitable if the house has a yard and a fence that is high enough to feel safe.

Wide Yard With Beautiful Garden

Houses in rural Europe are no less beautiful than those in cities. One of the characteristics of the house there is that it has a large yard with a beautiful garden. It would be very nice to have a yard like this because you can enjoy various colors of flowers and plants, especially when spring comes.

More Beautiful With Red Bricks

If usually the walls of houses in Indonesia are always covered with paint, classic European-style houses are usually left alone. You might feel the impression of a ‘warm house’ when you see a house with red bricks like a European style. In order not to look monotonous, the bricks will be arranged horizontally in almost all parts of the house, while the parts near the doors or windows are arranged vertically.

The dominating sharp triangular roof

In Europe, there are 4 seasons, two of which are winter and autumn. It’s no wonder that the roof of a European-style house is in the shape of a towering sharp triangle. Because in winter, snow will be able to fall more quickly and can avoid snow accumulation. Likewise in autumn when the leaves fall, so it’s easier to clean up.


Chimneys should not be left behind when discussing classic European-style homes. As mentioned earlier, Europe has winter which allows temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Therefore, they use chimneys to funnel smoke from their fireplaces.

In Indonesia, it is not suitable to use a chimney because it can bring in dust and dirt. However, it can also be used as decoration. To make it more interesting and classic.

Large Rectangle Window

Many European houses have very wide windows with rectangular shapes rising from the bottom up. Not infrequently the large window is in the middle of the lower and upper floors because of its height. Usually, the windows of European-style houses are rectangular with simple trellises in the form of boxes or rectangles as well.

Because there are not a few European-style houses that have high roofs and are wide in size, the presence of these large windows will also greatly help light to get into the house as much as possible.

Palace Wide Door

Almost the same as the windows, the doors of houses in Europe are no less wide. When entering a house with a wide door, it will feel like entering a palace. Especially if the door uses two doors and a rectangle with curved edges. It will look classic and more elegant. But, it’s not uncommon to find European-style houses that use rectangular doors with towering dimensions.

House With Balcony

The hallmark of a European-style house that should not be missed is the balcony at home. Usually, this balcony faces the front of the house on the top floor which is connected to the inside of the house using doors made of wood or glass. Do not forget the safety such as fences of various materials, such as wood or iron to prevent anyone from falling.

Houses With Unique Ornaments

In addition to houses with red brick walls as mentioned earlier, European-style houses also have unique and intricate ornaments that are characteristic. Many European-style houses have tall pillars whose ends are carved in unique shapes. The walls around the windows are also beautifully engraved.

European Classical Furniture

The classic European house is not only seen from the exterior. European classic home interiors usually follow. Such as classic wooden chairs and tables, chandeliers in the form of …

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Healthy Home: Definition, Characteristics, and Relation

HomeHaving a house, especially if you pay it in installments or buy it with your own business, is of course a matter of pride. Not only starting a new family but buying a house can also be caused by the desire to start a new lifestyle. Namely starting from a healthy home. The house now is not only used to rest after being tired of working but has also been used as a way to maintain the health of the occupants.

The presence of a healthy home helps many people who also want to have one. Then, what are the characteristics that a healthy home related to your health as a resident? This time, the author will explain the complete information and answer all the questions that are currently circling your mind. Cultivating a healthy home can be the perfect start to maintaining your body’s health! Come on, see the full review below.

What is a Healthy Home

Quoted from Kotaku.pu.go.id, according to WHO, a house is a physical structure or building for shelter, where a healthy environment is useful for physical and mental health and social conditions both the health of families and individuals (WHO Commission on Health and the Environment, 2001). Quoted from eprints.ums.ac.id, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Health (2012).

A healthy house is a house that meets minimum criteria such as access to drinking water, access to healthy latrines, floors, ventilation, and lighting. Thus, the authors can conclude that a healthy home is a home that is free from both air and environmental pollution. Agree?

Characteristics of a Healthy Home

Not a few of you are now wondering what the criteria and indicators for a healthy home are like. Does the house you currently live in include the characteristics of a healthy home or not? To find out, here are the requirements for a healthy home according to the 2014 Permenkes.

Good Ventilation and Air Circulation

Good ventilation will also make good air circulation so that the occupants of the house have good breathing. The size of good ventilation is at least 10% of the total floor area in the room so that there are no stuffy or damp words that are harmful to the health of the house and occupants.

Have a Good Garbage Disposal System

Garbage not only disturbs the sense of sight as well as smell but can also hurt health. Therefore, managing both liquid and solid waste must be done very well. If not, the waste may contaminate the ground surface and water sources. So, it’s better to prevent than cure right?

Large and Overgrown Courtyard with Trees

A large yard will provide opportunities for children to play freely. Don’t forget to fill your yard with trees so that it always provides good oxygen for your body’s health. A shady atmosphere will even make the mind much calmer than an arid yard.

Clean Water and Environmental Sanitation

Water and environmental sanitation are important and are often the main concern of every home because the need for healthy water and good sanitation will have a good impact in the future.

Healthy Bathrooms and Washing Places

Water health will also have an impact on healthy bathrooms and washing places. In addition, don’t forget that this section is always given natural lighting so that no moss and other things will arise which can also be bad for health.

Free from Fungi and Animals that transmit Disease

Fungi and animals that can transmit diseases such as rats, cockroaches, and others should not be present in healthy homes because they can hurt the health of the home and the occupants.

Healthy Dining and Kitchen Arrangement

The dining room is not only used to fill the nutrients in the body but can also be used as a family gathering place. Therefore, the arrangement of the dining room must be healthy with natural lighting to sufficient artificial lighting. This also applies to the kitchen, where food is prepared.

Bedroom with Healthy Spatial Planning

What is no less important is the place or bedroom that must be made as healthy as possible because you will spend a lot of time resting after being tired from work. Not only charging, but sleeping space health will also help you maintain a healthy body.

Building material

As one of the most important aspects of the development process. The selection of building materials should not be arbitrary. This is because the quality of building materials greatly affects the overall quality of the building.…

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Leak-Resistant, Here Are Recommended Types of House Gutters

House Choosing the right gutters is a solution to avoid house leakage problems in the future. Even though it looks trivial, gutters have a very important role in a building. When it rains, gutters function to make rainwater able to flow to the disposal site to produce good circulation. Without gutters, the house quickly becomes damaged due to dampness.

It is not uncommon for the walls or ceilings of houses to seep when it rains heavily. Generally, this is due to gutters that don’t function properly or don’t even exist at all. Even though the rainfall in Indonesia is quite high, so there is a risk of weathering the house quickly due to seepage or leaks that occur when it rains.

For this reason, you need gutters that are right in terms of function and form to minimize the above risks. In this article, we will discuss in full what gutters are, the types of gutters for homes, and how to choose the right gutters. Here’s the review.

Definition of Gutters

As mentioned above, a gutter is a pipe that is made to allow rainwater to fall into an appropriate stream, such as a special rain channel, infiltration well, or rain shelter. The goal is that the rainwater that falls does not directly hit the ceiling and walls of the house.

Rainwater that falls and hits the walls of the house can cause seepage and leakage which can lead to house damage. The appearance of the house will become unattractive in the next few years if this happens. In addition, uncontrolled rain can cause an electric short circuit on the inside of the ceiling.

Functions and Uses of Gutters

The main function of the gutters is to hold back the seepage of flowing rainwater so that it does not hit the walls and ceiling of the house. In addition, gutters can also beautify the exterior of the house with a variety of design choices.

So although it is often underestimated, the role of gutters is very large. Especially for those of you who want your house to look neat and pleasing to the eye, then installing the right gutters is a must.

Gutter Type

After knowing the main function of gutters at home, then you need to decide which type of gutters you will use at home. The following are the models and types of gutters that you can choose according to your needs.

K Style

One of the good and popular types of home gutters is the KK-style gutter. These gutters can hold more rainwater than other gutter models. That’s why this gutter is perfect for those of you who live in areas with high rainfall.

In addition, K K-style cutters also have beautiful decorations and shapes that are suitable for use in modern minimalist homes. To give a minimalist impression, you should install KK-style gutters in the corner of the house.


The second type of gutter is the Victorian gutter. This gutter is specially designed for traditional classic-style homes. Victorian gutters have a unique appearance but seem elegant and luxurious.

Maintenance of Victorian gutters is relatively easy with minimalist aluminum materials. Even so, not all homes are suitable for using this type of gutter because of its shallow shape. To prevent seepage and leakage, these gutters are recommended for homes that are a bit small.

Half Rounds

Half-round is a type of gutter that resembles a U shape. This gutter has fairly easy maintenance because it can be cleaned in a short time. This is supported by the shape of the chamfer which is similar to the shape of a tube that is divided into two parts.

This type of half-round gutter is recommended for modern-style homes. By using this type of gutter, your house will avoid leaks due to heavy rain.

Gutter Materials

Next, maybe you are wondering what materials can be used as materials for making guttering at home. So, in the following, we will explain what materials are most often used to make leak-proof gutters.


Gutters made of PVC are light enough that they are easy to cut and install. Even without calling a plumber, you can cut and install the gutters yourself. The price of PVC gutters is relatively cheap and affordable. Even so, the guttering of this house remains sturdy and does not corrode easily.


The second home gutter material is aluminum. Aluminum is a material for making gutters that are often used because it is lightweight, does not rust easily, and is easy to install. Aluminum gutters can beautify your home because they are generally not left plain. You can add paint color to this type of gutter according to your taste.


Gutters made of galvalume are very strong, sturdy, and anti-rust. Galvalume is a combination of steel, zinc, …

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Indoor Garden Creations For a Minimalist Home Beautiful

Home An indoor garden is a garden created inside a house. Its location can be adapted to the structure of the building such as under the stairs, next to the kitchen, or near the living room. Interesting right? If you are interested in trying it, here are indoor garden design creations that make a minimalist home beautiful and beautiful!

Tropical Indoor Garden in the Middle of a Building

In architecture, an open space or indoor garden is known as a courtyard. This indoor garden was created to change the rigid and monotonous impression of a house.

Indoor gardens can be filled with various natural elements such as river stones, pebbles, and palm-type plants. Built-in the middle of the house area. A tropical indoor garden can also create a cooler and colder impression.

Indoor Gardens As Liaison Between Spaces

Indoor gardens can also provide aesthetic value to the house. Not always in the form of a spacious area, this garden can be made like a connecting area between the family room and the toilet.

To present a beautiful impression, place plants in pots in a row on the left and right of the road. On the floor, you can put coral to give a natural impression. To make it look charming at night, you can also place spotlights on several sides toward the pot.

Japanese Style Indoor Garden

If you also want to display a unique and charming impression of an indoor garden in your home. There’s nothing wrong with applying a Japanese-style garden concept. This indoor garden in the style of Sakura country is known to be thick with shades of water, bamboo, and green grass.

For the water element, you can put a bamboo shower or a small barrel filled with goldfish. Then place some water bamboo, banyan bonsai, or frangipani bonsai in the corner of the garden. To make the Japanese style even more striking. You can also decorate it with a sumo statue or animal statue that symbolizes your zodiac sign.

Indoor Gardens In Tubes

An alternative indoor garden design that is now in great demand is a garden that is separated from the functional area. This type of garden has a partition made of glass but has no roof.

The shape of this garden is quite diverse, such as tubes, blocks, and cubes. For this type of indoor garden, the variety of plants is even more enjoyable. Not only in the form of ornamental plants in pots. But homeowners can also place medium-sized trees whose branches and leaves rise freely.

Indoor Gardens In Unused Space

In a minimalist-style house, there’s nothing wrong with using unused space to function as an indoor garden. Some of these rooms are the area under the stairs, the corner of the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Because it is in an area far from sunlight, make sure you choose plants that can live indoors. Some of these types of plants are cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue, and aglaonema. However, occasionally you can put it outside the house so that the plant can photosynthesize properly.

For some people, the garden is one area that is quite important in a dwelling. However, not many housing estates provide housing that is equipped with gardens both outside and inside the house.…