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Month: April 2011

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Indoor Garden Creations For a Minimalist Home Beautiful

Home An indoor garden is a garden created inside a house. Its location can be adapted to the structure of the building such as under the stairs, next to the kitchen, or near the living room. Interesting right? If you are interested in trying it, here are indoor garden design creations that make a minimalist home beautiful and beautiful!

Tropical Indoor Garden in the Middle of a Building

In architecture, an open space or indoor garden is known as a courtyard. This indoor garden was created to change the rigid and monotonous impression of a house.

Indoor gardens can be filled with various natural elements such as river stones, pebbles, and palm-type plants. Built-in the middle of the house area. A tropical indoor garden can also create a cooler and colder impression.

Indoor Gardens As Liaison Between Spaces

Indoor gardens can also provide aesthetic value to the house. Not always in the form of a spacious area, this garden can be made like a connecting area between the family room and the toilet.

To present a beautiful impression, place plants in pots in a row on the left and right of the road. On the floor, you can put coral to give a natural impression. To make it look charming at night, you can also place spotlights on several sides toward the pot.

Japanese Style Indoor Garden

If you also want to display a unique and charming impression of an indoor garden in your home. There’s nothing wrong with applying a Japanese-style garden concept. This indoor garden in the style of Sakura country is known to be thick with shades of water, bamboo, and green grass.

For the water element, you can put a bamboo shower or a small barrel filled with goldfish. Then place some water bamboo, banyan bonsai, or frangipani bonsai in the corner of the garden. To make the Japanese style even more striking. You can also decorate it with a sumo statue or animal statue that symbolizes your zodiac sign.

Indoor Gardens In Tubes

An alternative indoor garden design that is now in great demand is a garden that is separated from the functional area. This type of garden has a partition made of glass but has no roof.

The shape of this garden is quite diverse, such as tubes, blocks, and cubes. For this type of indoor garden, the variety of plants is even more enjoyable. Not only in the form of ornamental plants in pots. But homeowners can also place medium-sized trees whose branches and leaves rise freely.

Indoor Gardens In Unused Space

In a minimalist-style house, there’s nothing wrong with using unused space to function as an indoor garden. Some of these rooms are the area under the stairs, the corner of the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Because it is in an area far from sunlight, make sure you choose plants that can live indoors. Some of these types of plants are cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue, and aglaonema. However, occasionally you can put it outside the house so that the plant can photosynthesize properly.

For some people, the garden is one area that is quite important in a dwelling. However, not many housing estates provide housing that is equipped with gardens both outside and inside the house.…