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Real Estate: Definition, Examples, Differences with Property

Real EstateInvestment has become one of the most popular things lately. You can join in various assets ranging from stocks, gold, and property to real estate. Maybe not a few of you are still unfamiliar with the last investment. You can not only find the word real estate in soap operas to Korean dramas which are usually associated with rich people, but you can also find it in real life! If you are interested in knowing more about definitions, and examples to know the difference between real estate and property, you can find out in the following review. Let’s see together!

What is Real Estate?

Quoted from Wikipedia in Indonesian, real estate (real estate) or real estate is a legal term that includes land together with anything that resides on the land, such as buildings or projects. The real estate business is a type of activity with great potential for the long term. For this reason, many people are interested in this field, including investing. This industry, which was first regulated by the government in 1974, is generally known by many people as a business of buildings, housing, and other buildings.

Real Estate Example

Not only abroad, but Indonesian real estate can also now be said to have developed rapidly to attract many investors. You will find it easy to meet real estate agents spread all over the area. If you think that real estate is synonymous with housing, then obviously this understanding is not quite right because who would have thought that real estate has a large enough scope? Real estate is grouped into 3 different categories namely residential, commercial, and finally industrial.

Based on these three categories, we can provide examples of real estate to add insight. Some of them are townhomes, retail stores, factories, houses, condominiums, housing, and office buildings. After knowing the various examples, you cannot clearly say that a building, factory, or even a condominium is real estate, because you need to check again who owns the land and the building. Is it important? Yes, because it could be that the building is a property. To be clearer, you can find the difference between the two in the next review.

Difference with Property

If it is often associated with houses to housing, real estate does not seem much different from the property. Of course, this statement is not quite right. Is there any difference? There is! However, before going any further, we will explain the property. The property itself is ownership of the land or buildings attached to it so if you own a property. You are not only entitled to the land but also the buildings on it.

Based on this understanding, can you conclude what is the difference between real estate and property? Real estate only focuses on the physical aspect, namely buildings or land, while the property is not only limited to that but is also based on ownership of both the building and the land. The difference is pretty straightforward, right? So, now you can differentiate between the two very well to make it even more real, one example of a property that you can find is Mustika Park Place.

Housing located on Jl. Burangeng Raya, Setu – Bekasi, Kec. Setu, West Java has many advantages in terms of certificates of Building Use Rights to PBB. Another advantage that you can enjoy is a variety of interesting facilities, complete with greenery, infiltration lakes, and clubhouses. What is no less interesting, this area is also equipped with a mini market.

Real Estate and Property Investment Benefits

Bonus! If you are interested in investing in this field, it would be nice for you to know the advantages or advantages of investing in real estate and property. Some of the benefits include having a lower risk than other investments, profits that tend to increase over time, and many more. This tempting offer is what makes investors start to switch to real estate and property investment. Are you the next investor?

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding the meaning, examples,  and differences between real estate and property which can be additional knowledge, especially for those of you who want to invest. There are no more words that you don’t understand or understand after reading this article that we made, aren’t it? It’s no longer for personal knowledge, you can also share this important information with friends and family so you won’t be misguided if you are offered an investment, both real estate and property. Now, you can rest easy on investing!…