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Minimalist Living Room Design Inspirations

Room DesignThe family room is one of the areas in the house that is used as a place to gather, chat and do many activities for all family members. This room is usually located in the middle of the building, measuring at least 3 x 4 meters, and made without partitions. Used as a public area, the room design of the living room should be adapted to the tastes of all residents of your house. This is important so that this room can provide comfort and support the activities carried out in the room.

Here are 6 recommendations for a minimalist living room design for 2021 that you can apply to your home.

Gray Living Room Design

To give a minimalist impression to a narrow living room, use soft colors like gray. Instead of using the entire wall, it’s better to use it on one side only and combined it with other colors.

Gray can create a masculine impression when combined with black, while white and pink give off an elegant and luxurious appearance. And if these three colors are combined, the family room feels more comfortable because it can represent the tastes of all family members.

Vintage Style Living Room Design

If you want to present a relaxed and warm atmosphere then choose a vintage-style living room design. This style is synonymous with old-school interiors such as shabby tables, floral sofas, and classic-style wooden cabinets.

For wall colors, choose pastel colors like Tosca, white, light blue, and orange, but don’t use them all together. Choose one as the primary color then mix other colors through the color of the carpet, pillows, or curtains.

Scandinavian Style Living Room Design

The Scandinavian-style living room is characterized by the use of simple and natural furniture. In this family room, it is enough to place a small sofa, a medium-sized table, and a plain carpet.

For decoration, Scandinavian-style family rooms are more concerned with function than aesthetics. So the use of chandeliers and ornamental plants is more necessary than decorative jars or other displays.

Playful Living Room

Enjoying television shows with family members has proven to bring joy and enthusiasm. Especially with a colorful living room design. Because according to research, bright colors can improve mood, improve mood and release stress.

Use bright colors like yellow, orange, and pink to evoke a playful atmosphere in the living room. Even though it consists of various colors, make sure to stick to one theme. For example choosing a sofa without an orange pattern and then combining it with yellow striped pillows.

Elegant Minimalist Living Room with White Shades

White is a neutral color that almost everyone likes, besides that this color can give the impression of being clean, calm, and flexible. The white color in the living room can be combined with a black sofa or a classic table made of wood.

To give a broad impression of the white family room. You can add a mirror to one part of the wall. Also, put fresh plants in the corner of the room so that the minimalist family room looks fresh and more dynamic.

Multifunctional Family Room

Being the center of activity for all family members, there’s nothing wrong if the family room is combined with the dining room. Being in an area without partitions, choose a simple dining table that doesn’t take up much space.

On the sofa, make sure not to put a lot of knick-knacks so that it is far from being cramped and ‘full’. The interior color can also be adjusted with the ornaments in the kitchen so that it looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

On the sofa, make sure not to put a lot of knick-knacks so that it is far from being cramped and ‘full’. The interior color can also be adjusted with the ornaments in the kitchen so that it looks harmonious and pleasing to the eye.…

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Recommended Luxury Stair Models for Your Dream Home

HomeWant to have a luxurious staircase? the model of a friendly and grand staircase is indeed the dream of many people. Especially for those of you who always dreamed of owning a level house. Stairs not only function to connect two floors but are also made to give a luxurious impression to reflect the aesthetics or beauty as well as art of a home. For this reason, we will provide various kinds of recommendations for luxury staircase models, ranging from minimalist to optimal. Come see and choose your dream!

Minimalism Is Not A Barrier Aesthetics

This minimalist home ladder model is so simple but looks luxurious. This type of staircase is often chosen because of its open and close-to-wall model, so it is perfect for minimalist homes that minimize the use of space.

Narrow Area with Winding Stairs

If you want to minimize the space used for stairs, then this narrow spiral staircase design can be a perfect choice. Even though its existence has always been used to go up to the attic, now it is no less beautiful and functions as a way up to the house’s second floor.

Sturdy Concrete Stairs Make the House Feel Stronger

Even though it has a fairly complicated casting process, concrete staircase models are often the choice because they are sturdy and easy to shape during manufacturing. Working long enough but obtaining satisfactory results will make people choose this ladder model.

Luxurious Minimalist!

The 2-story minimalist staircase model can be made small, but make sure it still looks beautiful and luxurious with a trellis. It will look more attractive if the selected color combination is in harmony with the color of the floor and walls.

The Beautiful Minimalist

The following beautiful minimalist staircase design is no less interesting to apply. It looks so simple, but you can’t ignore the elegant impression of the color selection. Pretty interesting right?

Looks Luxurious But the Model is So Simple

Everyone certainly has different perceptions, including determining which type of 2-story luxury staircase looks so elegant. You can even say a ladder without legs is luxurious if you know how to arrange it like the picture above.

Elegant Three Floor Staircase

Not only two floors, but three-story houses also need to pay attention to the use of stairs complete with designs and colors. Not only that, but the placement is exactly precise, namely directly close to the wall so that even though the house is minimalist, it will look very spacious.

Wooden Stairs Can Look So Luxurious

The use of wood base materials for making stairs is no less than what has been discussed previously. Not only does it appear more natural, but it can also create a luxurious impression that attracts the eye. Even more so if the stairs are given attractive lighting like in the picture. This model of the ladder is suitable for you to apply to your dream home like the one at Mustika Park Place, Bekasi. It’s no longer stairs and houses, the environment is so positive, complete with attractive facilities.

European-style stairs, never out of date

Ancient words may have occurred when reading European-style stairs. We recommend this luxury staircase model, which is more of a type to the European side. Which is timeless, aka always looks luxurious and charming.

The Classic Design Makes Your Heart Fall

It doesn’t take up a lot of space but still has a classic design so it looks so luxurious. This is one of the mainstays of this staircase model. This marble staircase design is known as the Victorian Style. Even though they spend quite a bit in the manufacturing process, the quality provided is of course comparable.

Unique Staircase Design Makes Your Home Look Different

Ladder models are generally common, so choosing a ladder with a unique model will make your home look different. That’s the statement that will appear when you see this unique staircase design. What’s more, in the eyes of the baby, it could make the house a more comfortable place to play.…

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Electrical Circuits: Definition, Causes For Your Property

Electrical CircuitsElectricity is one of the main needs in the household. Even so, many don’t pay much attention to the flow of electricity in the dwelling. If the electricity is neglected and not monitored while using it, it can be fatal. Fire can be a risk if the use of electricity is not properly monitored. To anticipate this incident, you must understand the electrical short circuits. The following article will discuss the causes and ways to prevent electrical circuits.

Definition of Electric Short Circuit

Short circuit or commonly known as a short circuit is the term for an electric short circuit. This happens due to an electric current that deviates from the cable line that has been installed. This causes the flow of electric current through the network that is shorter than it should be.

Or technically, the cause of this short circuit occurs because the electric current is cut off. There is a collision between the positive electric current and the negative electric current which causes an electric circuit.

Causes of Electrical Short Circuit

The occurrence of a fire due to an electrical short circuit is certainly very dangerous because it can claim lives. To avoid electrical short circuits, you must know what are the causes of electrical short circuits which will be explained as follows:

Imperfect Cable Connection

Cables with imperfect connections have a high risk of electrical short circuits in buildings or residences. If the cable connections are not neat and the insulators on the cables are not tightly attached, the electric current in the cables can go off the rails and cause a short circuit.

The socket is loose

The next cause of an electrical short is a loose socket. Sockets that are unstable and no longer sturdy will result in decreased quality. The way it works is not good anymore. Loosening the socket can produce a spark resulting in an electrical short.

Low-Quality Electrical Devices

Electrical devices that do not comply with safety standards or are of low quality can increase the risk of an electric short circuit. Because the constituent components are too fragile and easily damaged. Therefore, you must make sure you are using an electrical device bearing the SNI logo.

Exposure to High Temperatures

If an electrical device is exposed to excessively high temperatures or is near a heat source such as a fire, it may cause an electric short circuit. Therefore, make sure that electrical devices are not near any heat-generating sources.

Incompatible Cable

You must use a cable capacity that is suitable for its application. That is, if you need electricity with a high enough voltage, make sure the capacity of the cable that carries the electric current is appropriate and not under the voltage you are using. This effort is one way to prevent electrical short circuits.

Overloaded Outlet

A T-terminal socket is an electrical device commonly used for everyday purposes. However, it is not uncommon for a short circuit to occur at the socket due to careless use.

One of the causes of a short circuit is an overloaded socket. If there are too many wires plugged into the socket and pile up, they can generate heat. The high temperature comes from the electric current accumulated by the socket. Short circuits can also occur.

Wet Contact Outlet

Water is a substance that can conduct electricity. If an electrical device is exposed to spilled water, of course, it can cause an electric short circuit. Therefore, keep all appliances and power sources away from splashing water.…

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Real Estate: Definition, Examples, Differences with Property

Real EstateInvestment has become one of the most popular things lately. You can join in various assets ranging from stocks, gold, and property to real estate. Maybe not a few of you are still unfamiliar with the last investment. You can not only find the word real estate in soap operas to Korean dramas which are usually associated with rich people, but you can also find it in real life! If you are interested in knowing more about definitions, and examples to know the difference between real estate and property, you can find out in the following review. Let’s see together!

What is Real Estate?

Quoted from Wikipedia in Indonesian, real estate (real estate) or real estate is a legal term that includes land together with anything that resides on the land, such as buildings or projects. The real estate business is a type of activity with great potential for the long term. For this reason, many people are interested in this field, including investing. This industry, which was first regulated by the government in 1974, is generally known by many people as a business of buildings, housing, and other buildings.

Real Estate Example

Not only abroad, but Indonesian real estate can also now be said to have developed rapidly to attract many investors. You will find it easy to meet real estate agents spread all over the area. If you think that real estate is synonymous with housing, then obviously this understanding is not quite right because who would have thought that real estate has a large enough scope? Real estate is grouped into 3 different categories namely residential, commercial, and finally industrial.

Based on these three categories, we can provide examples of real estate to add insight. Some of them are townhomes, retail stores, factories, houses, condominiums, housing, and office buildings. After knowing the various examples, you cannot clearly say that a building, factory, or even a condominium is real estate, because you need to check again who owns the land and the building. Is it important? Yes, because it could be that the building is a property. To be clearer, you can find the difference between the two in the next review.

Difference with Property

If it is often associated with houses to housing, real estate does not seem much different from the property. Of course, this statement is not quite right. Is there any difference? There is! However, before going any further, we will explain the property. The property itself is ownership of the land or buildings attached to it so if you own a property. You are not only entitled to the land but also the buildings on it.

Based on this understanding, can you conclude what is the difference between real estate and property? Real estate only focuses on the physical aspect, namely buildings or land, while the property is not only limited to that but is also based on ownership of both the building and the land. The difference is pretty straightforward, right? So, now you can differentiate between the two very well to make it even more real, one example of a property that you can find is Mustika Park Place.

Housing located on Jl. Burangeng Raya, Setu – Bekasi, Kec. Setu, West Java has many advantages in terms of certificates of Building Use Rights to PBB. Another advantage that you can enjoy is a variety of interesting facilities, complete with greenery, infiltration lakes, and clubhouses. What is no less interesting, this area is also equipped with a mini market.

Real Estate and Property Investment Benefits

Bonus! If you are interested in investing in this field, it would be nice for you to know the advantages or advantages of investing in real estate and property. Some of the benefits include having a lower risk than other investments, profits that tend to increase over time, and many more. This tempting offer is what makes investors start to switch to real estate and property investment. Are you the next investor?

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding the meaning, examples,  and differences between real estate and property which can be additional knowledge, especially for those of you who want to invest. There are no more words that you don’t understand or understand after reading this article that we made, aren’t it? It’s no longer for personal knowledge, you can also share this important information with friends and family so you won’t be misguided if you are offered an investment, both real estate and property. Now, you can rest easy on investing!…

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Most Popular Bedroom Inspiration, Make You Feel More At Home

HomeThe bedroom is a private room that is used to release the fatigue after a day of activities outside the home. Not only resting but the bedroom can also be used as a place to relax. Work and do other interesting activities.

As a private area, the bedroom should be designed according to the needs and tastes of its occupants. A room with a limited size must consider the interior color, the size of the furniture, and the way things are arranged so that it feels comfortable and not cramped.

To add to your reference, here are 5 bedroom inspirations that you can apply to your home.

Industrial Bedroom

Not only suitable for use in restaurant designs but industrial themes can also be applied to your bedroom. This design features gray-toned materials such as concrete floors, and unfinished or left plain walls without a touch of light-colored paint.

To give the impression of what it is, industrial bedrooms can utilize recycled materials. Some of them are like a bed made of packing wood. Chairs made from used car tires, and decorative lights strung from used pipes.

Rustic Themed Bedroom

The rustic bedroom is one of the most popular bedroom designs in 2021 because it can present a natural atmosphere in it. This design is characterized by the use of earth-tone colors such as light brown, brick red, and white.

In contrast to the classic design, a rustic bedroom uses an interior without finishing. Tables and beds were left in the original brown color without varnish. While the walls were left as is without mortar or paint.

Scandinavian Style Bedroom

The Scandinavian concept is famous for everything white. From wall paint, furniture, and floors to ornaments such as pillows and curtains. Many bedrooms with this concept have been adapted to minimalist homes because they can give a broad and bright impression to the bedroom.

In order not to look stiff, a Scandinavian bedroom can be added with a touch of other colors through ornamental plants, wall hangings, and lights. In addition, you should use a yellow bulb at night to make it look cool and comfortable to the eyes.

Eclectic Bedroom

For those of you who have a cheerful and energetic personalities. An eclectic bedroom can represent your interesting personality. You can experiment with different flashy colors like red, yellow, and orange.

The hallmark of an eclectic bedroom is the use of various colors in cloth ornaments. Such as carpets, curtains, bed linen to wall hangings. Then the motifs that stand out are geometric shapes such as zig-zag, vertical, lines, and circles.

Artwork concept bedroom

The bedroom is one area where you can express your feelings and style freely. If you like street art, there’s nothing wrong with applying it to several parts of the bedroom.

With minimalist room walls and furniture. Add a mural painting on one of the walls. The other side can be decorated in the form of signposts, traffic signs, or posters. This room design is perfect for teenage boys.

Those are some of the most popular bedroom inspirations in 2021 that can be applied to your home with a minimalist concept. The bedroom is a private area, so it’s not a problem if the concept is different from the main house design.…

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Minimalist Home Ceiling Design Models, Easy to Follow!

Home It can be said that the ceiling is part of a home structure that is rarely a concern for many people. The selection and installation of the right ceiling will be enough to determine the comfort of a room in the home. Today, most modern minimalist design houses use ceilings. A properly installed ceiling will affect facilitate air circulation so that it can muffle sound, especially for music rooms and the like.

So, here are some ceiling design recommendations for a minimalist home that you can consider!

White Minimalist Ceiling

White is a color that can be used to give a clean and spacious impression and is even very suitable when combined with other colors. Rooms are usually 3 x 3 or 3 x 4 in size, so as not to seem cramped, a white ceiling will help give a different touch.

To get rid of the monotonous impression on this ceiling model, you can add lamps with a modern or classic design. White light can make the atmosphere of the room brighter, while yellow gives calm and peace.

Wood Accent Home Ceiling

For a modern classic home look, the ceiling of the house can be made of wood and PVC boards. To create an elegant impression, the ceiling can be completely covered with wood. Meanwhile, to keep it looking modern, wood materials can be partially applied to the ceiling and then combined with pendant lights or planting lights.

Round Minimalist Ceiling

The round ceiling design is more suitable to be applied to rooms that are slightly larger and without partitions, for example, a family room, living room, or dining room. With a unique design, this ceiling simply uses a simple form of lamp or hidden lamp in your minimalist home.

Minimalist Cone Concept Ceiling

Building a summer vacation atmosphere in the bedroom is certainly something you might be able to do. You can simply use a ceiling with a classic cone concept. A ceiling with this shape is very popular because it looks high and makes the room feel airy and spacious.

To make the classic impression stand out, even more, a rotating fan can be installed in the center of the ceiling instead of a lamp. For lighting, you can use hidden lamps, spotlights, or stick lamps.

Coffered Type Minimalist Ceiling

The ceiling design with the Coffered type is made to make the room look more unique and attractive. This ceiling is made of square panels made from wood planks, mirrors, and metal.

In the center of the panel, you can place a luxurious hanging crystal chandelier as the main lighting. Meanwhile, on the side panel several small lights can be installed but with dimmer lighting to support the main light.

Futuristic Minimalist Ceiling

For those of you who like modern concepts and keep up with the latest technological developments, a minimalist ceiling with a futuristic touch is highly recommended. Use quirky colors like silver, gray, or gold to make this concept stand out.

Ceilings with a futuristic theme are very easy to combine with other room interiors such as sofas, tables, wall hangings, and even high-tech items. Futuristic minimalist ceilings can be used in kitchens, living rooms, and workspaces.…