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Kinds of Superior Home Ventilation, Stuffy Disappears

Home A healthy life cannot only be created from a diet. The need for air in the room is also very important. Therefore, home air ventilation is very necessary and must exist in every residence. Air ventilation itself has a working system that regulates the entry and exit of air into the room so that the room feels fresh and comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, some houses don’t apply proper ventilation so the room becomes stuffy and uncomfortable.

To get the best air. A good air ventilation system is also needed. A good air ventilation system has several criteria, namely being able to distribute air optimally, having sufficient openings, and being able to filter incoming dust or dirty air. This can be achieved by paying attention to the type of air ventilation that will be used in the house. Here are various types of air vents that will make the room feel cool and anti-stuffed.

Ventilation Window

This type is very commonly used, unfortunately, the ventilation window doesn’t work optimally due to an error in the installation process. Window ventilation is usually placed above the main window with a horizontal position and a small gap. However, errors often occur in the size and amount that is not adjusted to the area of ​​the room, so that the air entering and leaving is less than optimal.

Please note that this type of ventilation must have an area of ​​5% of the area of ​​the room, especially for example bedrooms. The installation system must also be considered. The oven is installed face-to-face so that the heat will not settle in the room.

Lost Ventilation

The lobster vent is not only suitable for maximizing air circulation, but also a unique decoration. Lost ventilation is a ventilation style in the form of gaps that form an interesting pattern. This ventilation style is often used as a room divider and also a house fence. Usually, loster vents are made of wood, cement, or ceramic. By using looser ventilation, the house will look decorative and also have fresh air circulation.

Janus ventilation

Janus ventilation is a type of ventilation that is installed on a horizontal window. This type has many advantages that deserve to be the ventilation of choice. Just as a model of adjustable slits so that the light intensity can be obtained as desired. This ventilation is also able to filter dirty air properly. With easy open and close controls, jalousie ventilation is also very easy to use according to the needs of the space. The jalousie model is also very natural and decorative so it can make the room look more eye-catching.

Mechanical Ventilation

In mechanical ventilation, there is the use of an exhaust fan is placed on the roof of the ceiling. The use of ventilation with suction fans is indeed very clean because the air that enters the room will be extracted first. The result of extraction is clean air which is channeled back into the room and polluted air will be discharged through the attic. The use of ventilation is very effective because it can remove contaminated air. This type can be a trap for insects and dust.

Skylight Style Ventilation

Skylights or so-called windows are on the roof of the house. This type of ventilation is usually placed in houses with sloping roofs or low roofs. With this style of ventilation, the roof looks more artistic. However, it needs proper installation so that the roof is easy to use. This type of air vent usually uses aluminum combined with tempered glass.

Air Vent with Glass Nako

Minimalist air ventilation using Nako glass has been used for a long time. This glass is installed with a grid, with slots that can be opened and closed flexibly. No glass itself is now rarely used in housing. Even though Nako glass combined with wood materials gives a simple artistic impression. The utilization of Nako glass as air ventilation is also very appropriate. Because it can be adjusted, the nako glass can control the intensity of light and the air that comes in and out. Cleaning dust on the nako glass is also very easy. At first glance, the Nako glass works like an AC fan, only it’s done manually.

Air Vent from Bamboo

Have you ever tried or found a style of air ventilation with a model like this? This ventilation takes advantage of the natural shape of bamboo in the form of a hollow center. Bamboo will be cut into small pieces. Then installed parallel to form a pattern large enough to fill the air in the room. By utilizing bamboo, the house will seem natural and fresh, and unique. This style also makes the house feel like it is in the countryside. In addition to the living room, air vents with …

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Alternative Residential Container House on the Outskirt City

Residential Apart from being a residential design trend today, container houses are also said to be the most economical home concept in the future. Enough with container cargo, you can already create a dwelling that is quite comfortable but can still look aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, container houses can be a solution to the increasing demand for comfortable properties at affordable prices. Entering the category of semi-permanent buildings. Container houses are dwellings made of container materials used to transport goods.

Having a strong character, resistant to hot and cold weather, and being easily applied to the shape of a house is the reason containers are used as an alternative material in the manufacture of this container house.

So, to find out more, see an explanation of the history, advantages, disadvantages, and recommendations for container houses.

History of Container Houses

The idea of ​​making residential container houses has existed since the 1980s, then began to be developed by an architect from California named Peter DeMaria. Starting from his interest in a large number of unused used containers, this smart architect then explored the steel cargo as a livable dwelling.

As we know, these containers have a minimum weight of 24,000 to 30,480 kg. To build a house with a certain area, Peter DeMaria uses more than one container and combines it with other materials such as galvalume, wood, and glass. This design was successfully accepted by the community so the demand for the manufacture of container houses continues to increase.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Container Houses

Being a solution to the high cost of building permanent houses. Container houses have several advantages and disadvantages, including the following!

Advantages of container houses

  • In making a container house does not require a long time. From assembly to interior design it only takes about 2 -4 weeks.
  • Made of steel, container houses are fairly resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and fires.
  • When compared to permanent buildings, container houses are fairly cheap and fairly easy to maintain.
  • Derived from used containers, having a container house can be said to participate in environmental preservation. Besides that, because the building is semi-permanent it is very easy to dismantle if you want to move it to another location.

Disadvantages of container houses

  • Because it is made of steel, container houses very easy to conduct solar heat. It is recommended to place the container house in a cool environment so that it remains comfortable to live in both day and night.
  • Used containers can only be shipped using special trucks, so care must be taken at the construction site.
  • Even though the installation method is easy, container houses must be assembled by experts or experienced ones. This is because container houses are designed and have different installation methods from houses in general.

Container House Design Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for attractive and unique container house designs:

Minimalist modern container house design

Container houses with a modern minimalist design are unique in their small size but not insulated. Consisting of two combined containers, the house has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in one row.

Liked by many young people, container houses with a modern minimalist design use lots of bright colors such as yellow, red, and orange to create a cheerful and lively impression.

Mixed wood container house design

In contrast to the minimalist design, container houses combined with wood usually have a larger size and are in the shape of the letter L. Wood accents are usually used on floors, windows, and roofs.

Besides being able to add to the aesthetics of the container house. The use of wood has another function, namely as a damper for hot air temperatures. This design is perfect for container homes built in hot locations such as beaches or suburbs.

Multilevel container house design

For those of you who want a container house built in a densely populated environment, you can apply a multilevel container house design. This design is a solution for small families who want a container house that has more than one room.

To be even more sturdy and aesthetic, multilevel container houses can be combined with brick walls, galvalume roof trusses, and glass windows. Make sure to make enough ventilation and windows so that air circulation in the house is maintained.…

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Home Interior Color that You Can Apply to Your Home

Home Are you one of those people who is very concerned about choosing interior colors for your home? If so, how important is color selection really important to you?

Quoted from Healthgrades, people choose colors for their homes for several reasons: first is to express style, second is to make a room feel bigger, and third is to warm up the room.

If color is chosen to create a visual experience, then psychologically color can also radically affect mood and emotion. A color is also a classic form of communication that can project your personality and can act as a regulator of harmony in every room of your home.

Unknowingly, we also often change the color of the house. Which is adjusted to the nuances, atmosphere, and mood that we are experiencing. So, are you confused about choosing the right color for your home?

Choosing lilac color as the color of your house inside could be an alternative choice to create a powerful contact. The lilac color which is a spinoff of purple or usually additionally referred to as pastel purple will give a mushy, romantic, female, and soothing impression.

However, you need to know that this color should not be applied arbitrarily in your home. This of course will irritate the eye and affect creating a negative atmosphere as well as nuance.

As with furniture items, color also needs to be positioned and applied to the right parts of the house. So, which rooms are suitable for applying the lilac color?

Sitting room

To create a romantic, soft, bright, and comfortable impression. It is better to combine lilac colors with white in your living room. Focus on the lilac color on the walls and then white on the sills, ceiling, floor, curtains, and other accessories.

If you want to add a firm impression to your living room. Be sure to choose a dark-colored sofa like brown or black. Even though it reflects a modern impression, the lilac color is perfect when paired with a classic chandelier or a table made of glass material.


The bedroom is an important part of the house, one of the keys to making it comfortable is the choice of paint colors that are cool on the eyes. The lilac color which is included in the pastel color group is considered capable of changing the atmosphere of a stiff room to be relaxed and calming.

Even though it seems soft, the lilac color can not only be used by women. If the bedroom is used by a married couple. Give dark color accents such as black or gray to create an elegant and slightly masculine impression.

Family room

Apart from the lilac color, the earth tone color is one of the colors that are quite popular this year. Earth tone colors are inspired by the elements of the earth such as water, soil, and plants so the colors that are emphasized are hazelnut, mocha, beige and green.

When lilac and earth tones are combined in the living room, a trendy, natural, and warm impression is created. Apply a good paint color thoroughly on the walls of the room. So, so that it doesn’t feel empty, you can add some additional properties. Such as abstract paintings or framed family photos.

Don’t hesitate to combine the earthy brown sofa with the gray carpet because the natural and natural impression becomes even clearer. To display a natural impression, you can also place various plants such as your mother-in-law’s tongue, yellow palm, and aloe vera in the corner of the room.


So that a kitchen dominated by lilac does not seem monotonous. You can also use additional white floating shelves and kitchen cabinets. In addition, the use of gold interiors and accessories in the kitchen is believed to evoke positive energy and creativity.

For a kitchen with a limited size in a minimalist home, it is not recommended to combine lilac colors with black, pink, or red. The reason is, these three colors will psychologically make the kitchen atmosphere dark, stuffy, and gloomy.…

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Beautiful Garden Lamp Designs, Making Homes More Aesthetic

Homes In general, homes with a minimalist concept will always leave at least a patch of land that is usually used as a garden. The location is mostly placed in front or behind the house. Of course, the presence of a garden in a house with a minimalist concept is beneficial in creating the impression of a beautiful and cool residence, especially with garden lights.

To support a romantic and aesthetic impression, the presence of garden lights is enough to be considered a complement to a minimalist residential design. In choosing the design of the garden lamp, it must be considered and considered.

Garden lights function as night lighting and create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the home environment. However, of course, the model and shape must be adapted to the concept of the house and the garden itself.

So, to get the right choice of garden lights, here are recommendations you need to consider!

Classic Model Garden Lights

The classic model garden lamp is one of the lamp designs that is widely used as a garden decoration in front of the house. This classic Victorian model has been chosen because it can make gardens and homes look more elegant.

There are also two types of classic garden lamps, the first is a long pole with a glass bulb cover. Meanwhile, the second type is attached to the wall with a golden carved motif and uses a yellow bulb.

Spotlight Model Garden Lights (Spotlight)

In general, garden lights are made a little dim, but now some people prefer gardens decorated with bright lights. Using spotlights on the walls will make the atmosphere of the garden and the exterior of the house more dramatic.

However, if you want to create a romantic impression, you can provide additional properties such as spotlights along the path and direct the light to the bushes or tree bodies.


Garden lighting innovations that are quite popular are downlights. These lights are usually flat round and placed in places that are rarely seen.

One of them is placed under the steps of the terrace of the house, between the expanse of stones, and around flower pots. Downlights are usually installed in a row or evenly around the garden to give a broad and airy impression.

Tumblr Outdoor Lights

This classic light bulb arrangement is most suitable for placing in the garden behind the house. Even though it emits a yellow light, this Tumblr outdoor lamp can give a cheerful, warm and attractive impression.

Tumblr outdoor lights are usually tied between two poles or large trees. Even though it uses electricity, this lamp is safe if it is turned on when it rains. Not only can you enjoy it while relaxing, but a garden with outdoor Tumblr lighting decorations is also perfect for holding a party with friends and family.

Decorative Garden Lights

To make your home garden feel more unique and attractive, using decorative garden lights is the right choice. In contrast to garden lights in general, this type of lamp can form shadows according to the light pattern.

Decorative garden lights are widely used because they can build a cozy and calm atmosphere at night. Even if it is placed in the right corner of the garden, it can be used as an attractive and aesthetic photo spot.

Those are some recommendations for garden lamp designs that can make your home atmosphere cozy, romantic, and aesthetic. Choose a residence that offers a house with an attractive garden design. Mustika Village Karawang is a prestigious residence that can realize the dreams of consumers with a charming home design.…

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Various Types of Room Partition for Minimalist Homes

Room PartitionIn general, the inside of a house consists of a living room, family room, and dining room. To limit each area, the three rooms are usually separated by walls, bulkheads, or partitions. However, for a minimalist home, using a room partition divider is the most widely used alternative. By using the right partition, the room will look more spacious and aesthetic.

Here are several types of room partitions for minimalist homes that you can apply to your home.

Glass Room Partitions

One of the materials commonly used to limit a room is a glass partition. This material is widely used because glass is strong, thick, and not easily damaged. In addition, glass is available in various designs so that it can make the room look more attractive.

Not only used as room partitions in the house but glass partitions can also be used in office spaces. Its semi-permanent nature makes maintenance and renovation costs cheaper. Not only in form of transparent, opaque, or textured glass partitions can also be combined with wood or other materials.

Room Partition from Mirror

Minimalist residential owners want a room that seems spacious and bright, so using mirror partitions is highly recommended. The mirror has the property of reflecting light so that during the day the room becomes bright even with a little sunlight.

In order not to look fragile, mirrors can be combined with iron or wood materials. Apart from functioning as a support, this material can enhance the uniqueness and beauty of the mirror partition itself.

Iron Room Partition

Some interior designs are now starting to dare to use iron partitions as room dividers in minimalist homes. Even though it is thick and heavy, iron partitions are suitable for use in minimalist homes because their designs can adjust to the size of the room.

Hollow frame iron is a material that is widely used for partitions because it is easy to shape and can be combined with cinema, wood, and glass wool. It is also quite easy to maintain, namely by wiping dry all surfaces exposed to dust regularly.

Rattan Room Partition

Instead of using wood materials, some residential owners choose rattan materials to be used as partitions. Rattan partitions have unique characteristics, namely in the form of woven, semi-transparent, and made of natural materials.

As for maintenance, rattan partitions are very easy to repair and coat with new paint if damage occurs. Not only using brown paint but rattan partitions can also be colored in pastel colors such as lilac, white and pink for a shabby chic concept room.

Wooden Room Partition in the Shape of a Multifunctional Shelf

Shelf-shaped partitions have a dual function, namely as a divider between rooms, and can be used as a place to place decorations such as books, photo frames, or ornamental plants. Partitions of this form are usually placed between the living room and the family room, or between the dining room and the family room.

The use of shelf-shaped partitions is deliberately used in minimalist homes to give a modern and decorative impression. In addition, this partition is also used to direct traffic inside the house, so its size must be adjusted to the shape of the room.

In addition, for homes with limited room sizes, such as 3 x 3 or 3 x 4, you should use partitions that are easy to move or move. Sections of this type are semi-permanent. So when you need ample space for a particular event, the room divider can be moved first.…

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Tips for Choosing Kitchen Wall Ceramics, Already Done

Kitchen WallUsually, when you want to make a kitchen, you will be confused about choosing the right motif or design for kitchen wall tiles. The reason is, kitchen wall tiles are one of the determining factors for the comfort of a kitchen. Therefore, for those of you who like to cook, it’s better if you know about tips on choosing the right kitchen wall tiles. There are lots of tips you can do. Both from the selection of colors, motifs, materials, and other sides. If you intend to make kitchen ceramics, here are tips that can be done.

Paying Attention to the Selection of Ceramic Materials

The first tip you can do is to choose the ceramic material you want to use. For ceramics near the stove, you can choose ceramics with a type of heat-resistant material. This is so that the ceramic does not crack easily when exposed to fire. Meanwhile, in the food processing area, you can use ceramic with a glossy coating. The goal is to make it easy to clean when exposed to stains. The following are some types of ceramic materials commonly used.

Natural stone


This type of ceramic is very easy to find and is the most widely used. The advantage is in the various colors, such as white, gray, black, and brownish red. Then this type also has a variety of patterns, for example, fine to dramatic fibers. Unfortunately, this type of material is quite expensive.


This natural stone is no less beautiful. Comes in neutral colors like beige, gray, and warmer colors. Its uniqueness is in the natural cavities found on the surface of the layer.


This type of natural stone usually comes in a shiny dark color. So it is suitable for use on wall tiles or kitchen floors.


This type of material tends to have dark colors, such as gray, cream, and brown. Its advantage is to have good resistance.

Artificial wall


This artificial wall has good density because it has gone through a high-temperature combustion process. This makes it very durable when used.


Glass is a material that has a different luster. In general,

comes in a beautiful colorful mosaic format. Interestingly again, glass

very easy to clean. However, you need to be careful because glass is a material that is prone to breaking.

Paying attention to the color and size of ceramics

Don’t underestimate the color and size of the ceramic used for the kitchen. The reason is that these two things can determine the broad and narrow impression of a kitchen room. Ceramics that have a large size can help make the room wider. Meanwhile, small-sized ceramics can make the kitchen feel narrower.

For matters of color, don’t forget to also adjust it to the lighting in your kitchen. If the light source is not too bright, then choose a bright ceramic color. Likewise, if the light source is bright enough, choose ceramic with a color that is not too flashy.

Choosing Ceramic Motifs that Match Interior Designs

The kitchen will look more attractive if the ceramic used matches the theme of the room. For example, if the kitchen has a cheerful design, you can add fruit motif kitchen wall tiles. It could also be with a kitchen that has a minimalist style and add minimalist kitchen wall tiles which were a trend in 2020. These tips are very useful for avoiding tiles that don’t match the theme of the kitchen.

The function of ceramics is to protect the walls from dirt or damage. However, the aesthetic value should not be missed. So try to keep the ceramic wall pattern to the theme of the kitchen itself. To make it prettier, you can add a matching kitchen set, table, and dining chairs.

Adding Certain Ornaments

The addition of ornaments is also very important. Where ornaments will make your kitchen panels even more beautiful. Try to choose ornaments that match the theme of your kitchen so that the designs don’t collide. Don’t forget to also adjust the color of the list with the ceramic so that it looks even better.

Choose a Floor Surface

Apart from ceramics for the walls, ceramics for the kitchen floor are also not to be missed. You also need to know what type of ceramic will be used for your kitchen. This is done so that it is easier for you to clean the floor. In addition, try to also choose ceramics for the floor according to the kitchen theme.

Adjusting the Price of Ceramics According to Needs

Another tip that should not be missed is to adjust the type of ceramic with the budget that has been prepared. So, plan expenses in detail before deciding to buy ceramics. If so, also compare prices between ceramic brands so …

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Fashionable! Here Are Simple Modern Home Facade Designs

Modern HomeNowadays, the facade of a modern home with a minimalist concept is becoming a trend among architecture lovers. Not surprisingly, apart from being a determinant of the appearance of a house as a whole, the facade also reflects the personality of its inhabitants. So the selection of the facade concept must be by the character of its inhabitants.  The outer side of a building or what is more popularly known as the facade is the first part of a house that first gets public attention. Therefore the facade of the house becomes an important element when choosing a home design.

Facade of a 2-story house with white nuances with a minimalist garden

White paint always manages to give off a minimalist and serene feel. The asymmetrical design with one simple entrance provides aesthetic value. You can also see the path leading to the entrance which is flanked by a simple garden. Suitable for you who like aesthetic and simple things.

Minimalist Facade With Wide Garage

The garage is an element of the house that is no less important. This minimalist main house building is equipped with a spacious garage. The spacious garage can not only be used for vehicles but you can also combine it with the gym area. Apart from the gym area, you can also take advantage of this large garage area. This is one of the minimalist home facade designs needed in 2021.

Minimalist Classic

This 3-story house with a classic style falls into the category of a classic minimalist facade. house facades like this are loved by fans of antique and classic things. Houses that make better use of the building’s height are suitable for densely populated areas. This is because the available land is not so wide. There is an attic that doubles as storage and a small garage that fits one car or a few motorbikes.

Stylish minimalist house design with a combination of white and dark brown colors

The following is a house with a simple minimalist facade. You don’t need a big house, this minimalist but the functional house can be your choice. The combination of bone white and dark brown makes the house look stylish. With a simple entrance, this design certainly does not require a large area.

Mustika Park Place Setu Bekasi is a modern residential area that offers many types of houses. You can choose the type of house that suits you and your family’s needs. This can guarantee that the existing land will function optimally.

Not only that, this area always strives to create a place that can accommodate family needs safely and comfortably. The theme carried, namely SAFE – smart, active, functional, eco-friendly.

Minimalist 3-story house with black outer paint and wooden gate accents

The design of this house has a minimalist and sturdy facade. The black color gives an elegant and closed impression. The house is elevated without a garage but has a protruding entrance so you can still use it for vehicle parking. This closed design is suitable for those of you who value privacy.

Modern Minimalist House Facade 1 Floor

This house has a minimalist facade with a 1-story model. Utilizing the front area of ​​the house to plant flowers makes the atmosphere more beautiful. A modern home that still has an old-school feel by adding cobblestone accents to the road leading to the main door. In addition to the main door, there is a side door for more flexible access in and out.

Minimalist Old House

The picture above shows a simple home design with a mix of 4 colors that gives a calm impression. You can use a wooden ventilated door for the garage, perfect for the photo in front of it. The two pillars in front of the main door give the impression of a solid façade.

Modern 3 Floor House Facade

This house has a modern design with a minimalist facade. Structures like this are often found in big cities and are perfect for those of you who have a small family. Even though there is an oversized garage, there is still a parking lot inside the fence. Home designs with facades like this are loved by millennials because they have minimalist and aesthetic points.

Minimalist House Design with a Garden on the 2nd Floor

The minimalist exterior of the second floor utilizes the mini garden on the top floor. Even though it’s minimalist, it still gives a beautiful impression. Wooden doors with sliding models can save narrow room space. Hollow roofs and walls can provide enough sunlight so you don’t need to be afraid of being exposed to the sun that is too stinging.

This house model has a mid-century facade. Houses with this facade tend to have asymmetrical shapes and flat ceilings. The front of the house is …