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Day: July 22, 2010

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Recommended Luxury Stair Models for Your Dream Home

HomeWant to have a luxurious staircase? the model of a friendly and grand staircase is indeed the dream of many people. Especially for those of you who always dreamed of owning a level house. Stairs not only function to connect two floors but are also made to give a luxurious impression to reflect the aesthetics or beauty as well as art of a home. For this reason, we will provide various kinds of recommendations for luxury staircase models, ranging from minimalist to optimal. Come see and choose your dream!

Minimalism Is Not A Barrier Aesthetics

This minimalist home ladder model is so simple but looks luxurious. This type of staircase is often chosen because of its open and close-to-wall model, so it is perfect for minimalist homes that minimize the use of space.

Narrow Area with Winding Stairs

If you want to minimize the space used for stairs, then this narrow spiral staircase design can be a perfect choice. Even though its existence has always been used to go up to the attic, now it is no less beautiful and functions as a way up to the house’s second floor.

Sturdy Concrete Stairs Make the House Feel Stronger

Even though it has a fairly complicated casting process, concrete staircase models are often the choice because they are sturdy and easy to shape during manufacturing. Working long enough but obtaining satisfactory results will make people choose this ladder model.

Luxurious Minimalist!

The 2-story minimalist staircase model can be made small, but make sure it still looks beautiful and luxurious with a trellis. It will look more attractive if the selected color combination is in harmony with the color of the floor and walls.

The Beautiful Minimalist

The following beautiful minimalist staircase design is no less interesting to apply. It looks so simple, but you can’t ignore the elegant impression of the color selection. Pretty interesting right?

Looks Luxurious But the Model is So Simple

Everyone certainly has different perceptions, including determining which type of 2-story luxury staircase looks so elegant. You can even say a ladder without legs is luxurious if you know how to arrange it like the picture above.

Elegant Three Floor Staircase

Not only two floors, but three-story houses also need to pay attention to the use of stairs complete with designs and colors. Not only that, but the placement is exactly precise, namely directly close to the wall so that even though the house is minimalist, it will look very spacious.

Wooden Stairs Can Look So Luxurious

The use of wood base materials for making stairs is no less than what has been discussed previously. Not only does it appear more natural, but it can also create a luxurious impression that attracts the eye. Even more so if the stairs are given attractive lighting like in the picture. This model of the ladder is suitable for you to apply to your dream home like the one at Mustika Park Place, Bekasi. It’s no longer stairs and houses, the environment is so positive, complete with attractive facilities.

European-style stairs, never out of date

Ancient words may have occurred when reading European-style stairs. We recommend this luxury staircase model, which is more of a type to the European side. Which is timeless, aka always looks luxurious and charming.

The Classic Design Makes Your Heart Fall

It doesn’t take up a lot of space but still has a classic design so it looks so luxurious. This is one of the mainstays of this staircase model. This marble staircase design is known as the Victorian Style. Even though they spend quite a bit in the manufacturing process, the quality provided is of course comparable.

Unique Staircase Design Makes Your Home Look Different

Ladder models are generally common, so choosing a ladder with a unique model will make your home look different. That’s the statement that will appear when you see this unique staircase design. What’s more, in the eyes of the baby, it could make the house a more comfortable place to play.…