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Minimalist Bathroom That Makes Bathing More Comfortable

Minimalist BathroomWho doesn’t like to enjoy relaxing time in the bathroom? Apart from being a place to clean themselves, many people use the bathroom as a place to relax from the fatigue of activities. Enjoying the rush of water while listening to music can reduce stress levels. Especially if these conditions are supported by a minimalist bathroom design.

Various bathroom designs can be chosen to accompany activities in the bathroom. These various choices must of course be combined with the needs, functions, and also the existing funds. If you haven’t found the right design yet, try to look at the various minimalist bathroom design options below.

Natural Bathroom Design

Creating this bathroom design concept is very easy. Place plants in as many corners of the room as possible. Make sure that the space available for plants is large enough to give a natural impression. If you lack space, try applying the hanging plant concept which makes the room more beautiful.

Minimalist Two Tone Bathroom Design

Two Tone is applied by combining two colors in one room. You can try a contrasting or soft color. For example, the use of black bathroom walls with a combination of white room and floor. To add to the aesthetic impression, choose lightly patterned ceramics such as marble stone motifs. Furniture in the bathroom must also have a matching color.

Bathroom Design by Utilizing Lighting

Bathroom lighting can also create an elegant impression in the room. First, use the downlight technique where the lights with minimal light are right above the bath and closet. The second is with an indirect light system, by hiding the light behind the wall in the sink area. This style will create a dramatic and elegant impression. Designs like this are often found in luxury hotels.

Luxury Bathroom Design

By applying marble stone tiles on the walls and floors, the bathroom design will look luxurious and fancy. To beautify each part, you can use glass material for the shower cubicle area or the partition door. Apart from being luxurious, you will get a bathroom area that feels spacious.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×2

Small bathrooms can still look luxurious by adding wood elements to them. You can place wood materials in the sink area or on the goods shelf. To leave an elegant impression, display only two or one main colors in the bathroom area, such as choosing only white or black and white.

Toilet Minimalist Bathroom Design

The bathroom feels cramped with one shower container and toilet. Try a bulkhead style using concrete, cement, or brick partitions. Use one wall color tone, then give a natural effect by placing plants in the corner of the sink or near the sitting closet. Also, beautify with wall hangings like paintings.

Rustic Bathroom Design

Bored with the usual bathroom style? Try a natural, country-style bathroom design. Elements of the bathroom can be affixed with wood material as the walls, or use river stone and bamboo. The point is to use natural materials while paying attention to modern bathroom furniture.

Squat toilet minimalist bathroom design

Do you doubt that you can turn a bathroom with a squat toilet into a special room? Even if it’s just a bathroom with a squat toilet, make sure it still looks classy. Create a classy impression by using natural stone as a footing and cement tub or carving tub. Add an arrangement of one-color bricks in the shelving area, shower, or behind the toilet.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×3

No need to worry about a tiny bathroom. What you need to pay attention to is choosing small furniture without reducing its function. You can also divide the area between the closet and the shower using a curtain with a pattern. This curtain will also give a sweet appearance when opened.

Simple Bathroom Design

Do not want to waste a lot of money to polish the bathroom? You can create a simple but neat bathroom. The following picture shows a bathroom with a cement tub and a squat toilet. You can replace the shelves with wood to make them look nice.

Japanese-style Oriental Bathroom Design

Want to create the feel of a Japanese-style bathroom? Really can. You need a wood parquet which is part of the walls and floor of the bathroom. While the lighting was chosen a little dim because the wood parquet itself provides light assistance. You can also add Japanese stools.…