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Aesthetic Minimalist Bedroom Design Recommendations

Bedroom DesignHave a minimalist bedroom design? Bored with this design and intend to find a more comfortable bedroom atmosphere? Before discussing this further, did you know that the bedroom can be said to be one part of the house which is not only used as a resting room but also a private area for the owner?

Therefore, in designing a bedroom, a homeowner will certainly be very detailed and thorough so that it fits as desired. However, what if the bedroom you have is not so wide/narrow? So, here are recommendations for small/minimalist bedroom designs that you can consider implementing in your room.

All-White Themed Bedroom Design

The bedroom is a private room that is often used as a place to unwind after a day’s activities. This reason requires that a room must be designed properly to improve the mood of its occupants.

Choosing the right color theme for the bedroom is an alternative that can be done to improve the owner’s mood.

White can be your choice in determining the color of the wall paint or the basic color of the furniture in the room. Why? because the white color will give the impression of neutral and comfortable on the eyes. Not only that, the dominant white color will give a clean and spacious impression.

For those of you who have a bedroom that is not too wide/narrow, of course, it is very suitable to try these tips.

All-Wood Themed Bedroom Design

In large rooms, using all-wood accents will give a classic and monotonous impression. However, when applied to a bedroom design with a smaller room size, it will give a different touch.

By including a wooden interior in a room, it can bring a natural atmosphere to the room, or it can be known as a biophilic design. Biophilic design is a design that combines natural elements into the built environment.

The goal is to increase the comfort of human life. Some of the benefits of biophilic design include increasing productivity, and creativity, and also reducing stress levels.

In practice, wood ornaments can be implemented on the floor covered with parquet and furniture such as beds and cabinets. So, to give a warm impression, you can choose a multifunctional design with light brown wood color.

Monochrome Bedroom Design

For those who like simple bedroom designs, choosing only two colors as the main element of the room is the right choice. A monochrome theme with two pastel color choices will give an elegant, comfortable, and modern impression.

Monochrome bedroom designs are quite interesting because they can be combined with wood or ornamental plants. The color of the walls should be dominated by natural colors such as white, while dark colors can be accentuated by the color of the bed covers, windows, or hanging lamp decorations.

However, along with the development of the world of interior and decoration art, the monochrome theme is not only based on black and white. Some interior designs also mention and often use gray, salmon, and lilac as a combination of two colors in a monochrome-themed room.

Industrial Bedroom Design

It can be said that the selection of bedroom designs can be used to represent one’s personality. Industrial design is no longer a foreign thing. Usually, we often find it in the architecture of cafes, offices, galleries, and other commercial buildings.

However, please note that currently, it is still rare to apply it as a theme or room design. So, why do many of them choose industrial themes for their bedrooms?

Many industrial themes are chosen because they can give a relaxed, free yet aesthetic impression. Industrial bedroom design focuses on interiors that accentuate the unfinished impression. Such as brick walls, cement floors without ceramics, or lamps made of iron pipes.

For those of you who want to apply this design to narrow bedroom decorations, it is recommended to make brick wall ornaments on one side only. The red color of the bricks will present a warm and bright impression in a room with a limited size.

Those are some recommendations for narrow/minimalist bedroom designs that still have an aesthetic impression that you can apply to your home. Interested in having a bedroom design that is comfortable and pleasing to the eye?…