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Luxurious and Best 2-Floor Minimalist House Designs

House Everyone must have a dream house that they want to achieve or build with hard work for years. However, who would have thought, now you might not even need to spend a lot of money to build a house? Moreover, if the house that you want is a luxurious 2-story minimalist house. You only imagine a minimalist 2-story house but don’t know what the design will be like? Here’s a row of designs that can be your best choice!

Courtyard House

This first design is perfect for those of you who have a dream home while still showing a green side that refreshes the eye. So this courtyard can provide a healing sensation after coming home from work. Very interesting huh?

Promenade House

Well, for those of you who don’t have a large area of ​​land to build a house, then this Promenade House design can be a perfect choice. This design will make your house super slim but still, get enough space even though there isn’t much land available.

Moore Park Residence

Do you dream of having a home with a natural concept and don’t want to lose the natural impression it has? Then this house with the Moore Park Residence design feels very right for you. Minimalist interior design with wood elements will make the house look big from the inside. Interesting huh?

Futuristic Architecture

Want to have a modern home? Then you can use futuristic architecture. Even though it’s minimalist, you can also get a modern and classy impression with this one design so that as soon as you enter your home you feel like you’re seeing the future. Of course, it is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be out of date, including in terms of the house.

Kodama architecture

Surely many of you are familiar with the design of this one house. The design created by the Kodasema architectural firm is perfect for those of you who only have one room. Making it two floors makes space very useful, right?

Wood element

If you want to make a modern house but don’t lose its natural impression, then adding various parts of the house with wood elements can be the right choice. Your minimalist home will look very neutral, especially if you use white or cream house paint.

Large Glass Window

The next design has to do with glass! For those of you who have a minimalist but very narrow house, then adding glass ornaments or large glass windows will make it look bigger and wider than it is. Worth not trying?

High Ceiling

Many minimalist home designs use lamps as lighting, but for those of you who want to be more efficient with electricity, you can try this design. A house with a high ceiling will provide natural lighting for the house and also good air circulation.

Classic Design

Even though there have been many modern designs presented by many architects, surely not a few of you still want to accentuate classic values ​​in every part of the house. So that this one design will certainly be on par with your dream classic house. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start discussing with your architect!

Cube Design

If you are tired of seeing the same home designs and dream of having a home with a unique design, then the Cube Design is the best choice. The cube shape will give you the sensation of a wider and more unique room outside the house!…

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Indoor Garden Creations For a Minimalist Home Beautiful

Home An indoor garden is a garden created inside a house. Its location can be adapted to the structure of the building such as under the stairs, next to the kitchen, or near the living room. Interesting right? If you are interested in trying it, here are indoor garden design creations that make a minimalist home beautiful and beautiful!

Tropical Indoor Garden in the Middle of a Building

In architecture, an open space or indoor garden is known as a courtyard. This indoor garden was created to change the rigid and monotonous impression of a house.

Indoor gardens can be filled with various natural elements such as river stones, pebbles, and palm-type plants. Built-in the middle of the house area. A tropical indoor garden can also create a cooler and colder impression.

Indoor Gardens As Liaison Between Spaces

Indoor gardens can also provide aesthetic value to the house. Not always in the form of a spacious area, this garden can be made like a connecting area between the family room and the toilet.

To present a beautiful impression, place plants in pots in a row on the left and right of the road. On the floor, you can put coral to give a natural impression. To make it look charming at night, you can also place spotlights on several sides toward the pot.

Japanese Style Indoor Garden

If you also want to display a unique and charming impression of an indoor garden in your home. There’s nothing wrong with applying a Japanese-style garden concept. This indoor garden in the style of Sakura country is known to be thick with shades of water, bamboo, and green grass.

For the water element, you can put a bamboo shower or a small barrel filled with goldfish. Then place some water bamboo, banyan bonsai, or frangipani bonsai in the corner of the garden. To make the Japanese style even more striking. You can also decorate it with a sumo statue or animal statue that symbolizes your zodiac sign.

Indoor Gardens In Tubes

An alternative indoor garden design that is now in great demand is a garden that is separated from the functional area. This type of garden has a partition made of glass but has no roof.

The shape of this garden is quite diverse, such as tubes, blocks, and cubes. For this type of indoor garden, the variety of plants is even more enjoyable. Not only in the form of ornamental plants in pots. But homeowners can also place medium-sized trees whose branches and leaves rise freely.

Indoor Gardens In Unused Space

In a minimalist-style house, there’s nothing wrong with using unused space to function as an indoor garden. Some of these rooms are the area under the stairs, the corner of the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Because it is in an area far from sunlight, make sure you choose plants that can live indoors. Some of these types of plants are cacti, mother-in-law’s tongue, and aglaonema. However, occasionally you can put it outside the house so that the plant can photosynthesize properly.

For some people, the garden is one area that is quite important in a dwelling. However, not many housing estates provide housing that is equipped with gardens both outside and inside the house.…

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Kinds of Superior Home Ventilation, Stuffy Disappears

Home A healthy life cannot only be created from a diet. The need for air in the room is also very important. Therefore, home air ventilation is very necessary and must exist in every residence. Air ventilation itself has a working system that regulates the entry and exit of air into the room so that the room feels fresh and comfortable to live in. Unfortunately, some houses don’t apply proper ventilation so the room becomes stuffy and uncomfortable.

To get the best air. A good air ventilation system is also needed. A good air ventilation system has several criteria, namely being able to distribute air optimally, having sufficient openings, and being able to filter incoming dust or dirty air. This can be achieved by paying attention to the type of air ventilation that will be used in the house. Here are various types of air vents that will make the room feel cool and anti-stuffed.

Ventilation Window

This type is very commonly used, unfortunately, the ventilation window doesn’t work optimally due to an error in the installation process. Window ventilation is usually placed above the main window with a horizontal position and a small gap. However, errors often occur in the size and amount that is not adjusted to the area of ​​the room, so that the air entering and leaving is less than optimal.

Please note that this type of ventilation must have an area of ​​5% of the area of ​​the room, especially for example bedrooms. The installation system must also be considered. The oven is installed face-to-face so that the heat will not settle in the room.

Lost Ventilation

The lobster vent is not only suitable for maximizing air circulation, but also a unique decoration. Lost ventilation is a ventilation style in the form of gaps that form an interesting pattern. This ventilation style is often used as a room divider and also a house fence. Usually, loster vents are made of wood, cement, or ceramic. By using looser ventilation, the house will look decorative and also have fresh air circulation.

Janus ventilation

Janus ventilation is a type of ventilation that is installed on a horizontal window. This type has many advantages that deserve to be the ventilation of choice. Just as a model of adjustable slits so that the light intensity can be obtained as desired. This ventilation is also able to filter dirty air properly. With easy open and close controls, jalousie ventilation is also very easy to use according to the needs of the space. The jalousie model is also very natural and decorative so it can make the room look more eye-catching.

Mechanical Ventilation

In mechanical ventilation, there is the use of an exhaust fan is placed on the roof of the ceiling. The use of ventilation with suction fans is indeed very clean because the air that enters the room will be extracted first. The result of extraction is clean air which is channeled back into the room and polluted air will be discharged through the attic. The use of ventilation is very effective because it can remove contaminated air. This type can be a trap for insects and dust.

Skylight Style Ventilation

Skylights or so-called windows are on the roof of the house. This type of ventilation is usually placed in houses with sloping roofs or low roofs. With this style of ventilation, the roof looks more artistic. However, it needs proper installation so that the roof is easy to use. This type of air vent usually uses aluminum combined with tempered glass.

Air Vent with Glass Nako

Minimalist air ventilation using Nako glass has been used for a long time. This glass is installed with a grid, with slots that can be opened and closed flexibly. No glass itself is now rarely used in housing. Even though Nako glass combined with wood materials gives a simple artistic impression. The utilization of Nako glass as air ventilation is also very appropriate. Because it can be adjusted, the nako glass can control the intensity of light and the air that comes in and out. Cleaning dust on the nako glass is also very easy. At first glance, the Nako glass works like an AC fan, only it’s done manually.

Air Vent from Bamboo

Have you ever tried or found a style of air ventilation with a model like this? This ventilation takes advantage of the natural shape of bamboo in the form of a hollow center. Bamboo will be cut into small pieces. Then installed parallel to form a pattern large enough to fill the air in the room. By utilizing bamboo, the house will seem natural and fresh, and unique. This style also makes the house feel like it is in the countryside. In addition to the living room, air vents with …

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Fashionable! Here Are Simple Modern Home Facade Designs

Modern HomeNowadays, the facade of a modern home with a minimalist concept is becoming a trend among architecture lovers. Not surprisingly, apart from being a determinant of the appearance of a house as a whole, the facade also reflects the personality of its inhabitants. So the selection of the facade concept must be by the character of its inhabitants.  The outer side of a building or what is more popularly known as the facade is the first part of a house that first gets public attention. Therefore the facade of the house becomes an important element when choosing a home design.

Facade of a 2-story house with white nuances with a minimalist garden

White paint always manages to give off a minimalist and serene feel. The asymmetrical design with one simple entrance provides aesthetic value. You can also see the path leading to the entrance which is flanked by a simple garden. Suitable for you who like aesthetic and simple things.

Minimalist Facade With Wide Garage

The garage is an element of the house that is no less important. This minimalist main house building is equipped with a spacious garage. The spacious garage can not only be used for vehicles but you can also combine it with the gym area. Apart from the gym area, you can also take advantage of this large garage area. This is one of the minimalist home facade designs needed in 2021.

Minimalist Classic

This 3-story house with a classic style falls into the category of a classic minimalist facade. house facades like this are loved by fans of antique and classic things. Houses that make better use of the building’s height are suitable for densely populated areas. This is because the available land is not so wide. There is an attic that doubles as storage and a small garage that fits one car or a few motorbikes.

Stylish minimalist house design with a combination of white and dark brown colors

The following is a house with a simple minimalist facade. You don’t need a big house, this minimalist but the functional house can be your choice. The combination of bone white and dark brown makes the house look stylish. With a simple entrance, this design certainly does not require a large area.

Mustika Park Place Setu Bekasi is a modern residential area that offers many types of houses. You can choose the type of house that suits you and your family’s needs. This can guarantee that the existing land will function optimally.

Not only that, this area always strives to create a place that can accommodate family needs safely and comfortably. The theme carried, namely SAFE – smart, active, functional, eco-friendly.

Minimalist 3-story house with black outer paint and wooden gate accents

The design of this house has a minimalist and sturdy facade. The black color gives an elegant and closed impression. The house is elevated without a garage but has a protruding entrance so you can still use it for vehicle parking. This closed design is suitable for those of you who value privacy.

Modern Minimalist House Facade 1 Floor

This house has a minimalist facade with a 1-story model. Utilizing the front area of ​​the house to plant flowers makes the atmosphere more beautiful. A modern home that still has an old-school feel by adding cobblestone accents to the road leading to the main door. In addition to the main door, there is a side door for more flexible access in and out.

Minimalist Old House

The picture above shows a simple home design with a mix of 4 colors that gives a calm impression. You can use a wooden ventilated door for the garage, perfect for the photo in front of it. The two pillars in front of the main door give the impression of a solid façade.

Modern 3 Floor House Facade

This house has a modern design with a minimalist facade. Structures like this are often found in big cities and are perfect for those of you who have a small family. Even though there is an oversized garage, there is still a parking lot inside the fence. Home designs with facades like this are loved by millennials because they have minimalist and aesthetic points.

Minimalist House Design with a Garden on the 2nd Floor

The minimalist exterior of the second floor utilizes the mini garden on the top floor. Even though it’s minimalist, it still gives a beautiful impression. Wooden doors with sliding models can save narrow room space. Hollow roofs and walls can provide enough sunlight so you don’t need to be afraid of being exposed to the sun that is too stinging.

This house model has a mid-century facade. Houses with this facade tend to have asymmetrical shapes and flat ceilings. The front of the house is …