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Day: June 23, 2011

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Leak-Resistant, Here Are Recommended Types of House Gutters

House Choosing the right gutters is a solution to avoid house leakage problems in the future. Even though it looks trivial, gutters have a very important role in a building. When it rains, gutters function to make rainwater able to flow to the disposal site to produce good circulation. Without gutters, the house quickly becomes damaged due to dampness.

It is not uncommon for the walls or ceilings of houses to seep when it rains heavily. Generally, this is due to gutters that don’t function properly or don’t even exist at all. Even though the rainfall in Indonesia is quite high, so there is a risk of weathering the house quickly due to seepage or leaks that occur when it rains.

For this reason, you need gutters that are right in terms of function and form to minimize the above risks. In this article, we will discuss in full what gutters are, the types of gutters for homes, and how to choose the right gutters. Here’s the review.

Definition of Gutters

As mentioned above, a gutter is a pipe that is made to allow rainwater to fall into an appropriate stream, such as a special rain channel, infiltration well, or rain shelter. The goal is that the rainwater that falls does not directly hit the ceiling and walls of the house.

Rainwater that falls and hits the walls of the house can cause seepage and leakage which can lead to house damage. The appearance of the house will become unattractive in the next few years if this happens. In addition, uncontrolled rain can cause an electric short circuit on the inside of the ceiling.

Functions and Uses of Gutters

The main function of the gutters is to hold back the seepage of flowing rainwater so that it does not hit the walls and ceiling of the house. In addition, gutters can also beautify the exterior of the house with a variety of design choices.

So although it is often underestimated, the role of gutters is very large. Especially for those of you who want your house to look neat and pleasing to the eye, then installing the right gutters is a must.

Gutter Type

After knowing the main function of gutters at home, then you need to decide which type of gutters you will use at home. The following are the models and types of gutters that you can choose according to your needs.

K Style

One of the good and popular types of home gutters is the KK-style gutter. These gutters can hold more rainwater than other gutter models. That’s why this gutter is perfect for those of you who live in areas with high rainfall.

In addition, K K-style cutters also have beautiful decorations and shapes that are suitable for use in modern minimalist homes. To give a minimalist impression, you should install KK-style gutters in the corner of the house.


The second type of gutter is the Victorian gutter. This gutter is specially designed for traditional classic-style homes. Victorian gutters have a unique appearance but seem elegant and luxurious.

Maintenance of Victorian gutters is relatively easy with minimalist aluminum materials. Even so, not all homes are suitable for using this type of gutter because of its shallow shape. To prevent seepage and leakage, these gutters are recommended for homes that are a bit small.

Half Rounds

Half-round is a type of gutter that resembles a U shape. This gutter has fairly easy maintenance because it can be cleaned in a short time. This is supported by the shape of the chamfer which is similar to the shape of a tube that is divided into two parts.

This type of half-round gutter is recommended for modern-style homes. By using this type of gutter, your house will avoid leaks due to heavy rain.

Gutter Materials

Next, maybe you are wondering what materials can be used as materials for making guttering at home. So, in the following, we will explain what materials are most often used to make leak-proof gutters.


Gutters made of PVC are light enough that they are easy to cut and install. Even without calling a plumber, you can cut and install the gutters yourself. The price of PVC gutters is relatively cheap and affordable. Even so, the guttering of this house remains sturdy and does not corrode easily.


The second home gutter material is aluminum. Aluminum is a material for making gutters that are often used because it is lightweight, does not rust easily, and is easy to install. Aluminum gutters can beautify your home because they are generally not left plain. You can add paint color to this type of gutter according to your taste.


Gutters made of galvalume are very strong, sturdy, and anti-rust. Galvalume is a combination of steel, zinc, …